Sunday, February 8, 2015

Rossiya Segodnya Outraged Over Economist Editor’s Call for Boycott

Rossiya Segodnya is outraged by The Economist editor's recent call to boycott employees of RT, as well as Sputnik radio.

International Information Agency Rossiya Segodnya is outraged by The Economist editor Edward Lucas' recent call to boycott employees of RT, as well as Sputnik radio.
Speaking at the panel discussion on Ukraine during the Munich Security Conference, The Economist's senior editor Edward Lucas called for a boycott of RT and Sputnik, a part of Rossiya Segodnya.

Kiev Unable to Provide Copies of Alleged Russian Soldiers' Passports

Ukraine failed to provide Moscow with copies of passports which were shown off by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko during his address at the Munich Security Conference.

Kiev has failed to provide Moscow with copies of documents, allegedly belonging to Russian servicemen fighting in Ukraine, a Russian foreign ministry official told RIA Novosti on Sunday.
Addressing the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko showed off covers of Russian passports and military IDs, claiming they prove "Russian presence” in the conflict-torn East Ukraine.

Listening to Lavrov in Munich !

I have to say that I personally don't recall anything quite like what happened today in Munich. For one thing, I detected a tone in Lavrov's words which I had not felt so strongly before. Of course, Lavrov was calm, composed and polite. But this time I also felt an immense sense of disgust on his part for the audience he was addressing and for what these so-called 'leaders' had done over the past decade. In essence Lavrov told them "Putin already explained everything to you in 2007 but you have not listened to a word he had to say - and now are you really happy with the result?". Then came the Q&A and things only got worse.


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