Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Check out top 12 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Kidney !

The kidneys are essential organs which are expected to keep up sound living. As of now, about 1 new case of kidney disappointment is seen day by day in any outpatient center in Nigeria with a few facilities seeing more than 3 new cases each day. Living with unending kidney ailments creates a big financial burden on patients in view of the need at least 3 sessions of hemodialysis every day, drugs administered amid every session, way of life adjustment, change in eating regimen and the expense and burden of having a kidney transplant. A lot of patients have kicked the bucket of kidney sickness and have been burdens to care givers and the general public however this can be stayed away from by avoiding certain ways of life that harms the kidneys.
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Fatal Accident at Maitama Junction In Abuja Nigeria (Pics)

Was not a good day today at Maitama Junction In Abuja Nigeria Today, There was a "fatal accident" at the junction Today which many people were injured albeit No life was lost at the scene of the Accident, we express gratitude toward Eledumare for that, see photographs from the Scene of the Accident at "Maitama Junction In Abuja" Below.

Kidnapper Nabbed In Owerri After Withdrawing Ransom From Bank

A suspected criminal who abducted a young man in Imo state has met his Waterloo subsequent to setting off to the bank to cash in on the ransom money. 
Nicholas Nwabueze, 22, is a customer of Ifeoma Olewu, the mother of Somtochukwu, 2. On the 27th of October, 2015, went to her shop, Zone 4, World Bank Area, New Owerri, Imo State to buy something. Be that as it may, he saw Chukwu leaving their compound while Ifeoma was inside the shop.
He immediately kidnapped him and requested a payoff of N500,000 which was paid the following day. He however kept the kid in his guardianship, hoping to release him after cashing the money. He just succeeded in pulling back N120,000 through the ATM machine.
After that, the machine stopped dispensing and he was compelled to go inside the bank to inquire as to why. It was in that process that he was captured. He later admitted that he wanted to obtain cash from the folks since the kid's dad lives in China

Lobatan: My Daughter Doesn’t Need A Lover, I Satisfy Her Sexually’

By Esther Onyegbula
A 44-year-old man from Ini Local government area of Akwa Ibom state who has been allegedly defiling his daughter has revealed that he sees nothing wrong with having carnal knowledge with his biological daughter.

Top 10 Weird Looking Sharks You May Not Know Exist !

Naija Gist  
There are more than 440 types of sharks in the whole world, and that is just tallying what researchers have officially found. There may be a lot more that people may not know of, particularly down in the depths of the sea where nobody can entirely explore at this time. Some of these sharks that we know of are as of now really odd looking, similar to the Hammerhead, yet there are a lot more out there that will stun you with their appearance. Here are ten odd looking sharks to explore.
10) Japanese Wobbegong (Orectolobus japonicas)

The Japanese Wobbegong is a ay like animal species with folds of skins, known as barbels, dangling from the mouth. These empower the shark to taste and feel. The Wobbegong is found generally within the Philippines, and is common with being an efficent hunter.
9) Megamouth Shark
Found in 1976, the Megamouth Shark rarely been spotted by mankind. It is really rare ocean shark that picked up its name from the goliath mouth, which houses 50 rows of small hooked teeth.

8) The Australian Ghost Shark
The Australian Ghost Shark, also called the Elephant Shark, is just around 4 feet long, and is perceived effectively in light of the fact that it grows slowly.It can likewise be recognized by the trunk-like compartment  on its snout.


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