Friday, April 24, 2015

Ukraine War Crimes: Alleged “Azov” battalion troopers crucifying a “separatist supporter”

Friends, you want to very carefully consider whether you want to press the ‣ button and watch this video or not.  It is sickening: it shows a Ukronazi deathsquad crucifying and burning alive a “separatist”.  Also, while the authenticity of this video cannot be 100% confirmed, the Russian TV channel LifeNews has confirmed its authenticity.  LifeNews is a rather sensationalist outlet and I would not necessarily trust it).  The video will probably be removed by YouTube very soon, so if you do decide to watch it – do it now (it has been subtitled by Kazzura)
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South Front Youtube account was deleted

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How NATO Kills Africans in the Club Med.

Humanitarian imperialism as applied to what the Pentagon loves to define as MENA (Middle East-Northern Africa) has led, according to Amnesty International, "to the largest refugee disaster since the Second World War."

You all remember that NATO/AFRICOM coalition of the willing, "led" by King Sarko the First, then President of France, with US President Barack Obama "leading from behind" and a former Secretary of State, now presidential candidate with a campaign chest of $2.5 billion, coining a gloating "We came, we saw, he died".

The History of US Imperialism – a 3 part video by Jimmie Moglia


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