Monday, May 6, 2013

Kidnapped Alhaji Shettima Ali Monguno released

Elder statesman and former Petroleum Minister, Alhaji Shettima Ali Monguno, who was kidnapped on Friday May 3rd, has been released. The 87 year old politician and philanthropist was released today Monday May 6th.  
Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno State said no ransom was paid to secure his release.

Former Nigerian model, Yinka Olonode, commits suicide in the US

On Monday April 29th, police said an unidentified man jumped from the rooftop restaurant of The Nines Hotel at 525 S.W. Morrison St, downtown Portland, USA. The man who jumped and died has been identified by the Multnomah County Medical's Examiner's Office as 34 year old Yinka Olonode.
Portland Police Bureau spokesman said Yinka jumped from the hotel building's 15th floor around 6:30pm that Monday evening. He said they do not suspect foul play but that the death is under investigation. If Yinka indeed committed suicide, nobody knows why he did it. Yinka was a model back in the day and worked briefly for Rhythm FM before relocating to the US in 2003. Continue to see the popular MTN 'Shy Guy' TV commercial he featured in over 11 years ago. 

Two Pilots Killed As Nigerian Air Force Plane Crashes In Niamey

A Nigerian Air Force Alpha jet crashed on Monday at Dargol, near Niamey, killing the two pilots, according to a Defence Headquarters statement issued in Abuja.
The statement signed by Brigadier General Chris Olukolade, Director Defence Information, said the aircraft was on a non-combat mission when it crashed. It said the Alpha jet was one of the four based in Niamey as part of the African-led Support Mission in Mali. It stated that an investigation had begun “to unravel the circumstances that led to the accident”, adding that details would be made known as soon as the families of the pilots had been informed.

Nigeria's Resources: Adaptation of Tunde Kelani's Film; 'Gong of Taboo'

With enough resources which some tagged' Streams over Desert', 'Island-Oasis', but these resources are been mortgage and plundered by the mortgagees and the mortgagor enjoying the scene while the land owners rots away!

A view of Tunde Kelani's film 'Gong of Taboo' 'Agogo Eeewo' carefully is like a paradox of Nigeria's resources, where the nations resources are been given out or simply shared by the political leaders and rulers.

In Tunde Kelani's 'Gong Of Taboo' 'Agogo Eeewo' , the resources of the community was blatantly given out to fraudulent investors and the proceeds shared by the King and some community leaders and elders. Though the community later protested and disrupted  the activities of the fraudulent investors, the resultant effect was later felt by the King and his subjects who later re-negotiated the terms and conditions for the loggers, e.g, provisions of basic amenities for the community.

And Now The Verdict!

Welcome to Niger Delta, 'Where the sun never sets' 'The Pride of the Nation 'The Treasure Base of the Nation' 'The Big Heart', regal in aquatic splendor, once consume by the Niger Delta militants and now being eaten by the termites called the joint Task Force [JTF] 'Operation Pulo Shield'. The outgoing Commander of the Joint Task Force [JTF] operating in the Niger Delta, Major General Johnson Ochoga, admitted that some of its personnel were corrupt, “There’s no organization that will say it is 100 per cent clean [from corruption]; so also is with the Joint Task Force 'Operation Pulo Shield'. ’ll not say we don’t have bad eggs; but to those soldiers [involved in corruption]; every day is for the thief and one day is for the owner".

Unemployment, poverty, and glaring crude oil thefts 'Sophisticated Ring', an amphitheater of neglect! These is what pervades the Niger Delta. Following cessation of hostilities and the amnesty programme granted  the militants, and with the relative peace pervading the Niger Delta. The Joint Task Force [JTF] has technically hone their skills towards engaging in the lucrative crude oil plundering, after all it is part of the national cake [free for all and for those who can].

To some JTF is simply 'Just Total Failure', the region is home to Africa's second largest concentration of illegal arms and weapons after Congo DR. What about captured photographs of uniformed men [in military uniform] escorting barges loaded with stolen crude oil an captured photographs of uniformed men [in military uniform] guarding and supervising loading of stolen crude oil into barges?

Are these oil thieves sacred cows? And why are their 'Sophisticated Ring' remain unbreakable? Are they being backed by the system? With his recent comments on Niger Delta Development Commission [NDDC] by President Goodluck Jonathan, that NDDC STINKS! According to my tour guide, Amiekumo Tombriye, a Sagbama resident, JTF simply means, 'Just Total Failure'.

Crude oil thefts is part of the Nigeria societal decay, that has cost Nigeria's government a colossal $7 billion dollars [1.2 trillion naira], everybody is complaining, with a hovering loss of about 100,000 barrels per day. It is indeed disheartening. Nigeria has asked Britain Defense for help to tackle the mufti-billion dollar oil theft business which is run by international crime syndicates and 'sophisticated ring', In Nembe creeks, Bayelsa State, Krakrama and Awoba in Kalabari axis of Rivers State, as well as areas close to coastal Bonny, also in Rivers State and other parts of the Niger Delta, the illegal pipelines vandalizing and oil thieves are having a field day. Should we also engage AFRICOM, United States Military High Command responsible for Africa based in Stuttgart, Germany?


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