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Nigeria, a fertile place for short-term investment – Adubor

Vincent Adubor

Vincent Adubor
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Vincent Adubor is an Assistant Director with the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers. In this interview with Okechukwu Nnodim, he says Nigeria is one of the most fertile places for short-term investment

What are your three key investment principles?

You must invest in what you can control, where you think you will be in charge. You don’t go and invest where you don’t have an idea of what is happening. So you must be knowledgeable about what you are investing in. If you are to invest in land, you must know that location is one of the most important things to consider and you must know other things that surround the security of the land you are investing in.

So before going into any type of investment, you must be familiar with it; you don’t just invest because other people are investing.

Secondly, you must be able to know point of entry and point of exit. For example, now that we are talking about property issues in Europe and in America, there was a time it was at its peak. And at that peak period, I don’t think an average investor can just enter.

You have to know what is the average price like, how does it start, what is the bottomline, what is the support and what is the resistance so that you will be able to say if I enter at this point, what is my gain going to be like and how long it is going to be.

Therefore what I am trying to say is that you should know your point of entry and exit. If you are a speculator, you must know when to exit. If you are a long term investor, you must be able to give duration in terms of projection of when you might have made your maximum return or at least 50 per cent and above. And at the point of exit, even if you’ve not made what you want to make on the investment, have you taken advantage of breaking even at exit instead of total loss? So this is what I mean by point of entry and point of exit.

Thirdly, what are your expectations in terms of return on investment? In every business the bottom line is profit. So what are you looking at? Is it short, medium or long term? All these will help you to know when and where to invest in, whether it is stock, land or any business.

Are there short-term investments in Nigeria that can generate good returns?

I think Nigeria is one of the most fertile places to invest for short term. Let’s take the capital market for example and let’s forget about what happened even after the meltdown, you and I know that there was a time when (the share price of ) Guarantee Trust Bank Plc, not quite one year now, was N9. Today you and I know the price and when you take the average percentage in terms of income, you will know what I am talking about. So if you have cash and you are not in a hurry, Nigeria is a fertile place to invest.

So in that aspect, you could have made your 100 per cent returns under one year and one year is a short term from all angles. In terms of investment analysis in Nigeria, when you talk of money placement, one year, 180-days or 190-days period is short-term and it is like the money market.

But even in the capital market, if you want to invest and pull out all your money you can make it. Even in the past two months, if you analyse the stocks movement, forget about the market makers they have now, you would have noticed that some stocks have gained up to 25 to 30 per cent.

It’s been argued that only about 10 per cent of the listed equities have gained this much, so how would an investor interested in the stock market know which stocks to invest in?

Well like I said, many of our practitioners, are not well exposed to market analysis, but what is important is that over the years even if you are not a broker, you would have known that even though there is capital market meltdown, there are some stocks that are known to be steady. So historically you will know that, you will be able to look at one or two stocks.

Apart from that, in terms of property, aside the cost of building, location is another point. If you are able to get a good location in Nigeria and build a good property and you are able to handle it properly, I mean under two years you will make your money. I am talking of real estates now and you can get good returns there. I know that even in Ikorodu, Ketu and some other non-luxury areas, people bought land and even when they couldn’t build on them, the land continued to appreciate.

For an average individual who wants to invest in the stock market, what are the basic things to look out for?

If you don’t know anything about the market you must meet a practitioner, which is why we are brokers. And the broker must look at the fundamentals, forget about whether a company is paying dividend now or they are paying next year or what they have paid. Look at the current fundamentals and see the projections and see whether the ones that they have already sold out agree with their projections or surpassed it.

You may not reap immediately but in the long term you are going to reap.

So the fundamentals of companies, not bandwagon effect of companies, like ABC companies are mopping up and you don’t know their objectives and you join them without finding out. No! Do your analysis through your stock, let him advise you and go to all the sectors to pick and you will get something good.

Foreigners always say it is easy to make money in Nigeria, do you agree?

Anything you can do in a virgin land like Nigeria will guarantee you good income. If you travel outside to developed nations, nearly all ideas have been exhausted there and they are only refining ideas. But here we have not even started with any idea.

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Group demands soldiers, police neutrality

Inspector-General of Police, Muhammed Abubakar

Inspector-General of Police, Muhammed Abubakar
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Ahead of October 20 Ondo State governorship election, a group, Ondo State Progressives, has demanded neutrality from soldiers and police during the poll.

The group said at a press conference in Lagos on Monday it would resist any attempt by security agents to take sides in the poll.

Chairman of the group, Mr. Dele Okeigbo, said the warning was necessary to avoid bloodletting as witnessed in 1983.

Okeigbo also asked the Independent National Electoral Commission to give every party a level-playing ground to operate in order to avoid chaos.

Okeigbo said, “Soldiers can be deployed in the state but they should be neutral during the election. They should play their roles professionally and not to take sides.

“As a group, we want the best election conducted in our state. We do not want chaos; we want INEC to give every party the opportunity to exercise their franchise. We do not want bloodletting as we experienced in 1983.

“The electorate should vote wisely for the right candidate and party that will move the state forward. Ondo is our own and its interest must be protected.

“Ondo is a volatile place and they can easily be provoked if there is a kind of manipulation. Our people know their rights and let nobody provoke them.”

Okeigbo said the group had enlightened the electorate to have it at the back of their minds that their votes remains their power and they should preserve their future by voting conscientiously.

“The voters must continue to guard their votes. They must vote for people who can deliver,” Okeigbo said.

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Nasarawa governor pardons nine prison inmates

Nasarawa State Governor Tanko Al-Makura on Monday pardoned nine prison inmates from the state as part of activities to mark Nigeria’s 52nd Independence Anniversary.

Al-Makura, who announced the pardon when he visited the prisons in Lafia, said the gesture was also part of activities to mark the 16th years of the creation of the state, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

He donated one Hilux van, two cows and 20 bags of rice to the inmates, directing that it should be cooked and served to the inmates to celebrate the double anniversary.

The governor also called for the speedy dispensation of justice in the country to further decongest the prisons.

He decried the delay in the administration of justice in the country, pointing out that many inmates had languished in prisons without obtaining justice.

“The speedy trial of suspects will certainly help to decongest the prisons as cases of awaiting trial suspects will reduce drastically,’’ he said.

He called on the Federal Government to give priority attention to welfare of prison inmates so that they could become reformed citizens on completion of their jail terms.

The state Comptroller of Prison, Kunle Sanusi, thanked the governor for the gesture and assured him of the judicious use of the items.

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FRSC warns motorists as fallen tree blocks Ibadan-Ife Road

Federal Road Safety Commission on Monday night warned travellers on Ibadan-Ife Road to exercise caution around Akinlalu junction.

FRSC said in a Facebook post that a mighty tree fell across the inward Ibadan side of the expressway, five kilometers after Oduduwa University and  just before Akinlalu.

“Traffic alert. For those travelling to Ibadan, you are advised to slow down when approaching Akinlalu junction, about five kilometres after Oduduwa University. A mighty tree just fell and blocked the the road. FRSC marshals from RS11.11 are clearing the obstruction.” the post said.

More details later.


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Children stage peace walk in in Lagos

Fifty children, dressed in green and white colours, on Monday in Lagos staged a peace walk to advocate for violence against women and children, as well as their peace and safety.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the walk was organised by a Non-Governmental Organisation, the Environment Clean-Up and War Against Cholera.

The children, whose ages range from two years to 15 years and drawn from different schools and religious organisations, converged on Darman College, Alakija in Oriade Local Council Development Area, for the walk.

They also carried placards with various inscriptions, preaching peace, love and good governance.

The President/Convener of the NGO, Mrs. Edith Ojoye, said the walk was in accordance with the UNICEF convention on the rights of the child.

“We just want to use today, being the independence anniversary of our country, to cry out against the violence in our country and in the world.

“We call on our government to spread the message of peace; the children are the future of tomorrow but they and  the women are the worst hit during war and violence,” Ojoye said.

She expressed the hope that with the celebration of the 52nd independence, Nigerian leaders would come together and restore peace to the nation.

“The children should be given the opportunity to live and serve their fatherland.

“No child should be made an orphan through war or violence.

“May God lead our leaders aright so that peace can be restored to Nigeria,” she added.

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Group identifies gas flaring as cause of flooding

An NGO, Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth, has attributed the incessant flooding in Nigeria partly to gas flaring by oil companies.

The group’s Head of Legal Resources, Mr. Chima Williams, told the News Agency of Nigeria in Benin that there was the need for climate experts and government agencies to find lasting solutions to the problems of oil spillage and gas faring in the Niger Delta.

Williams said oil companies operating in the region should be held accountable.

“It is on record that Nigeria flares more gas, associated with oil extraction, than any other countries thereby cooking the skies through gas flaring.

“This continuous flaring has contributed immensely to the climate change issues by releasing carbon, methane, and nitrous oxide, among others, into the atmosphere,” he said.

Williams explained that the climate change had negatively affected many communities, disrupting the environment and the economy through flooding.

“Although government, the international community and the oil companies have agreed to stop gas faring, government lacks the political will to do so,” he said.

According to him, gas flaring endangers human health, harms local ecosystems, and destroys plants and animals, food production and water among others.

“From pronouncements on climate change, coming from government agencies, it is obvious that government cannot plead ignorance of the massive contribution of gas flaring to global warming.

“After years of paying lip service, government must take urgent actions to protect the lives of its citizens and rescue the nation from the menace caused by oil companies.

“It is not enough to set up committees to look at the flooding problems but efforts should be directed at solving the problem of gas flaring holistically,” he said.

Williams said gas flaring had caused untold hardship to host communities, and called on the National Assembly to do more to stop the flaring.

He urged the government to review the nation’s environmental policies, which he said, had become obsolete.

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Independence Day tragedy averted as police defuse bomb in Jos

A tragedy was averted in Jos on Monday when the Plateau State Police Command defused an Improvised Explosive Device on Ajayi Street in the centre of the metropolis.

Our correspondent gathered that the IED was planted by unknown persons at about 10.10 pm on Sunday at the heavily populated area of Kwararafa, very close to the Jos Central Mosque.

Though no life was lost, but the police succeeded in arresting one person over the incident.

The police, while confirming the story, said that though the device exploded before men of the bomb disposal squad, led by ASP Abel Mbibi, got to the scene after they were tipped off by members of the public, they evacuated the device and were able to defuse the tension that arose as a result of the incident.

Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Emmanuel Abuh, in a statement said the suspect was immediately handed over to the Special Task Force.

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Independence Day: Akinjide urges Nigerians to remain committed

The Minister of State for FCT, Ms. Olajumoke Akinjide, has urged Nigerians and residents of the FCT to remain committed to the unity and progress of the nation.

This was contained in a statement issued on Monday in Abuja by the Special Assistant (Media & Publicity) to the Minister of State for FCT, Mr. Oluyinka Akintunde, as the country celebrates its 52nd Independence Day.

The statement quoted Akinjide as saying that the last 13 years of unbroken democracy in the country had given Nigerians fresh hope for a flourishing and prosperous future.

“The transformation agenda of the present administration is on right track and will guarantee Nigeria’s future and prosperity,’’ she said.

She said that the government was committed to the transformation agenda with the implementation of new initiatives including the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme and Youth Enterprises with Innovation in Nigeria.

“The SURE-P and YOUWIN programmes are aimed at creating jobs and executing projects that will improve the lives of Nigerians.

“There has been noticeable improvement in the areas of power, agricultural development and other sectors of the economy.

“The present administration at the national and FCT levels remain committed to executing projects that will positively impact on the lives of Nigerians.

“Government is deploying financial resources in a manner that will guarantee sustainable prosperity for the country,” she said.

Akinjide enjoined Nigerians to renew their faith in the country and to remain fervent in their prayers for the leaders of the nation and the FCT.

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Independence: Should Nigerians celebrate?

There are things to celebrate
Dr. Osahon Enabulele, President, Nigerian Medical Association
“In spite of the challenges affecting Nigeria’s health sector coupled with the unacceptably poor health indices, it is important to note that there have been some achievements recorded over the years in the sector.
“For instance, whereas most other public/government parastatals and banks have either collapsed or are at the verge of collapsing, the managements of most public and private hospitals in Nigeria have survived the travails and systemic decay of the Nigerian society. This is an achievement in itself. Of course, one cannot forget the tremendous milestones recorded in Nigeria’s health sector in the 80s and early 90s with general improvements in Primary Health Care, as well as noticeable improvements in institutional and human resource development.” 

 This is time to mourn
Olumide Olusoga, 30, a graduate of Sociology, Tai-Solarin University of Education
“This is the time for us to mourn the failures of our leaders. We have not seen any development or improvement in the country. Most people are running away from the country because there is no hope for them.
“We can only celebrate social problems, Boko Haram, unemployment and prostitution. Nigeria would have been better without independence because I believe that the colonial masters would have performed better that the crop of leaders we have had in this country”, he said.

 Let’s reflect on our failures
Mr. Gomba Obey, lawyer
 “I do not think we have any reasons to celebrate the Independence Day.
“At Independence in 1960, the hope for a better Nigeria were pretty high. It was believed that we could handle our affairs better than any other person.
“The experiences we have had since independence show that our belief that we can run our affairs is wrong, our hopes that we will be a secure and prosperous nation is dashed, and our struggles for independence were pointless.
“What we should be doing now is to remind ourselves of our failure and engage our minds on how to succeed. It does not call for celebration because there is nothing to celebrate.”

 The industrial sector is dead
Dr. Philip Ugbodaga, National Chairman, Coalition to Save Nigeria
“We have nothing to celebrate after 52 years of flag independence. In 1960, we had powerful political leaders and statesmen with very robust pan-African credentials. Today, we see ourselves more from the veil and prism of ethnicity as Ibo, Hausa, Yoruba or Afenmai. The great heritage bequeathed to us by the sacrifices made by our founding fathers have been squandered and dissipated by successive Nigerian leaders.
“Although immensely blessed by God with amazing human and material resources, Nigeria is still grappling with challenges in virtually every sector. The agricultural sector is comatose, the industrial sector is dead.

 Nigeria is going backwards
Abbey Jefia, Medical doctor
I would not really say we should mourn during our independence anniversary, but the truth is that we don’t really have anything to celebrate if we consider the fact that for the past 52 years, we have not achieved anything. As I speak right now, there is no fuel in Port Harcourt and the roads are bad, bad government, power is horrible, education level has gone down and the level of unemployment is worrisome. Generally, I think we are actually going backwards. I think Nigeria has not been blessed with good leaders.

 The past and present leaders have really done nothing. I remember when I was in secondary school, we had no generator in school, we had no borehole because the taps were flowing and we hardly had blackouts. Today, we have actually gone backward. Look at Ghana; Ghana has left us and I doubt if we will ever get to the level Ghana is right now. Let’s forget about the western world and look at Africa. We are still the sleeping giant. So, I will say there is nothing to celebrate. But at the same time, I don’t think we should mourn because we are not dead yet. Personally, I think we need divine intervention for the country to change positively.

No tangible thing to celebrate
Elder Wole Oyelese, ex-minister and PDP leader in Oyo State
“As Nigeria marks her 52nd year of independence, there really is no tangible or reasonable cause for celebration. What we should be doing is to mark a day of thanksgiving rather than a celebration of our shame as a nation.
“Nigeria has a lot of things to thank God for but hardly anything to celebrate. That we are still one country though not a truly united people who trust one another is one miracle and a major reason to give glory to God.
“That the ominously dark cloud of the Boko Haram insurgency, the petroleum subsidy removal riots and others did not turn into ethnic conflict is also a cause to thank God. That despite the corrupt acquisition of the nation’s wealth by unrepentant public officers and political office holders, our economy has not totally collapsed is also a reason to be grateful to God. What really is there to celebrate? It will take a people without a sense of shame or remorse to roll out the drums to celebrate given the level of challenges currently facing the nation.”

 Nigeria is slave to corruption
Prof. Victor Adetimirin, Head, Department of Agronomy, University of Ibadan
“Our nation is in a state of crisis. We took Independence from Britain in 1960 but we are really not independent. Our nation is in slavery to corruption, instability, poverty, bombings, senseless killings and bloodshed. In 2012, loss of human life is the highest for any year in peace time in the life of our nation.
“We do not manufacture simple item like bicycles. Tyres for vehicles are imported. Refined fuel is imported laden with corruption of unimaginable proportion.”

 We can get better
Mr. Ndubuisi Enechionyia, member, All Progressives Grand Alliance
“Of course, Nigeria should celebrate. There are many negatives but there are still things we should be thankful to God for. One is that there is still a giant country called Nigeria.
“Two is that this giant called Nigeria can be woken up anytime the right leadership emerges and we can move on like Brazil, China etc.
“Three is that we are in a democracy, which can only get better with continuous refinement. The 2011 elections were the first elections since 1999 where result sheets got to the polling booths, so there is hope for the future.

 Nigeria working for few elite
 Yinka Odumakin, spokesman for Save Nigeria Group
“There is nothing  to celebrate as we have become an embarrassing nation to the world  as all our opportunities have been bungled by corrupt and visionless leaders.
“Nigeria is not working for the vast majority of its citizens because of the greed of its few elite.
“We are a showpiece for failed nations  and only shameless leaders would be  proud of what the country has become.

 Let’s revisit celebration of affluence
Eseme Eyiboh, former spokesperson, House of Representatives
The 52nd Anniversary of our Independence only reminds us as a people of our failure to take advantage of our enormous material and human endowments to develop and grow.
 It is a prompter to all of us as a people for our failure to give verve to Justice which is central to growth and development.
“The Anniversary is a wake-up call to revisit our current celebration of affluence in place of enterprise, to reverse the prevalent trend of leadership being taken as a gift instead of a responsibility earned and which must be accounted for
“On the whole, as a people, we have lacked the good conscience to continue to pledge to our nation Nigeria to be faithful, loyal and honest amidst the plethora of pervasive and self-inflicted astronomical rise in unemployment and powerty, insecurity and injustice, corruption and waste in governance.
“As a people, we have collectively lost the moral authority to continue to say “So help me (us) God!”

Nigeria should mourn, celebrate
Mr. Samad Sanusi, civil servant
“I believe Nigeria should both mourn and celebrate this Independence in the sense that the country is not what it should be after over 50 years of independence. We are not where we should be in terms of development. Our contemporaries like Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian and even African countries have left us far behind. Ghana which some years back had almost collapsed is now back on its feet. It has celebrated for years now uninterrupted power supply.
“Can Nigeria boast of even one day of uninterrupted electricity? The other countries like Brazil have gone far technologically. They have produced their own cars but Nigeria cannot boast of producing her own bicycle. So really we have nothing to celebrate except that we are still alive to witness this independence celebration.”

 Nothing to cheer about
Akintayo Iwilade, lawyer
“The October 1 date hardly inspires the people since what ought to be the gains of independence have eluded the country for too long.
With deficits in progressive political systems and structures, an  unproductive economic system, a mindlessly exploitative wealth distribution system, an embarrassing lack of science and technology, among others there is nothing to cheer about. 
“The peoples’ apathy towards the hollow rituals of October 1 can be considered perfectly rational. However, we need not mourn since those failures are not expected to define the country’s future. But talking of celebration, there is not much to cheer about.”

 Our values have been eroded
 Gbenga Fatodu, Lagos civil servant
“I don’t think there’s anything to celebrate about our independence, because it’s been 52 years of fruitless governance, corruption, insurgency, stiff hardship and poverty…So sad to see how things are getting worse and our economic system in comatose! Series of human carnage and civil unrest as characterised by insecurity are some of the horrors terrorising our land and turning an average citizen to a stranger in the land.
“Our values have been eroded. There are no basic facilities for education, health care, lives and property with total neglect for infrastructure. Our road networks have become death traps
“The nation is replete with tendencies more divisive than they were during pre-civil war era.


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