Friday, August 23, 2013

We Have loads of Questions For You –– House of Reps Tackles Oby Ezekwesili

The House of Reps has said it welcomes the request for a public debate on the alleged controversial jumbo pay of its members and Senators by a former Minister of Education, Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili. She had stated on Monday that the National Assembly consumed over N1trillion since 2005.

The House on Thursday said they are now ready for the task to set the records straight, but added that Oby Ezekwesili should come forward and the next questions: 

2015: Jonathan, PDP leaders in new plot to Win South-West

Culled From Punch Nigeria
President Goodluck Jonathan and the Peoples Democratic Party have begun a fresh plot to win the South-West states in the 2015 elections.
Saturday PUNCH learnt that developing an acceptable modality to check the All Progressives Congress and eventually win the zone topped the agenda of a meeting between the President and the South-West PDP leaders at the Presidential Villa, Abuja on Wednesday.
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English Woman , dislocated Jaw While ingesting triple-patty burger

Talk about biting off more than you can chew.  Nicola Peate, 25, suffered a dislocated jaw while attempting to eat a triple-patty burger at a Liverpool, U.K., restaurant. According to the Guardian, she tried to laugh it off at first, but sought medical attention after the pain persisted.

“I tried to eat it with a knife and fork and couldn’t. I couldn’t open my mouth fully,” Peate said in a U.K. Press Association release. “It felt like I had cramp in my tongue, then I started to get an ear ache and a headache. The next morning I woke up and felt really, really ill. The whole side of my head was hurting.”
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Boko Haram: Amnesty panel shows ‘peace talks video’ •They met with us in prison - Northern CAN

The Presidential Committee on Dialogue and Resolution of Security Challenges in the North on Friday released a video clip of what it described as a meeting with some leaders of the Boko Haram sect. The committee also said the men were close associates of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau.
The 30-minute video was played to State House correspondents inside the Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa, Abuja. The committee holds its meetings in the hall.
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Medical Director Commits Suicide In Lagos

The Medical Director of City Convalescent Clinic, Mr. Okereke has committed suicide in his home in Ketu. The body of the deceased was found by his wife dangling from the ceiling fan in one of the rooms of their two-storey building, which also houses a clinic. The reason why he took his life could not be ascertained as he did not leave any suicide note behind.

A neighbor of the deceased said they woke up this morning and heard people wailing from the clinic and when they got there the wife of the deceased, who wept uncontrollably, narrated how she discovered the lifeless body of her late husband hanging from the ceiling this morning.


Lawyer rejects govt report on underage prisoners

A lawyer, Mr. Ahmed Adetola-Kazeem, has rejected the report of the Lagos State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Ade Ipaye, on the alleged imprisonment of some under-18 children by the state’s Special Court.

Adetola-Kazeem, through his group, Prisoners’ Rights Initiative, had petitioned Ipaye alleging that there were underage children among those who were sentenced for minor environmental offences by the Special Court in Alausa, Ikeja on May 2, 2013.
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Free but prisoners: How children born in Kirikiri prisons live

In the cell block reserved for nursing mothers and pregnant inmates at the Kirikiri Female Prison, Lagos, toddlers clung to their mothers’ chests. They observed our correspondent, when he visited last week Saturday, with a bemused expression on their young faces.

They are in prison because their mothers are inmates. Apparently, they weren’t aware of a better life out there. They probably thought it was normal to be confined only to the four walls of the prison. No friends, no birthday parties, no relationship at all with other children outside the prison walls. They are victims of circumstances and will remain so until they are 18 months old.
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Stay away from unprotected $-ex, doctor warns Vast of Bracket group

Vast and Smash became popular with their hit banger, Yori Yori. As such, it was a big blow to his fans when the story that he was diagnosed with cancer hit the newsstand.

Some pictures of him looking very ill went viral and the singer said the development saddened him.
“When the picture leaked, we were not happy initially. I was very skinny but when I saw the response from the fans, I was shocked. I did not know people liked me that much. Trust me; there was a female fan that said that if I died, she was going to die. I nearly cried and said God, if you save me, I would make these people one of the happiest people on earth. That was why I went to the studio and began singing like I never did before. I took myself back to the days when we sang ‘Yori Yori’,” he said.

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Nollywood actress Stella Damasus advices women on how to keep their men

Actress Stella Damasus took to her Adiva blog yesterday to advice women on how to keep their men. Read it below
"...let me go to the topic I want to discuss today "keeping your man" This is for the married women o please this is not targeted at single girls. Now we know that the one thing men cannot live without apart from money is SEX. In this forum I really don't care where anyone is from or what religion you belong to, I will be as raw and honest as possible.
I do not understand why women especially Africans do not talk about sex when we know that it is the one thing we do regularly with so much pleasure.
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Keeping Your Man - By Stella Damasus

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Documentary: 77% Of Nigerian Women Bleach Their Skin (Video)

It is no longer news that a lot of Nigerians are obsessed with the colour of their skin. A lot of women (and even men too) want to look “yellow” and as a result have turned to bleaching in order to look fairer. I remember a dark friend of mine telling me that she never liked hanging out with “yellow girls” as she always felt less beautiful in their midst. Whatever happened to black is beautiful?

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HEARTLESS: Baby found dead inside gutter in Anambra state - Grap-hic content

Sometimes i wonder why people can be so wicked. A baby was found dead this morning inside a gutter along Upper New Market road axis of Onitsha in Anambra State. A reader  who lives in the state took the photo and sent it in. The baby was well dressed and dumped there. Incredibly sad. See the photo after the cut and say a little prayer for him... *warning* Viewer discretion advised. - 

See Banky W’s Girlfriend Andrea Manuela Giaccaglia’s Risque Outfit ( Trashy Or Se-xy?)

Even though he hasn’t publicly acknowledged it yet, Banky W is dating half Ghanaian/half Italian Andrea Manuela Giaccaglia, and they both attended an event last Friday in Lagos were they made a conscious effort not to get papped together.

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PHOTO: Man Loses left Eye To A Drunken Police GunShot

When Nonso Ozoemena, a 28-year-old man, arrived in Lagos, his plan was to set up a business so that he would be able to support his widowed mother and his seven siblings in Anambra State.
Soon after, he was able to open a restaurant in Trade Fair Complex, FESTAC, and it seemed his dream was coming true.

His expectation was however eroded after a drunken police corporal, Mohammed Abubakar, shot him in the eye. Ozoemena said he was shot in the eye in the FESTAC area on August 5, 2013.


WONDERFUL: Man Born With His Heart In His Abdomen - Photo

A man who has lived his entire life with a heart protruding from his abdomen is finally able to walk upright without getting out of breath or turning blue. Huang Rongming, from Henan province in China, underwent life-changing surgery to correct heart a defect and move the organ away from his abdomen and into his ribcage.

He had lived with the rare condition for 24 years until a doctor told him his condition was rapidly deteriorating and that he required urgent surgery.
Congenital heart displacement is incredibly rare and occurs in just five babies out of every million born. Most patients die soon after birth.

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Advice: Jada Pinkett-Smith shares her thoughts on divorce

Jada, who often uses her Facebook page to give advice and share her thoughts on different issues, yesterday advised an unnamed friend on how to deal with her divorce. 

Jada writes, 
Letter to a friend:
You are divorced. Your ex-husband is not being kind or considerate, but you can't harp on it because it steals the energy that should be given to your potential and power. At the end of the day, your survival is at risk, and you complaining about what he is not doing and what he should be doing does not change your circumstances.
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