Monday, August 31, 2015

Protesters Attempt to Break Into Ukraine's Parliament, Clash With Police

 The clashes come shortly after the Ukrainian parliament has approved President Petro Poroshenko's proposed constitutional amendments on decentralization in the first reading.

A blast has been heard during the protests near the Verkhovna Rada after several shots had been fired, 112.Ukraine TV channel reported. Local police told RIA Novosti that the reason of the incident is being investigated.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

New Russian Spaceship to Be Ready Ahead of Schedule

Russian space manufacturer RSC Energia said that the first prototype of a new Russian manned spacecraft for launch to the International Space Station (ISS) and the Moon may be created ahead of schedule.

 — The first prototype of a new Russian manned spacecraft for launch to the International Space Station (ISS) and the Moon may be created ahead of schedule, president of Russian space manufacturer RSC Energia Vladimir Solntsev told RIA Novosti on Saturday.
The International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2015 is currently underway in the town of Zhukovsky near Moscow, and is due to finish on Sunday.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Nigerian Electronic Passport Application Process ?

December 31st 2010, proclaimed another era  in the West African electronic passport versus the Nigerian e-passport or e-travel permit, as the due date for the utilization of the Old Nigerian Machine Readable Passport (MRP Passport) became effective.
This inferred that any individual who flew out back to Nigeria from any remote base/Country on the old MRP identification would not have the capacity to fly back to their base abroad without being in control of the Nigerian electronic passport.
For all Nigerians situated in Russia, UK, USA, China, Republic of Ireland,others the tenth of November 2010 denoted another disclosure, as the new e-travel permit machines have been installed and completely tested.

US May Hit Syria With Ship-Based Tomahawk Missiles - Analyst

The additional deployment of US Aegis-equipped warships in the Mediterranean Region could be considered a precondition for further offensive against Syrian leader Bashar Assad, security analyst Dmitry Efimov told Sputnik Radio.

The US will send an additional warship equipped with the Aegis combat system to the Mediterranean Sea to protect Turkey and its NATO allies against ballistic missile threats, Anadolu reported. The redeployment is scheduled to take place this fall, Navy spokeswoman Commodore Pamela Rawe told the agency.

What Else Are They Scared of? Russia, China Again in US Media Spotlight

Russia and China are once again in the spotlight of the US media: let’s have a look at what they fear the two will do next.

Only recently, the US voiced its concern over the possible development by Russia and China of a new generation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), capable of “negating America’s advantages in stealth aircraft.”
Now American media outlets are analyzing whether the two would jointly develop “some of the most sophisticated types of naval vessels on the planet.”

Thursday, August 27, 2015

President Bashar Al-Assad’s al-Manar August 25, 2015 Interview


DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The terrorists are the most important real tool in the ongoing aggression against Syria, outlined H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad .

In an exclusive interview with the Lebanese al-Manar Satellite TV, aired Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. (GMT), President Al-Assad pointed out that encountering Israel deems it necessary for us to encounter its tools in the interior, asserting that Israel from time to time carries out acts in support to terrorists .

“What the terrorists have been perpetrating is far more dangerous than the Zionist enemy has been doing,” added H.E. President Al-Assad, pointing out that the Syrian experience is like the Lebanese one in the sense that there exist Syrian groups which accept to deal with the enemies.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Is an Ukronazi attack imminent? Yes! So what else is new?

Novorussian officials have called a press conference today to warn about the high risks of an Ukronazi assault on Novorussia in the very near future.  I have asked our translation team and friends to subtitle the video of this press conference and I hope to get it in the next 24 hours or less.
The press conference was unique in that Edward Basurin, the Deputy Defense Minister and spokesman for the Novorussian armed forces showed a map with what he described as the Ukrainian attack plans:

Lost Nigerian Passport: How to Replace, Renew or Apply for New One
Has your Nigerian Passport been lost, stolen or need renewal? Try not to freeze or panic! I will walk you through the procedure of rapidly replacing your lost or stolen travel permit, notwithstanding or whether you're at currently abroad or set to  go on a worldwide tour.

Step by step instructions to Replace Your Passport Abroad - Overview
1)Report your international Nigerian Passport loss to the nearest police headquarters and make a meeting with the nearest Nigerian embassy office or Consulate
2) Gather documents to demonstrate your character and Nigerian citizenship
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Tip & Warnings About Lost or Stolen Nigerian Passports
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Loss of Nigerian Passport Abroad or Theft - Detailed Instructions on How to Replace Your Passport From Overseas. The following is the regulated definite guidelines to help you rapidly supplant your lost or stolen travel permit in case you're right now abroad.
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Friday, August 21, 2015

North Korea Fires Shells at South Korean Military Base

North Korea has fired shells at a South Korean military base across the demilitarized zone, local media reported Thursday.

North Korea has threatened to start military action if South continues "propaganda warfare", the Yonhap news agency reported Thursday.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Is Ukraine On The Cusp Of A Real Uprising?

by Andrew Korybko

It’s been discussed since the civil war first began last spring, but Ukraine might finally be on the verge of a legitimate people’s uprising against the government. The Color Revolutions in 2004 and 2014 were organized from abroad (despite the misleading mass media representation that they were popular movements) and aimed to achieve concrete geopolitical objectives on behalf of the West, thereby discrediting them as real grassroots actions and exposing their ulterior nature. Although Ukraine has thus far not experienced a single genuine (as in organized by Ukrainians and for Ukrainians) revolution to date, it doesn’t mean that one couldn’t be forthcoming, as all the proper ‘ingredients’ are currently in effect. Three recent developments indicate that the country is a lot closer to a real revolution than most observers might believe, and if the people take the initiative in seizing the opportunity in front of them, they might have a chance at reversing some of the regime’s most disastrous policies before it’s ultimately too late.

Book Banning

Kiev has taken the decision to ban a handful of books by certain Russian authors, notably the works of famous anti-Color Revolution crusader and historian Nikolai Starikov and presidential advisor Sergei Glaziev. These two individuals in particular have been extremely critical of the regime, and it appears as though Kiev views them as ideological threats to its rule. The book banning comes amid already existing political oppression against all dissident voices, be they politicians , the media , or even average citizen s. The authorities are plainly expressing that no counter-views will be tolerated under their rule, and that they seek to control the flow of information that the population receives. This can be read as nothing more than a fear of its own citizenry, since if Kiev and its representatives were secure in their rule, there wouldn’t be any need to be so authoritarian. The fact that they’re now taking the publicized and extreme step of banning a small number of books speaks to their heightened paranoia, which in turn can be read (pun intended) as the serious threat that they believe they face from the people. The thing is, it might not just be paranoia, but an objective reality that some elements of society and not just the Neo-Nazi battalions (albeit for their own separate reasons ) are getting ready to turn on Kiev.

Russian Food Embargo Threat

The latest news coming out of Moscow is that Medvedev announced that the counter-sanctions campaign “has been extended to Albania, Montenegro, Iceland and Liechtenstein and, subject to special conditions, Ukraine”. Specifying matters, he warned that if Ukraine goes forward with the economic component of the EU Association Agreement expected to enter into force at the beginning of next year, its agricultural products would also come under the same restrictions. A ban on fruit and vegetable imports from last October already threatened to wipe out up to $51 million of market loss for Ukrainian producers, and expanding it to include all agricultural goods could be cataclysmic for the already crippled economy. According to Business New Europe , agriculture is the country’s largest industry right now (due mostly in part because of the manufacturing losses incurred from the War on Donbass) and the only one to show any growth last year, so if exports to Ukraine’s largest trading partner are cut off, then the consequences could very well be fatal for the country.

As an additional point on this topic, it must also be noted that it’s highly unlikely that Russian-destined exports could be reoriented to the EU, because domestic producers there are already howling in pain at the economic misery inflicted by Russia’s counter-sanctions against them and are heatedly competing amongst themselves in an oversaturated market. It would thus be a poor political move on the part of any EU government to prioritize Ukrainian agricultural products over their own producers’, even more so since the EU is suffering its worst dairy crisis in three decades and can’t possibly absorb any Ukrainian imports of this kind, for but one example.

If Ukraine can’t sell its products in the EU, then the excess that should have originally gone to Russia will stay in the domestic market and precipitate a rapid price collapse that could serve as a prelude to the sudden collapse of the entire agricultural industry. This would in turn affect the country’s capability to feed itself, meaning that more expensive foreign foodstuffs (probably GMO-laced products from the US) would have to be imported to meet the demand. With farming no longer a profitable venture for many by this point, farmland can be sold for bare-bottom prices to foreign companies (again, likely American, specifically Monsanto ), thus ushering in the complete foreign takeover of one of the most rich agricultural regions in the world. This calamitous scenario can be avoided, however, provided that Ukrainians take urgent action in changing their government before the end of the year, which leads to the final examined development.

The Committee For Salvation Of Ukraine

Last but not least, one of the most important, if underreported, aspects that could push Ukrainians towards a real revolution is the establishment of the Committee For Salvation Of Ukraine (CSU), essentially a government-in-exile based in Moscow. As the saying goes, “better late than never”, and it seems quite suited to this case. From what can be discerned, the CSU is the brainchild of former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, and although he’s not the leader (Vladimir Oleynik is), he seems to be running the show. Azarov promised that if it comes to power, the CSU will immediately hold new, free, and fair elections, but in order for this to happen , he “ask[s] all citizens, political parties, labor unions and social movements to unite and restore order in our home by joint efforts”. The point, it seems, is to unite civil society organizations and average citizens into a coordinated anti-government campaign, believing that it could prove to be the pivotal tipping point for the regime. Just about every observer would agree that Kiev would never relinquish power without a fight, but Azarov makes no mention of resorting to violence in the upcoming struggle, although it can be understood that this would be a logical response to harsh state suppression, should some of the participants so choose to react in this way.

Right now the CSU doesn’t seem to inspire much enthusiasm from anyone, but all of this could change with time. After all, the organization isn’t perfect (and much of its makeup and activity is still mysterious and undeclared), but it symbolically stands as the first realistic form of opposition to the Maidan government, and it’s helped by the fact that it’s based abroad and is thus safe from Kiev’s clutches. Most importantly at this point of time, however, is that the organization is likely building a network of supportive cells inside of Ukraine in order to construct a unified anti-government platform from which to challenge the state. This means that the CSU could essentially function as a coordinating committee in managing outreach campaigns across the country, public demonstrations (when the time is right), and perhaps after that, if they’re violently suppressed, even Hybrid War military operations as well. To speak on the protest part of the CSU’s assumed responsibilities and interests, if there ever was a perfect social environment to test Gene Sharp’s “ From Dictatorship To Democracy ” and “ There Are Realistic Alternatives ” protest theories, then it’s contemporary Ukraine, which is undoubtedly a dictatorship with a capital D. If a legitimate people’s revolution ever does occur in Ukraine, then it’s a sure bet that the CSU will have a leading role in it and will likely use the event to help catapult itself and its leadership from Moscow back to Kiev.

Concluding Thoughts
Never before has Ukraine been closer to a legitimate grassroots revolution than now. Many citizens were fearful of the new regime after the February 2014 coup, but not many of them outside of Crimea and Donbass publicly demonstrated against it. When they did, such as in Odessa in May of that year, they were horrifically killed and the perpetrators never brought to justice (purposely so). Some people, unsure of what they could individually do to resist the regime, decided to passively “give it a try” and see what it could ultimately do for their well-being. Nearly 18 months later, the Maidan authorities have done nothing except split the country with civil war, kill thousands of civilians, and crash the economy, and enough time has passed for their ridiculous ‘blame Russia’ tirade to grow stale and unbelievable among most of the population. The problems Ukraine has gotten itself into since the overthrow of Yanukovich are entirely of its new authorities’ making, and it seems as though some Ukrainians might finally be wising up to this, ergo why Kiev is making yet another paranoid push to suppress independent thought and go as far as outrageously banning a handful of books.

Average Ukrainians might be politically misled, but most of them are smart enough to realize that the country is falling apart in front of their eyes, and that it’s becoming ever more difficult to make simple ends meet. With Russia’s counter-sanction ultimatum to Ukraine, some of them might finally feel desperate enough to consider going against the government, despite being aware of the likely beat-down (or worse) that they’ll receive for doing so. Still, these individuals presumably lack a sense of organized direction, which is where the CSU comes in. It’s assumed that it wouldn’t have gone public had it not established some kind of shadow presence in Ukraine first, no matter how small, and one can draw the conclusion (using Azarov’s own words) that it’s in favor of mass anti-government activity and will do its best to support them. Building upon this logic and putting two and two together, the CSU could very well be organizing such a movement itself, gathering the disaffected segments of Ukrainian society to help engineer a regime change push before the year is over. If the Maidan authorities remain in power and don’t walk back the economic component of the EU Association Agreement by that time, then Ukraine will be plunged into an even deeper domestic crisis that might unwittingly turn Kiev’s regime change paranoia into a solid reality.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Any Ideological difference between a B'Haram & the Pastor that burned Ukolo Uga shrine In Anambra ?

Isn’t this the height of religious blasphemy and intolerance against the traditional religion of the land the land the pastor was born ?  What make this pastor any difference from the boko haram terrorist sect that are hiding under the pretext of religion to carry out their massacres ? Are we still living in the 20th century ? The last time I checked it is 21st century and 2015 for that matter. I hope this pastor face the law and maximum sentence for blaspheming the religion of the land.

Typical Example of Foreign Religion marketers using Propaganda like this against Traditional Cultures In Nigeria/Africa

Non of the gods or orisa in yoobland demands human blood for whosoever.. That is fact and Ooni of ife in his world is a god in Yoobaland.

The only kind of people that tolerate virtually everything are the yooba people.. But they wont tolerate this continuous propaganda against the religion and tradition. Enough they say is enough..

Again Non of the 402 Orisas require human blood for scarifies, this is mere propaganda perpetrated by the foreign religion marketers to turn most Africans against your tradition or traditional religion and culture. They did this to the Ibgo people and their traditional religion and their gods is no longer relevant.. We will not accept this in yoobland land anymore.. Read the Propaganda bellow.

TITTLE OF THE PROPAGANDA: The Ooni’s Burial Rites People Are Scared Of Talking About See How Many Human Heads Will Be Used To Bury Him Source of the Propaganda

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Abobaku !! Re Fake: Burial Of Ooni Of Ife Stalled, As ''Abobaku'' Of Ooni Absconds, Ooni Needs An Accomplice In Grave

Please beware of Invented story or fabricated one. Ask the people sharing fake story about the personality behind the Abobaku? People spreading fake story and propaganda against the religion or tradition of the land should  have find out the meaning  before buying into the fabricated story

Who's personality is behind the so called “Abobaku” ?

Abobaku is a word and an expression you can use for so many things proverbially. It is not a title.
E mi o le se “Abobaku Obirin” meaning I will not die because of a woman.
Mi o le se “Abobaku Oga” that is I will not die for the boss.
Most of us are carried away by western culture…including their religion, fashion, music, language just to mention a few.

Lets learn about our rich tradition first before a foreign one.  You cannot continue using a borrowed identity. Lets stop spreading the massive propaganda against our tradition, against the traditional religion or culture of the land.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Top 10 SUVs to Buy 2015

There's no all inclusive list of the best SUVs to purchase in 2015, however there's most likely an in number pack of contenders that ought to be on your test drive plan when it comes time to get another family vehicle. The SUV section is more diverse than some other on the car market, which implies that there are individuals movers out there intended to fill a wide assortment of specialties - and additionally some that simply appear to do everything great. To help you with your choice, we've assembled this list of top 10 SUVs to buy this year 2015. How about we look into what each of these vehicles brings to the table. 


- See more at:

Top 5 Bizarre things you shouldn’t do in Lagos buses

Lagos is a comedy zone half the time and moving from one part of town to the other in a public bus can leave you with interesting experiences that keep you reeling with laughter for the most part of the journey. If you lack a sense of humor, many situations you encounter can cause you to flip a switch but once you realize that public vehicles are boarded by people from various backgrounds, orientations, and mindsets, you should feel better., Africa’s No 1 Hotel Booking Portal rounds up a few crazy things you should not do in a public bus.  



Monday, August 10, 2015

Check out Top 4 Things To remember Before buying A SUV

A Sports Utility Vehicle (or SUV) is an indication of class and super luxury.  The vast majority who long for owning an auto constantly need to have SUVs at their stockpiles.  Be that as it may, there are sure things people need to remember before they plan to buy these marvels.

From Palestine to Yemen: honour and shame of the Arab world

Translated from French by Jenny Bright for Tlaxcala

 While Saudi Arabia is trying its best to supplant Israel in terms of crime, terror and barbarism, pushing a whole country to the edge of the abyss to general indifference, the poorest of the Arab countries gives the world a lesson in courage, dignity and lucidity, following the example of the Palestinian people.

The Saudi-American war against Yemen has now lasted for more than four months. It has caused more than 4,000 deaths, including 3,000 directly caused by the terrorist bombings of the Arab coalition against Yemen, with 20,000 injured and nearly 1.3 million displaced. 6.5 million people are immediately threatened by famine, while 13 million – half the population – lack access to the most basic means of subsistence and are reduced to a permanent struggle to gather their daily bread. According to a recent report by Oxfam entitled Yemen: Struggling to Break the Fast ,

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Check Out Top 11 Scandals That Rocked Nollywood

Nollywood Acctress Ini Edo abortion, husband-snatching and divorce

n 2008, super hot Ini Edo was enmeshed in abortion scandal. It was accounted for by the media that she had prematurely ended a couple of weeks old pregnancy she had for her mystery mate. It could have been gossip yet it truly shook the business. In 2008, Ruth Okoro, A Nigerian based in the US, blamed Ini for snatching her spouse, Philip, from her. She wrote the performing artist, begging her to leave her spouse for her. For some time Ini Edo denied such relationship. In the long run however, she wound up wedding the man. Tragically, her union with Mr Ehiagwina Philip. Ehiagwina did not last long. Once more, the on-screen character got the fall out as many accused her of adultery.




Thursday, August 6, 2015

Western Economy Needs to Present Russia as 'Enemy' to Survive

Through the ages the West has always felt a paramount (some might say desperate and certainly unhealthy) need for a real or a perceived enemy in order to thrive, Contra Magazin argues. At the moment it has chosen Russia to play this role.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

AfriShopOnline Reviews- African Food Stuffs in Kiev, Ukraine; Poland and Russia

African Food Stuffs in Kiev, Ukraine; Poland and Russia - Best Way to shop online for African Food  ?
African Food  Stuffs In Kiev
Right from the bustling center to all the regions in the state that's known for its central of power in Ukraine, AfriShopOnline do deliver to Kiev. Most of our customers are from Kiev and with a good up-vote on facebook shows they are delivering within the time frame 24 to 72 hours depending on buyer's location.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sandra Bland’s Family Files Wrongful Death Suit Against Texas Trooper

The family of Sandra Bland, who was found dead in her jail cell following an improper arrest stemming from a routine traffic stop, has filed a wrongful death suit alleging that her treatment by authorities, and their “conscious disregard” for her safety, was responsible for the 28-year-old’s death.

Exposed: Meet The Most Dangerous Madam And Human Trafficker (Photos)

According to Facebook user Emeka Ugwuonye,  Madam Esther Otubo Nicole (pictured above) is a Human Trafficker who send Nigerian girls into prostitution in Dubai. According to him, she videotapes the girls nude and blackmails them into prostitution in Dubai.Personally we got the video  of two different girls

  video recorded under the most dehumanizing conditions, naked and scared.The girls video is all over Facebook.
He made the post in a  Facebook group . What he wrote below..


Monday, August 3, 2015

Range Rover 2014: Your Autobiography LWB 2015 – Review

 It is almost seven decades it has existed, Land Rover has had up to about six or more vehicles in its portfolio at any one time, however since 1970, the one most related to the revered British marque (now owned by the Tata Motors of India) must be the Range Rover.In spite of its life span, the Range Rover is in simply its fourth era, the first going on for over a quarter of a century as a square shaped, rough, utilitarian vehicle not a ton distinctive in idea from the first Land Rover Series whose principle reason for existing was to go 4x4 romping and farm utilization.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Foreign Policy Diary – The US-China Standoff in the Indo-Asia-Pacific Region (MUST SEE!)

If  you are having trouble viewing this video, go to the Youtube version at


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