Thursday, August 13, 2015

Any Ideological difference between a B'Haram & the Pastor that burned Ukolo Uga shrine In Anambra ?

Isn’t this the height of religious blasphemy and intolerance against the traditional religion of the land the land the pastor was born ?  What make this pastor any difference from the boko haram terrorist sect that are hiding under the pretext of religion to carry out their massacres ? Are we still living in the 20th century ? The last time I checked it is 21st century and 2015 for that matter. I hope this pastor face the law and maximum sentence for blaspheming the religion of the land.

Typical Example of Foreign Religion marketers using Propaganda like this against Traditional Cultures In Nigeria/Africa

Non of the gods or orisa in yoobland demands human blood for whosoever.. That is fact and Ooni of ife in his world is a god in Yoobaland.

The only kind of people that tolerate virtually everything are the yooba people.. But they wont tolerate this continuous propaganda against the religion and tradition. Enough they say is enough..

Again Non of the 402 Orisas require human blood for scarifies, this is mere propaganda perpetrated by the foreign religion marketers to turn most Africans against your tradition or traditional religion and culture. They did this to the Ibgo people and their traditional religion and their gods is no longer relevant.. We will not accept this in yoobland land anymore.. Read the Propaganda bellow.

TITTLE OF THE PROPAGANDA: The Ooni’s Burial Rites People Are Scared Of Talking About See How Many Human Heads Will Be Used To Bury Him Source of the Propaganda


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