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Ask TON: 'I Caught My Wife In Bed With My Brother' What Do I Do?

I was suspicious that my wife was having an affair - but was even more devastated to find out that the culprit was my brother.
My wife and I were school sweethearts and we’re now both 41. My brother is 36, single and a bit of a skirt-chaser. We’ve always had a love/hate relationship. He and my wife both work for my parents’ property business and I’m in Insurance.
My wife seemed to change when she hit 40. She suddenly started to have her hair done every week and would go out with her friends, but she always drove so she never got home tired.

VIDEO: '5 Ways To Hook A Guy'

It’s already the season of love and media personality turned relationship guru, Toke Makinwa shares 5 ways all the single ladies can hook single men just in time for Valentine’s Day.
If you are single lady and you are looking for the right man, this one is for you.
Here are the 5 tips;

EFCC arrests 20 internet fraudsters in Benin

Press statement from EFCC...
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has arrested twenty suspected internet fraudsters. The arrest which was carried out in a joint operation with officers of the 4 Brigade of the Nigerian Army, Benin, followed intelligence report on their activities. They were nabbed in a surprise raid on their Cyber office tucked in an old building located on Siluko Road, Benin City.
At the point of arrest, the fraudsters had in their possession forty five (45) laptops of different make, twenty eight (28) telephone sets, eight (cool internet mobile modems and one Nissan car with registration number USL 375 AG.

Worshippers give Bishop Oyedepo 700 cars as offering

This actually happened a few weeks back but I'm only just hearing about it. According to sources in the know, during Winners Chapel Cross Over service on Tuesday January 1st in Canaanland, Ota, Ogun state, worshipers of the church made donations of over 700 exotic cars to the church. People who felt they had been richly blessed in 2012 came to the cross over service with different donations, most significant was the number of exotic brand new cars and SUVs that flooded Canaanland. The people who donated them dropped the keys and documents of the cars during offering. The church auctioned the cars at very cheap prizes to its members. Some cars were sold for as less as N300k.

FG files corruption charges against Farouk Lawan over Otedola bribe

The Attorney-General of the Federation has finally filed charges against Farouk Lawan and Mr. Emenalo Boniface for allegedly collecting bribe from Femi Otedola. The case has been assigned to Justice M.N. Oniyangi of the FCT High Court.
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Pastor Fireman Replies Critics Of His Hot Girls Church Poster, Says He Is Following The Example Of J

Pastor Fireman has replied critics on his use of hot girls as poster for advertising his church. Last year, We saw the above poster of Pastor Fireman advertising his church. So this came as a shock to many who didn’t think it was normal for a pastor to use this approach.  It has been almost a year now but a lady, Whitney Chad, supposedly Pastor Fireman’s rep has now addressed this issue in a message to Myne Whiteman’s blog.
The “Hot Girls” flyer of Sign Fireman caused quite a stir recently. Different people had different things to say about it. According to the pastor: “The point is that God sent me to bring Twenty-First Century innovations that will change Christianity and make it have more results. Let me give you an example.

Smoking: A Life Or Death Decision

Yes! It is a life or death decision; I do not mean to scare anyone but only trying to help people choose life over death. The act of cigarette smoking is quite tempting; from the way the stick is held to the various skills and ‘swag’ displayed in puffing the smoke, one might need to be very health conscious not to yield to the temptation to try it.
Do you know that some people (mostly males) can be aroused by the sight of a smoker smoking (usually females). This is called the Smoking Fetish.

House Of Representatives Kills Bill Which Seeks To Make Exclusive Breastfeeding Compulsory

The House of Representatives has suppressed a Bill that sought to make exclusive breastfeeding compulsory to employees in the public and private sectors. If passed, the law would have ensured that all newborn babies are fed on no other thing but chest milk, till a stipulated time.
The exclusive chest feeding bill, entitled “a bill for an Act to make exclusive chest feeding compulsory to employees in the Public and Private sectors for the improvement of the health of new born babies in Nigeria and for related matters (HB 313)”, was sponsored by Honourable Jumoke Okoya-Thomas.

World’s Largest Cigar Sells For N29m

Juan Panesso, from, an online cigar shop specializing in foreign cigars put up $185,000 for a giant 19-foot Gran Habano #5 El Gigante on Sunday morning. Panesso placed his bid on the mighty beast for a private collector in a special cigar auction. “A guy called and he needed to locate a few high-end cigars,” Panesso said. “We pride ourselves on finding the hard-to-find cigars,” he said. “This shows we are able to fill all our orders.”

Downsize: The Fitness Gym Where Only The Overweight Is Welcome

It’s all about creating a more welcoming environment to battle the bulge and drop the excess weight.
At Downsize Fitness health clubs, the treadmills are wider, the head trainers are weight-loss veterans and new members must be at least 50 pounds (22.7 kgs) overweight.
Francis Wisniewski, a hedge fund manager, started Downsize Fitness in 2011, when he was struggling to lose weight and found himself intimidated by one-size-fits-all gyms.
“I figured if I was uncomfortable, a lot of people must be. Overweight people feel like they’re on display,” said Wisniewski, who has gyms in Dallas and Chicago.

“My Religion Is Humanity” – Bollywood Star, Shah Rukh Khan Says

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan on Tuesday spoke out strongly about an issue which has led to a diplomatic war of words between politicians in his country and in fellow Asian country and neighbour, Pakistan.
The controversy began after Khan wrote a piece called ‘Being a Khan’ for Indian weekly Outlook. In it, he spoke about being targeted as a Muslim actor. “Stereotyping and contextualising is the way of the world we live; a world in which definition has become central to security,” he wrote. “We create little image boxes of our own. One such box has begun to draw its lid tighter and tighter at present. It is the box that contains an image of my religion in millions of minds.”

Chris Brown Is Preparing To SNITCH On His BODYGUARD!!! (Someone Who Took A BOTTLE for Him)

We hear from an EXTREEEEE-EMELY reliable insider who explained to us EXACTLY what happened between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean, and why Chris Brown is preparing to SELL OUT his top bodyguard.
According to our insider, the ENTIRE incident was caused when Chris Brown parked his lambo in the front parking spot which was CLEARLY marked "Frank Ocean"
When Chris then saw Frank in the lobby - he extended his hand out for a pound. But Frank refused the gesture, instead confronted Chris (who was there with his entourage, while frank was alone, though there were two employees of the studio there) why Chris had parked in his spot.

Chris Brown In Cast After Recording Studio Fight With Frank Ocean

 Chris Brown is sporting a brand-new cast on his hand, apparently a product of his fight this past weekend with Grammy nominated Frank Ocean. Chris Brown has denied starting the fight although witnesses who aren’t members of Brown or Ocean’s crew said Brown threw the first punch. Brown has thrown punches before and has gone away with it-talk about throwing a punch and winning her heart, but Frank Ocean is not Rihanna.

Rapper Tweets About Driving Drunk, Then Dies Few Minutes Later

A rapper who thought that it was fun to brag on Twitter about drinking and driving died shortly after sending his last tweet. The California rapper hit a wall in Ontario, Canada, killing all passengers in the car. Inkyy, whose real name is Ervin McKinness, was just 21 years old when the incident took place. I would expect that he had promising career, since most brothers in California aren’t driving around Canada in the middle of the night.

3 Students Killed By Drunk Lecturer In Kogi

A Kogi State Polytechnic lecturer who was alleged to have driven under the influence of alcohol on Monday, had reported crushed three student of the school to death.
The lecturer who according to eye witnesses was on high speed knocked down one Miss Taiwo Edilola Omolola, a HND 1 student as she was about to board a commercial motorcycle from the campus and two others waiting to board a cab.
According to the eye witness, the slain student got stock under the lecturer’s car wheel as he dragged her along the expressway.

School Cleaner Butchered His Girlfriend in Front of Her Helpless 5-year-old Daughter

Police say Michael Brady killed his girlfriend Tammy Pitts-Gaddy and her 5-year daughter, Natasia, after he got into an argument with Pitts-Gaddy. He was among the family members who discovered the two bodies on Tuesday.

A school janitor butchered his girlfriend in front of her helpless 5-year-old daughter and then smothered the tiny witness with a plastic bag, New Jersey authorities said Wednesday.
Cops busted Michael Brady, 34, of New Jersey in the heinous murder of Tammy Pitts-Gaddy, 40, and her daughter, Natasia, inside the woman's Englewood, N.J., apartment.

Gay NFL Player Is Arrested . . . For BEATING UP . . . And Trying To Rape His Ex-Boyfriend

We learned that a former 49ers and Raiders offensive lineman named Kwame Harris is accused of beating his ex-boyfriend in the parking lot of a Menlo Park restaurant after an argument over soy sauce.
Kwame, 30, faces nine years in jail for felony domestic violence and assault causing great bodily injury.
So how did it all POP OFF. Well on August 21 Kwame and ex-boyfriend Dimitri Geier were having dinner at Su Hong restaurant in Menlo Park. The former lovers began to argue after Dimitri poured soy sauce on Kwame's rice. The two started arguing in the restaurant - and continued into the parking lot.

Mentally Ill Girl Gives Birth At Kaduna Bus Stop

At about yesterday, a mentally ill girl delivered a baby at the popular new barrack bus stop near the Federal Secretariat, Kaduna.
The incident brings to three the number of times mentally ill women have delivered babies at that same bus stop in recent times. The bus stop is just a stone throw from the Kawo police station and the Hassan Usman Katsina, Kaduna State House. It was gathered that the girl, who has been in that area for almost a year delivered her baby around unaided, and that it was the cry of the baby that attracted passersby. It was further gathered that shortly after she delivered, women passing by rushed to her, and used their wrappers and head-ties to cover her.

Pastor Pulls Out Gun On Church Accountant In Benue

The Benue State Police Command, yesterday, arrested the pastor of a new generation church in Katsina-Ala (names withheld) for illegal possession of fire arms and assault on the church’s accountant.
Vanguard gathered from sources that the pastor was apprehended with the firearm by men of the Benue State Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS, in Katsina-Ala where he allegedly tried to kill the accountant of the church, Mr. Philip Toryila, during a serious disagreement over money.

Mr Patrick Obahiagbon’s Mistake on Twitter

If you missed the tweets...Abeg...Come sit down and lemme gist you....It's no longer a news Patrick Obahiagbon is one of Nigeria's trending grammarian both online and offline.Today was the day a follower have been waiting for Mr Patrick to make a mistake so that he can sound a GBAGBAUN on him right on twitter.Everybody at a point makes silly English error including myself writing this...But a reply of P Obahiagbon's loyal follower made me laugh off my intestine ...Check the tweets below

South African Billionaire Pledges Half His Wealth To The Poor

Henry T. Heald once said; “When lack of funds prevents hospitals from functioning efficiently and fully, private philanthropy of all kinds must help. The difference it makes in terms of human betterment represents the kind of happiness that money really can buy.”
This is why Patrice Motsepe, South Africa’s first and only black billionaire has announced he is giving away half his wealth to improve the lives of the poor.
The mining magnate said the money would be handled by the Motsepe Foundation to address education and health issues.

Parents boiling and eating their children

New reports of starving North Koreans resorting to cannibalism come amid thick famine

A North Korean man suffering starvation was put to death after it was learned he ate two of his children, a new report claims. While the man’s wife was away, he reportedly killed his eldest daughter and then his son after he had witnessed the murder. ‘We have meat,’ he told his wife on herr return.

MEND Threat: Jomo Gbomo says Nigerians should disregard it

Another faction of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) led by Jomo Gbomo released a statement yesterday asking Nigerians to disregard the recent threat by a  self-acclaimed leader of the group, Comrade Azizi, to unleash  mayhem in Nigeria following the jailing of Henry Okah by a South African court for terrorism.

Jomo Gbomo says it's all hogwash. See his statement below...
"The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) wishes to advise Nigerians and the media to disregard the pathetic attempt at propaganda by a so-called Comrade Azizi and his statements which are not authentic and statements emanating from MEND.
"As claimed by this Comrade Azizi, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) would like to clarify the following....

Parents arrested for growing Weed after their son calls police.. Read Full Story

Sometimes parents end up in jail because of their own son.  A husband and wife were arrested for growing marijuana at home when their teen son decided to call the police on them, authorities said. The Pennsylvania couple were taken away in handcuffs after a raid on their home turned up 18 pot plants along with growing equipment, such as lights, fans and timers, the news media reported.

The couple Caren Shanfield, 45, and Francis Joseph Medvedik, 49 they face charges of manufacturing a controlled substance, criminal conspiracy, possession of a controlled substance and endangering the welfare of a child.

Prostitutes Congratulate Eagles, Promise Free Sèx If They Get Gold

The Association of Nigerian Prostitutes (ANP) has congratulated the Super Eagles of Nigeria for moving on to the Quarter Finals stage of the Orange African Cup of Nations, South Africa 2013, urging them to go for gold.
ANP in a statement issued through its national secretary, Jessica Elvis urged the national team to make the country proud by moving on to the finals and bringing back the trophy.
“We want to congratulate the Nigerian National team, the Super Eagles for qualifying for the next round of the competition. We want to assure them of our usual support and partnership, we want them to bring back our lost glory in football.


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