Friday, February 14, 2014

Canadian subsidiary of US arms maker General Dynamics gets $10 billion Saudi arms order

The Canadian subsidiary of US arms maker General Dynamics has won a $10 billion order for armored vehicles for Saudi Arabia, Canada's International Trade Minister Ed Fast announced Friday.

The vehicles will be produced by General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada, and the deal could be worth up to $13 billion if all options are exercised.

Comment of The Day: Saint Valentine

"The masses are only followers. They celebrate what ever comes to them without thinking or research. If you ask people what is the reason why they celebrate valentines day? they don't know, they tell you is lovers day. But If you know much about that wicked king "saint valentine" Like people won't celebrate saint valentines day. But like I always say, People are deep brainwashed. They enjoyed to be fool and lied. Than to be awake and hear the truth. This is the world we living inn. The smart and wise ones are few. The doomed and brainwashed ones are always the majority. People are deep brainwashed and they can't even distinguish from wrong and right, true or false. That's why they makes satan work more easier to control and used the masses for his evilness. But soon many will surely discover the truth. Since the truth can't never be hidden forever under this great sun and moon light." ~Africa Freedom ‪#‎realfreedom‬ ‪#‎Africa‬

Kenyan government accuse USAID for funding local activists

Mass protests took place in Kenya on Thursday after police has accused the US government of funding political activists. Streets of Nairobi got filled up with protesters’ demonstrations, aimed against leaders who they say behave like children. In Kenya such state of mind is called the “diaper mentality.”

Previously, Kenyan authorities banned the protests, saying that those actions promote the “threat of terrorism.”  In addition to that, Kenyan officials have accused the US Aid agency, better known as USAID of funding political activists. They have also reached the foreign ministry to gather the USAID officials in order to provide an official response for those arguments.

Soviet-Afghan War lesson: political problems never settled by force

25 years ago, the almost 10-year long deployment of the limited contingent of Soviet forces in Afghanistan drew to a close. Experts have since been at variance about the assessment of the Afghan campaign, but they invariably agree that it was the biggest-scale (and actually quite ambiguous, obviously for that reason) foreign policy action throughout the post-war history of the Soviet Union.

The last Soviet soldier left Afghanistan on February 15th 1989 as part of the Soviet 40th Army, which was the backbone of the limited contingent. The Soviet troops withdrew under the command of the 40th Army legendary commander, Lieutenant-General Boris Gromov. He managed to brilliantly carry out the withdrawal, with the US now trying to use his experience to more or less decently pull out of Afghanistan following the more than 20 years of actually useless occupation of that country. This is what an expert with the Centre for Modern Afghan Studies, Nikita Mendkovich, says about it in a comment.

Check out what Mercy Aigbe wore for Valentine (Pics)

Mercy Aigbe

Valentine’s Day Turns bloody: 27 killed; man, pregnant wife roasted; politician shot dead

It was tragedy on a day the world celebrated St Valentine’s Day, dedicated to lovers.

The deaths, on Friday, include the 27 killed in an auto crash in Oji River, Enugu; a man and wife roasted in Benue State and a politician allegedly shot dead by a drunken policeman in Oro, Kwara State.

The Oji River incident occurred when a truck carrying stones skidded off the road and crashed into a market, killing at least 27 persons.

Some primary school students, said to be returning from school at the time of the incident, were, reportedly, among the victims.

Russia hopes for successful negotiation of Syrian humanitarian resolution in UN - diplomat

Russia hopes for the successful negotiation of the resolution on Syria in the UN Security Council on the basis of two projects submitted by Moscow and its partners, stated Vitaly Churkin, Russia's permanent representative to the UN.

" Two projects were presented ... I think this time they will be successful", Churkin told reporters after consultations on Syria in the UN Security Council.

Denrele's Emotional Tribute to late Goldie

 Exactly one year ago, February 14, 2013 to be precised, Nigerian music star, Goldie Harvey died.
Her best friend and confidant, media personality, Denrele Edun who was with her at the hospital where she died, has just shared heart touching tributes to her.

Gov. Fashola Exco Team Inspect Ayobo-Ippaja Road, Technical College, other projects

…Says it’s in pursuit of total service commitment

Lagos State Governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola (SAN) on Thursday inspected the State Technical and Vocational College,Ikotun, Waste Water Treatment Plant at Abesan and on-going work at the Ayobo-Ipaja road and Meiran road (Phase I), stating that his administration is instituting a maintenance culture along with commissioning new projects in order to advance a total service commitment.

Declarations of possible use of force to resolve conflict are attempts to disrupt Syrian peace process - Lavrov

Declarations of a possible use of force to resolve the Syrian conflict are an attempt to force the Syrian government to "slam the door in face" of the peace negotiations, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

"Steps are being taken, some of them publicly, such as declarations that the use of force remains a possible option, steps are being taken to politicize all humanitarian issues at the UN Security Council; probably, they wish to force the government to slam the door shut [on negotiations]. These attempts are bad. One has to honor agreements. We have done our job honestly. And we expect our partners to do the same," Lavrov told a press conference after negotiations with his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

“LASU Is For All, Not The Rich Alone" - Desperate Students Protest

Students chantings songs of solidarity and waving placards saying "LASU is for all not the rich alone," rallied today in Ogba, Ikeja, the capital of Lagos State to protest the recent massive tuition hike at the University.
The coalition, which included representatives of the Save Lagos State University (SAVELASU) group, Education Rights Campaign (ERC), unemployed graduate students and student union members, marched through the International Press Centre along Dideolu Court, Ogba calling for the immediate reduction of all LASU fees and the re-opening of the University.

Speaking shortly after their protest, National Coordinator of the Education Rights Campaign (ERC), Hassan Soweto said,  
"We…will continue to protect…education in Nigeria, not only in Lagos State University. We have been deprived of quality education in this country due to obnoxious policies of the state and our corrupt leaders."


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