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Top 10 Highest And Richest Footballers In The World 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo was today named the world’s richest footballer after topping the annual list of players’ net worth compiled by global football media title

The Real Madrid forward just held off Barcelona rival Lionel Messi in the Goal Rich List 2014 with an estimated wealth of €148 million. Ronaldo has enjoyed a remarkable 12 months in which his value to club and country has been never been more evident.

He scored all four goals as Portugal beat Sweden in the World Cup play-offs, landed the 2013 Ballon d’Or and signed a record-breaking new five-year deal with Madrid.

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EFCC Arrests Warder For Opening Bank Account For Inmate

  A 29 year-old warder with the old Abeokuta Prisons, Ibara, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Joseph Emmanuel is presently in the custody of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, for allegedly assisting a prison inmate in carrying out fraudulent financial transactions, as well as using the name and documents of an illiterate taxi driver, to open a First Bank account for the inmate.

The suspect allegedly assisted the inmate whom he called ‘Ora’ to open the account, using the name of one taxi driver in his neighbourhood called Monsuru Ogunsina Adeogun”. He took the step after he rejected the entreaties of the inmate to avail him of his account number.

Lagos Commences Maintenance of Dopemu and Iyana Ipaja Bridges

Lagos State Government will, from Saturday 15th March to 5th April, 2014, commence the maintenance of both the Dopemu and Iyana Ipaja Bridges as a result of which both bridges will be temporarily closed to public use.

The contractor handling the project, Messrs CCECC will work on the Dopemu Bridge between Saturday, 15th March to Monday, 24th March, 2014 and thereafter move to the Iyana Ipaja Bridge from Tuesday 25th March to Saturday 5th April, 2014.

Lagos Hands over 2 Micro Water Projects to 2 Rural Communities

Lagos State Government has handed over two rehabilitated and upgraded Micro Water Projects to Ejinrin and Sekungba Communities in Ikosi Ejirin LCDA of the State.

The Commissioner for Rural Development, Pastor Cornelius Ojelabi while handing over the project said the State Government acceded to the request of the Honourable Member of the State House of Assembly representing the area, Hon. Segun Olulade to rehabilitate the two projects which have been abandoned for over 20 years In order to ensure uninterrupted supply of water to its rural communities and reduce incidence of water borne and water related diseases as well as loss of man-hour in search of potable water.

Nigeria shall be great again, We must work together - Buhari

Former military head of state and All Progressives Congress, APC chieftain, General Muhammadu Buhari has cautioned Nigerians to be wary of those he claimed are desperate to divide the country along ethnic and religious lines for their selfish purposes.
Affirming that Nigerians were generally united by common issues and challenges, Buhari in a statement said he was on his part determined not to surrender to the manipulations of those he claimed were mostly in the ruling class.

PDP praises Pres.Goodluck Jonathan on second Niger Bridge

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has praised President Goodluck Jonathan for his commitment towards the realization of the Second Niger Bridge.

PDP in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, said the bridge when completed, will boost commercial and social activities, while broadening the horizon for business partnerships to promote massive job and wealth creation in the country.

Northern Elders Forum (NEF) Rejects National Conference

The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) has dismissed the National Conference, which is planned to commence next week, saying it lacks a constitutional basis or any form of legitimacy or authority to speak for the people of the North or other Nigerians.

In a declaration adopted at the end of its meeting in Kano on Tuesday, the group said the proceedings, conclusions and recommendations of the National Conference are therefore of no consequence and will not be accepted by the people of the North.

History repeats itself: Russia faces off with Nazis in Ukraine ( The U.S foreign Policy and war games of yesterday still at large)

With ultra-nationalism and anti-Jewish sentiment rife in Western Ukraine, it looks like history is repeating itself, this time with the West trying to pit Ukraine against Russia, just like it did back in the days when Nazism was on the rise in Germany.

In the 1930s, Third Reich was all the rage in Europe and overseas in the United States, with Anglo-American elites pinning their hopes on Hitler who they believed could end the Soviet menace. Russia was reviled and the Nazi Germany was not. In fact, US corporations and banks supported and financed the Nazis, while their officials and businesses respected the Nazi regime. Mackenzie King, the union-busting advisor of the Rockefeller family and tenth prime minister of Canada, even admired Hitler openly, as did Edward VIII, who abdicated from the British throne in favor of his brother. 

Photo: Meet The Pastor Who Ordered Female Members To Attend Church WITHOUT Underwear

The pastor looks really serious in this photo, we wonder what he was telling his congregation this time.  This is Rev. Njohi of the Lord's Propeller Redemption Church in Kenya who became popular for passing  a law which banned female members from wearing underwear to church service.  The ridiculous law makes one wonder if the well dressed pastor is wearing any underwear himself.

Ukraine: the West must own up to its mistakes

The West has only been painting the current crisis in Ukraine and Crimea in black-and-white, with Russia attacking and Ukraine’s coup-imposed regime on the defensive.  Western powers are depicted protecting a fledgling democracy with Russia vying to trample it to dust. Just how true is this picture? Malcolm Fraser, who served as Australia’s 22nd prime minister between 1975 and 1983, pointed to grave mistakes that Western powers have made again and again since the fall of the Soviet Union, because what is now happening in Crimea has grown directly from the short-sightedness of Cold-War-minded Western governments.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the general sentiment was one of exaltation as many people hoped that Cold-War ideology could finally be consigned to the past, while former rivals tried to build a better world. But these expectations didn’t last.

Ukraine: Western lies as truth, Russian truth as propaganda – Viselav Simic

The western propaganda and brainwashing of the population is so widespread and the populace so completely under control that even when presented with concrete undeniable facts that run counter to the official narrative the majority of people still refuse to believe.

 This has made it a literal information war when it comes to the situation in Ukraine and even the simple fact that there was never an “invasion” of Ukraine by Russia, something egregiously and erroneously reported by the western media, is almost impossible to counter. Russia has not now or ever “invaded” Ukraine or the Crimea, there has been a contingent of Russian troops supporting the Black Sea Fleet there for decades. That is the simple fact.

Battlefield Eurasia: US wages energy and geopolitical proxy wars against Syria, China.

The US is making historic power moves of aggression in simultaneously waging three multifaceted campaigns. It is targeting Russia, Iran, and China through destabilization in Ukraine, Syria, and the South and East China Seas. In the first part of the Battlefield Eurasia we spoke about crisis in Ukraine and actions the US is taking there, as well as touched upon the Syrian conflict. Here is the second part of the US' proxy wars against Syria and China.

At least 11 hurt in explosion, fire in New York's East Harlem

At least 11 people have reportedly been injured after an explosion and a partial building collapse at 116th Street and Park Avenue in New York's Upper Manhattan Wednesday, WABS reports. Harlem Hospital has one patient with heavy trauma and is expecting at least one more.

RT reported earlier that at least four people were injured and taken to a hospital after a building exploded in New York City.

EU Parliament threatens to block US trade deal over mass spying

The European Parliament threatened Wednesday to block a landmark free trade deal between the European Union and the United States if Washington does not end its mass spying activities. Negotiators are meeting in Brussels this week for a fourth round of talks on the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP), which would create the world's largest free-trade area. But the parliament would have to approve any deal for it to come into effect.

That "could be endangered as long as blanket mass surveillance activities and the interception of communications in EU institutions and diplomatic representations are not fully stopped," the parliament said in a report adopted in a 544-78 vote.

Who Stole ₦38.23billion At Nigeria’s Central Bank?

To avoid passing on a key issue of the audit-proved theft of ₦38.23 billion at the Central Bank of Nigeria – uncovered by the Financial Reporting Council (F.R.C) - longish editorials were gaily written by broad sheet journalists in Nigeria as off-ramp....

Nigeria’s New Defense Minister Gusau Resigns

The top echelon of the Nigerian military yesterday refused to have a joint meeting with the new Minister of Defense Aliyu Gusau and his deputy Musikilu Obanikoro, a situation that triggered the resignation  by Mr. Gusau, himself a retired army general.

Obesere Rape: “As I speak with you, I am still going through pains. After the bleeding stopped" - Victim

The 29-year-old businesswoman, Olanike Olaiya, who was allegedly raped by popular Fuji musician, Alhaji Abass Akande, aka Obesere, has cried out one more time, calling on police authorities not to allow her matter with Obesere to be swept under the carpet so that she will not die. According to the lady who spoke with Vanguard yesterday, Obesere’s insertion of his ring in her private part, leading to bleeding and pain, may not be unconnected with ritual activities. She refuted allegations made by Obesere claiming they were lovers and that she wanted to use the rape saga to blackmail and extort money from him. 


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