Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Nigerian Electronic Passport Application Process ?

December 31st 2010, proclaimed another era  in the West African electronic passport versus the Nigerian e-passport or e-travel permit, as the due date for the utilization of the Old Nigerian Machine Readable Passport (MRP Passport) became effective.
This inferred that any individual who flew out back to Nigeria from any remote base/Country on the old MRP identification would not have the capacity to fly back to their base abroad without being in control of the Nigerian electronic passport.
For all Nigerians situated in Russia, UK, USA, China, Republic of Ireland,others the tenth of November 2010 denoted another disclosure, as the new e-travel permit machines have been installed and completely tested.

US May Hit Syria With Ship-Based Tomahawk Missiles - Analyst

The additional deployment of US Aegis-equipped warships in the Mediterranean Region could be considered a precondition for further offensive against Syrian leader Bashar Assad, security analyst Dmitry Efimov told Sputnik Radio.

The US will send an additional warship equipped with the Aegis combat system to the Mediterranean Sea to protect Turkey and its NATO allies against ballistic missile threats, Anadolu reported. The redeployment is scheduled to take place this fall, Navy spokeswoman Commodore Pamela Rawe told the agency.

What Else Are They Scared of? Russia, China Again in US Media Spotlight

Russia and China are once again in the spotlight of the US media: let’s have a look at what they fear the two will do next.

Only recently, the US voiced its concern over the possible development by Russia and China of a new generation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), capable of “negating America’s advantages in stealth aircraft.”
Now American media outlets are analyzing whether the two would jointly develop “some of the most sophisticated types of naval vessels on the planet.”


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