Wednesday, February 4, 2015

From Napoleon to Adolf Hitler to Conchita Wurst

The EU met again and, with the Greek vote, they prolonged  more sanctions on Russia.  In the meantime, the EU-backed junta is continuing to kill scores of civilians in Novorussia every day.  And while for "Charlie", we saw millions in the streets, nobody seems to care.  Worse, the EU is backing the Nazis murderers (I won't even mention the USA).

This is tragic in more then one way.  Of course, this is tragic for the people of Novorussia, but it is no less tragic for the Ukrainian people how now are living under a Nazi regime with no foreseeable hope for change.  This is also tragic for the Russian people who are suffering the economic consequences of the sanctions.  And, of course, this is tragic for the people of Europe who are also suffering from these (self-defeating) sanctions.  But there is something else happening which might have very long lasting consequences.

Interview with Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy PM of Russia

War in the Ukraine

by Alexander Mercouris

Russia Insider has published my latest piece on the course of the Ukrainian war. It is a more refined and thought through version of the piece I previously wrote on this Page.

1. My key point is that it is not minor tactical movements that are determining the course of this war. It is the level of casualties the Ukrainian military is suffering. They were hammered in the summer and they are being hammered again now.


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