Saturday, March 7, 2015

Two Suspects Arrested in Nemtsov's Murder Investigation

On Saturday, law enforcers detained two men on suspicion of killing Russian politician Boris Nemtsov.Two men were arrested on suspicion of the murder of Russian politician Boris Nemtsov, Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) Director Alexander Bortnikov said Saturday.
According to Bortnikov, as cited by Rossiya-24 television channel, the suspects' names are Zaur Dadayev and Anzor Gubashev.

Another Shooting of African Teen by Police in Wisconsin Sparks Protests.

A police officer in Wisconsin fatally shot an African-American teenager in his apartment, sparking protests on the site and on social media.
Wisconsin police fatally shot an apparently unarmed African-American teenager.
Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said that an officer responded to a disturbance around 6:30 p.m. local time and later broke into the apartment of the 19-year-old, who was also suspected of a recent battery.


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