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Commanders-in-chief: From 1960 To Date

Nigeria became an independent nation on 1 October, 1960 and a republican country three years later and it was then we began having a Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces starting with Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe who was the ceremonial Head of State. It was only during the First Republic when the office was separated from that of the Prime Minister or the President. Alhaji Tafawa Balewa was the only Head of the Government who was not the Commander-in-Chief because we were practising the Parliamentary System of Government imposed by the British government.

Borno state Governor grants 22 prisoners amnesty to mark independence

Borno state Governor, Kashim Shettima, today October 1st granted 22 prison inmates amnesty during an unscheduled visit to the Maiduguri Maximum Security Prison in celebration of Nigeria's independence. Governor Shettima said the amnesty granted to the prisoners followed the recommendation of the State Advisory Committee on the Prerogative of Mercy. 

UN Secretary General Condemns Donetsk School Shelling in East Ukraine

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has condemned the shelling of a school in east Ukraine's besieged city of Donetsk and described the incident as "particularly alarming," UN Spokesman Stephane Dujarric told the press on Wednesday.

Graphic Video: Blood Thirsty Ukrainian Army murders school children in Donetsk

In Donetsk, the feast of the "first of September" (the beginning of the school year was postponed to October 1) troops again staged a brutal shooting of civilians with heavy weapons. This morning, around 10:30 under attack from multiple rocket launchers "Grad" hit area of the city of Donetsk, Kiev intersection of Prospect Street and polygraphic. One shell hit a passenger bus. At least eight people were killed on the spot, six of whom died an agonizing death on the street by shell splinters. The vehicle burned to the ground, firefighters did not have time to put out the flames. The school children were killed.

Graphic: Teenage girl left disfigured after 'jealous rivals mutilate her for being too pretty'

15 year old Argentinian Julia Alvarez was left disfigured after two jealous girls slashed her face with knives because she was 'too pretty'. The two girls, who are sisters, have since been arrested. Julia later told police the girls said they wanted to make her look like horror movie character, Chucky.

Julia said she was walking home in the town of Juan Domingo Peron, in the northern Argentinian province of Formosa, when the girls aged 18 and 16 attacked her without any provocation.

"Everyone says you are pretty. You won't look pretty when we have finished with you. People will call you Chucky." - Julia claims this is what the girls told her before slashing her face...

Beijing Suspects US Stirring up Color Revolution in Hong Kong: Expert on China

Chinese authorities are convinced that the US “is trying to stir up … a color revolution in Hong Kong,” said Dr. Willy Lam, adjunct professor of history and political economy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and professor of China and global studies at Akita International University, Japan.

Graphic video of B'Haram members killed after attack in Konduga

Boko Haram has carried out at least 9 attacks on the town of Konduga, Borno State since September 12th, 2014. This video footage shows the Boko Haram fatalities after one of the attacks. If you observe, many of the corpses look like those of kids, some of the Civilian JTF members (the guys with guns and RPG rounds walking around) also look like they are teens.

Video: MURTALA MUHAMMED, Nigeria’s Most Popular Leader

This is a video clip of General Murtala Muhammed’s speech after the overthrow of General Gowon’s military government in 1975. General Murtala Muhammed, Nigeria’s 4th Head of State, is regarded as one of the best and progressive leaders Nigeria ever had. He was in power from July 29, 1975 to February 13, 1976 when he was assassinated in an abortive coup attempt led by Lt. Col Buka Suka Dimka. He was succeeded by General Olusegun Obasanjo who completed General Murtala’s plan to return Nigeria to a civilian rule in 1979. Murtala’s portrait is on the 20 Naira note and Murtala Muhammad International Airport in Lagos was named after him.
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Boko Haram: Nigeria Military Arrest ICT Expert behind Terrorist Videos

Vanguard reports the foreigner was arrested with some sophisticated equipment and copies of some of the videos the terrorists had sent to online media houses on their escapades, including that of the abducted Chibok girls. Military sources disclosed that the computer analyst who is currently being 
interrogated was responsible for configuring computer images website and internet accesses for the group.

Buhari to inaugurate Ekiti square

Activities marking the fourth anniversary of the Dr. Kayode Fayemi administration continued on Wednesday with the official commissioning of the 12,000 seater Ekiti Parapo Square in Ado-Ekiti.

The square which is one of the projects of the Fayemi administration would be inaugurated by a former Head of State, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), supported by other eminent Nigerians.


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