Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Does Ukrainian government's coalition with the Georgian government "in exile" point to the same sponsors?

February 17, 2015
Kristina Rus

Ukrainian government became a haven for deposed Georgian government in exile, consisting of (according to Cmpou - Live Journal):

Minister of Health - Alexander Kvitashvili

First Deputy Minister of Interior - Eka Zguladze

Deputy Prosecutor General - David Sakvarelidze

First Deputy Minister of Justice - Gia Getsadze

"What truce? They're still killing civilians"

Published in Il Fatto Quotidiano tv
February 17, 2016

Subtitles and text translated from Italian by Tom Winter

The subtitles:
That’s the reply to the truce!
There’s never been a “truce.” They’re still killing civilians.
Have you been in the town. Well, there’s the truce for you.
[paint on wall] The Junta will not pass.
That was a school; this was a soccer field
[painted over basement: “There are people here” (Non-combatants)
"Bomb Shelter"
“This elderly man was killed by mortar fire. It was his blood you saw in the snow.”

The text:
Zorinsk, Chernukino, Pervomaisk, Stakanov. The front runs along the line of these villages a few kilometers from Lugansk, the capital of the self-proclaimed Peoples Republic. The militia, the so-called pro-russian separatists, explain that it is a zig-zag front, where the lines dovetail, so the risk of meeting Kiev troops is high. In this part of eastern Ukraine, the Minsk accords are not yet operative, and the snowstorm does not stop the fighting, either. At Zorinsk, not far from Perevalsk, one constantly hears the thunder of explosions, artillery, and multiple-launch rockets. The morning of the 16th, according to militiamen, a fragmentation shell fired from the Ukrainian lines killed an elderly man and seriously injured one other. Despite the weather, there is still a lot of blood on the snow.


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