Monday, February 9, 2015

Powerful writing by Kenyan Poet Shailja Patel

"Rape cartoons are funny if it's inconceivable to you that you could ever be raped. If you live in a bubble of gender privilege that insulates you from all consequences of rape culture
AIDS jokes are funny if you've never loved someone who died of AIDS. If you live in a bubble that allows you not to know that millions of Africans died, thousands of gay men died, of criminal state indifference and denialism. Because they were, after all, only blacks and queers. Comedy material, not lives worth grieving.

‪#‎CommentOfTheWeek‬ On "Who you think the US military is most likely to engage with next?"

We are speaking about the epitome of Serial Rapist Paedophile Priests here ... they don't directly engage with adult sized victims.
And have got so cowardly now that it's all 4th Generational Warfare ... using proxy force terrorists. Like Al CIAda ISIS, Boko Haram, fascist neoNazi militia plus cannon fodder conscripts from mostly Galician states ... and Academic psycho's who wont whistle-blow on their Abu Ghraibs or commit suicide in an embarrassing rash of soul destroyed conscience ...

What's inside in the Debaltsevo cauldron? Why did the leaders of Europe rush to Russia?

Admittedly, when "the mousetrap" began to shut, everyone began to shout about the need... the need of what? Oh, about the need to follow the Minsk agreements..

The "Debaltsevo cauldron" was intended as a "Debaltsevo springboard" to start a victorious attack on DPR and LPR. In this regard, huge quantities of weapons, ammunition and food was brought to this area. This was confirmed by the militia after the capture of Uglegorsk. They got arsenals overflowing with weapons and warehouses with American food.


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