Friday, January 3, 2014

A good work out wrist watch that's reasonable and trendy

In the event that you didn't get the sports-oriented watch you wanted for the holiday season, and you're looking for an extremely attractive and affordable watch that helps you remain in pace with 2013 trends along eventually, the Freestyle USA Sprint Watch does a whole lot, for really very little. Just $45.00 brings you a wrist watch with a sensational, bold look, accented with bright colors (a must for 2013), plus a black, flexible, polyurethane strap and polycarbonate housing that make the watch as tough and durable, as it is trendy. It can be water-resistant up to 30m (but the literature says don't wear it in a sauna or hot spa where heat + water can sabotage it).

Kanu Heart Foundation sends 4 Patients to India for Open heart operation

 Kanu Nwankwo's Kanu Heart Foundation sent four heart patients to India for operation on the 26th of December. Kanu says oahu is the organization's Christmas and New Year gift and wants everyone to pray for an successful operation. Good thing!

Video: Rapper Young QC eliminates his mom for a lifetime insurance income to floss

This Optical Illusion Tree Is About To Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]
Check out this Crazy   Optical Illusion Tree

Video: This Optical Illusion Tree Is About To Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]


"He has made Lagos an African hub of innovation……….", says LSDP

Along with other global personalities like Pope Francis of the Vatican, Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe and Mayor of Warsaw, Poland, Hanna Gronkiewicz-waltz, Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN) was at the weekend named one of the 100 Top Global Thinkers for 2013 by a global personality assessment organization, Lo Spazio della Politica (LSDP).

See Photo of Lagos in the year 1914

Photo taken January 1, 1914 in Lagos; the day Lord Lugard amalgamated Northern and Southern Nigeria. A memorable day in our history!

Dearest Omo Oodua Readers: My fiancee treats her son so badly.

I'm engaged to a woman who has a three year old son. We are preparing to get married soon....but there is something she does which makes me cringe. She hates so much on her behalf 3 year old son. At the slightest provocation, she spits venom on the little boy. She tells the child all of the hurt his father caused her and even would go to the extent of saying he is a poor reminder of his father. I have spoken to her about this and she is apparently deep in this her ugly past and this really is adversely affecting me and am thinking of walking from the relationship. I don't wish to marry a woman who is a poor mother.

Asari Dokubo Lambastes OBJ, calls him Chief Assassin Of All Times

The leader of Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF), Mujahid Dokubo Asari, on Thursday called former President Olusegun Obasanjo the "Chief Assassin of all times" in response to the former leader's recent letter to President Goodluck Jonathan.

In a letter to Obasanjo, Dokubo, who has previously sworn that there will be hell on earth if Jonathan is not re-elected in 2015, rebutted Obasanjo's claim that Jonathan is training a special killer squad to hit 1000 supposed opponents of his government.
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Police arrest Rivers lawmaker, Chidi Lloyd, for double murder

The River State Police Command has arrested him for the alleged murder of 2 people, one Kingsley Ejeuo and police sergeant Urang Obadiah.

In a statement issued by the Rivers State police, Chidi Lloyd is accused of knocking down and killing the police sergeant while pursuing Kingsley Ejeuo who he also killed. The statement after the break

One killed, eight wounded as World War II bomb explodes in Germany

A technical excavator triggered an unexploded World War II bomb hidden under the earth in Germany on Friday, killing the driver and injuring eight other people at a building site, police said.Two of these injured were seriously hurt in the explosion in the city of Euskirchen near the city of Bonn.Unexploded devices dating back again to the bombardment of Germany during World War II are frequently found. Most local authorities have teams working full-time to detect and defuse them.

Myanmar releases about 2,000 inmates, including three political prisoners.

Myanmar on Friday freed about 2,000 inmates, including at least three political prisoners, to mark its Independence Day, officials and activists said.

"More than 2,000 prisoners were released today with 1,800 from Insein Prison in Yangon and another 230 from Mandalay prison," said Hla Maung Shwe, an adviser to President Thein Sein.
The presidential amnesty was granted to commemorate Independence Day on Saturday. Myanmar, formerly called Burma, was granted independence from Britain on January 4, 1948.

CIA-waged drone war 'spreads anarchy' around the world

The US said it is mapping out a new national security strategy that will be announced in early 2014. The white paper on the next stage of Washington’s war on al-Qaeda will be released at the time of mounting international criticism of US drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen.

Drone airstrikes are one of the main reasons for the spread of anarchy and military conflicts that have been mushrooming around the world. This is according to a report by UN special rapporteurs Ben Emmerson and Christof Heyns who accused the US of carrying out unmanned aerial attacks on foreign soil under the guise of an anti-terror war without borders.

Winter, Sochi, Putin: Russian President tries out Olympic slopes

 President Vladimir Putin tested the ski slopes at the Olympic host city of Sochi Friday as the Black Sea resort counts down to the start of the Winter Games.

Facebook spying on private messages, selling them to advertisers - lawsuit

A federal lawsuit has been filed earlier this week accusing the world’s biggest social networking site, Facebook, of examining its users’ private messages contents "for purposes unrelated to the facilitation of message transmission".

Two plaintiffs are seeking a class action suit on behalf of all Facebook users who have sent or received a private message in the past two years that contained links.

African Food Staples - Try Afrishoponline: Best store to shop for African food.

 Try Afrishoponline: Best store to shop for African food Staples.

Many Africans won't require an introduction to the food basics, although it might not be known to every one that, for example the cassava is wholesome 500 million persons on a global base and has its source in the Brazilian Amazon. For guests from temperate areas, Eurasia and North America, but, exotic food stables are a new earth indeed. Thus this introduction.
 Below each product/staple, you will discover data concerning origin and use. Some historic information can also be added below nearly all of them.


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