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Video: Al qaeda are fighting us, we know where Chibok girls are, but won't use force to rescue them - Nigerian Military

Nigeria's Chief of Defense Staff Air Marshall Alex Badeh today said that the Nigeria military has been able to locate the 200+ girls abducted in Chibok on April 14th but will not use force to rescue them because that could put the girls in great danger as the insurgents could kill them. 

He revealed this today while addressing a group of protesters, the Citizens Initiative for Security Awareness, outside the Defence Headquarters in Abuja. He said the military knows what they are doing and should be allowed to continue their work
"We want our girls back. The military can do it, but where they are held, can we go with force? The good news for the girls is that we know where they are but we can't tell you. Just leave us alone. We are working. We will bring the girls back" He said
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The Bitter truth el-Rufai & Ribadu should tell the North

Anytime the likes of Prof. Ango Abdullahi, Dr Junaid Mohammed, Mallam Adamu Ciroma, Lamido of Adamawa, Mr. Anthony Sani or any of the members of the Arewa Consultative Forum or Northern Elders Forum speak on national issues, there are some things that are constant in their speeches: Arrogance, condescension, threats, etc. If the matter has to do with national resources, two critical “words” must be present in their speeches: “Sharing” and “allocation.”
That makes you wonder: Don’t these “elders” feel that they are insulting the North by their fixation on “sharing?” Don’t they feel they are insulting the North by portraying the region as incapable of taking care of itself? Don’t the younger generation feel ridiculed by this unenviable image foisted on them by these elders? Most times when these comments fly around, the lone dissenting voice you would hear is that of Col. Abubakar Umar (retd.), a former Governor of Kaduna State.

Supreme Court orders lawyer to pay ₦8m fine to Delta state governor

The Supreme Court today Monday May 26th ordered Dr Dickson Osuala to pay N8million fine to Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta and 3 others for abuse of court process, PM News reports.
Osuala was counsel to Chief Great Ogboru, candidate of the Democratic People’s Party in the 2011 Delta governorship election. Other parties in the N8 million cost are the PDP, INEC, and the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) who are to get N2million each.

Osuala‎ had, on behalf of his client, applied for a review of the court’s judgement which in 2013 upheld the election of Uduaghan of the PDP. He had claimed in his application that, Section 285 (7) of the 1999 Constitution which the Supreme Court relied on to dismiss the case, was “fraudulently inserted by the National Assembly”.

Boko Haram leader, 'Shekau' is being Shielded by the Nigerian Military and I know where he is - Islamic leader Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky

Controversial Islamic scholar and leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria popularly called Shiite Muslim group, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky has alleged that the leader of the Boko Haram insurgents, Abubakar Shekau was being shielded by the Nigerian military.

Zakzaky who spoke at the Movement’s 2014 Martyr day in Zaria on Sunday also alleged that the Boko Haram activities were part of covert operation by the developed nations to balkanize Nigeria and plunder its resources.

Stop Appeasing North, Middle Belt tells Pres. GEJ

Middle Belt Consensus Forum, MBCF, has asked President Goodluck Jonathan to remain focused and stop pandering to the dictates of the purported “core North”, saying that it was clear that they were not ready to support him.
After its strategic meeting in Abuja on Saturday night, the MBCF noted that the strategy of appeasing the so-called core North had failed to achieve meaningful result, stressing that the olive branch extended to some key political figures in the North by President Jonathan had not being reciprocated.
In a communiqué issued at the end of its meeting and signed by its National Coordinator, Mr. Bitrus Maisamari, the group said the core northern political elements were only interested in their mission of defeating President Jonathan at all cost.

"We Were Stopped From Attacking Boko Haram Members By Our Commander" - Soldier

A Nigerian soldier currently serving in Borno state has alleged that members of the Boko Haram attacked Gamboru Ngala in their presence but that their commander instructed them not to repel the insurgents.  The soldier who did not want to be named told us that apart from foot soldiers, choppers were seen hovering in the air while the attacks were ongoing, but no assistance was rendered to the people. Gamboru Ngala, a neighbouring community in the Nigeria-Cameroon border was attacked on May 5 where over 300 people were killed with many houses and a market completely razed down. 

Man Slaughters Niece for Ritual in Imo State

Thirty five-year old Boniface Ohakwe is now cooling his heels in police custody for allegedly killing his 12-year old niece, Miss Kelechi Ohakwe, for ritual intents.
Iinvestigations revealed that until her untimely death, late Kelechi was a student of Sir Enoch Anyanwu Memorial Convent, Umuariam, Obowo local council area of Imo State.

UK rejects negotiation with Boko Haram

The United Kingdom has kicked against any plan by Nigeria to negotiate with Boko Haram over the kidnapped schoolgirls of Government Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State.
The over 200 pupils were kidnapped in the night and their hostels burnt before being transported in trucks to the Sambisa forest stronghold of Boko Haram. Over 50 of the schoolgirls escaped from the sect and there have been reports that some of the pupils have been seen being moved out of Nigeria.
Other reports have said the girls were seen in the northern parts of the Central African Republic where an Islamic militia, Seleka, holds sway.

Her body was completely burnt "It was like a roasted chicken" Victim’s daughter

What is your name?
My name is Nkem Chidebelu. I am a student of the University of Jos. My mother, Monica Chidebelu, died in the bomb blast. She was 62 years old.

How did you know your mum was affected?
I was at the main campus when it happened. I heard some people saying that the blasts took place near the Jos University Teaching Hospital, and that was close to where my mum sold oranges and banana. She moved to that place when they chased them away from the previous spot she occupied.

Coup d'etat: 'There are plans to bring down my government' - President Jonathan

In Benue State, there have been clashes between the Tiv and Fulani cattle rustlers that have led to bloodshed. Six days ago, suicide bombers struck in Jos, Plateau State, killing over 15o people and on Saturday night another   bomber visited mayhem on football fans in the city.
During the service, Jonathan, who touched on several national issues, said despite the security challenges, Nigeria would continue to move forward.
He said, “You can imagine if this government had not been facing these distractions within this period, definitely, we would have moved farther than this.
“All these distractions are planned to bring this government down and since they failed, terror will also fail.

A New Government Coming Next Year – President Jonathan

In a speech that is bound to catch his allies, foes and watchers of his administration by surprise, President Goodluck Jonathan today assured Nigerians that a different government and leadership would be installed in Nigeria in 2015.

Mr. Jonathan made the surprise statement at a “Democracy Day” church service held Sunday in Abuja.

Before the president’s speech, the head of the Nigeria Pilgrims Commission, Reverend John Kennedy Opara, had set the tone when he told the gathering that this year's Democracy Day would be the last to be celebrated by Mr. Jonathan.

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Niger Delta may cease to exist, Edwin Clark warns (Greedy Europeans and Americans ,sellout Nigeria leaders)

Greedy Europeans and Americans ,sellout Nigeria leaders!!This is for you!!

A National Conference delegate, Edwin Clark, has warned that unless something urgent is done to salvage the Niger Delta environment; the region might soon cease to exist.
“If we do not do something, one day, we will be wiped out, while the rest of the people will be enjoying the things from the area,” Mr. Clark warned.
“Our environment has been polluted. We sit on top of water in the Niger Delta, yet we do not have water to drink. When I was small, we used to put a calabash outside and fishes will jump in. Now, my people eat ice fish. There are no more farm lands, no fruits. We have lost everything in the Niger Delta.
What do you think?

Duty of African leaders is to clear all foreign militaries out off African soil & put an end to imperialism.

US imperialism has been conducting military operations in Nigeria since at least 1999. AFRICOM, officially established in 2007.
US and AFRICOM backed Ethiopia’s invasion of Somalia in 2006, destabilizing the nation’s government and leaving millions to starvet death.  central Africa, the US and AFRICOM armed and financed proxies in Uganda and Rwanda, which proceeded to loot the Congo’s Coltan Gold and the Diamond.

2011, the US-NATO armed Alqueda terrorist insurgents in Libya responsible for toppling the last economically independent countries in Africa.The Libyan Jamahiriya under Chaiman M .Gaddafi nationalized oil wealth and provided Libyans with free healthcare, education, and housing.The Libyan Jamahiriya Chairman Muammar Gaddafi was a staunch supporter of African liberation movements.
US imperialism is the real terrorist for African people and the root of terrorism in Africa.

US-NATO backed terrorists in the campaign to destabilize Syria exposes US imperialism’s role in the proliferation of terrorism in Africa.

The vision of a liberated and decolonized Africa promoted by Kwame Nkrumah cannot occur if US imperialism is allowed to exist in Africa.

Champions Leaugue Final kills Two Madrid fans in Lagos (See how)

Two middle-aged men, who were said to be die-hard supporters of Real Madrid Football Club, on Saturday slumped and died during the Champions League’s Final between Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid when the former team failed to equalise the one goal at 90 minutes of the game.
The crucial final match between Athletico Madrid and Real Madrid on Saturday night had ended almost in favour of Athletico until Madrid broke the deadlock at 93 minutes with a header from defender, Sergio Ramos.  

Schoolgirls: Mark insists FG won’t negotiate with B’Haram

Senate President, David Mark, on Saturday ruled out any form of negotiation with Boko Haram insurgents for the release of the over 200 girls abducted from Government Secondary School in Chibok, Borno State.
He said the insurgents had declared war on the country, saying the government would respond likewise.
Mark said this at Ikom, Cross River State, during an empowerment programme organised by the Senate Leader, Victor Ndoma-Egba, for the people of the central senatorial district.


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