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New Discovery: Goat with a Human Face (video)

A lot of Mysterious Scenes have been happening lately. Well, this is one of those signs of end time I guess

Buy African Food Neatly to Save Money

How I Buy African Food To Save money

Many families today have been experiencing so much penny-pinching that they have to tighten their belts as the recession is completely swing. So, saving any sum of money on major monthly expenses like groceries can be extremely helpful as well as very healthy too. Having cheaper meals does definitely not imply that you are going to have unhealthy or bland meals. It just implies that you have resorted to  smart shopping. Below are some suggestions to help you cut costs when you buy African food from grocery stores online. They'll be very useful to you in saving on your monthly expenses.

Video Post: Students caught watching Adult Flícks in the Classroom

Watch Collector: Getting Discount Watches

Watches certainly are a huge element of our lives.

We put them on to inform the time. We put them on to be fashionable. We put them on for other functions that they may perform, such as for example listening to music, using a calculator function to them or taking pictures. The watches that we wear say a lot about who we are as a person. People who sport fashionable watches are seen as trendy. Those who wear whimsical watches are regarded as being youthful. Sporting an expensive watch may show that you are classy.

Premium Times Tackle Punch over #OBJletter To GEJ. See Punch reply.

Two days ago you guys read the 18-page stinker Obasanjo wrote to President Jonathan (In case you missed it, enjoy). Well, here's the thing, online news site Premium Times published the letter first and claimed to have exclusive rights to it. They even watermarked each page of the letter. Punch and other media houses later wrote their own reports and published unwatermarked version of the letter

Premium Times is now accusing Punch and all the other media houses of plagiarism, claiming they stole their exclusive and refused to acknowledge them.

The Editor-in Chief of the Premium Times, Dapo Olorunyomi, said

“Majority of the papers published the complete text of the letter which was first revealed to the world by this newspaper, and made available via our website. There were also cases of shameless lifting of the original story published by this medium. I am weirdly tickled at the absence of humility in competitors who sought to ignore accepting that they got the material from us and ended up failing to offer their readers the source of the material altogether.” Premium
Punch has reacted to the allegations, insisting Premium Times was not the source of their report. See their statement after the break

40-Year-Old Fetus Discovered Inside 82-Year-Old Woman

A 40-year-old fetus was discovered inside the abdomen of an 82-year-old woman. The elderly Colombian woman complained of pain and discomfort in her abdomen, but she never expected she was carrying a fetus. Doctors estimate the fetus remained inside her abdomen for nearly 40 years.

Doctors at Tunjuelito Hospital originally diagnosed the woman with gastroenteritis, which can cause diarrhea and cramping. However, an ultrasound ruled out an infection. They eventually ordered an X-ray of her abdomen. When they viewed the results, they were stunned — the elderly woman was carrying a calcified fetus.

Mandela: Rainbow Nation Pays Its Respects, Appears Over Building Where Nelson Mandela’s Body Lies In State [Pics]

 On Thursday, a rainbow appeared over the Union Buildings, the government offices in South Africa’s capital, Pretoria, where Nelson Mandela’s body lies in state.

Colonel Umar: Obasanjo Spearheading A Secret Agenda

A former military governor of Kaduna State, retired Colonel Abubakar Dangiwa Umar, has reacted to the ongoing political squabble between President Goodluck Jonathan and former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

 In an interview he granted to the Hausa Service of the Voice of America (VOA), which SaharaReporters monitored in Abuja, Mr. Umar called on Nigerians to stop celebrating Obasanjo as a sincere statesman. Instead, he accused Mr. Obasanjo of spearheading a secret agenda tied to his personal political interests.

Insane 3D tattoos: #12 Ready to fight (Photos)

#12 Ready to fight

Underneath this guy's skin is some ancient military armor -- showing he's ready to fight. There's also a Celtic symbol stamped on the leather armor, it's all very Braveheart.

Insane 3D tattoos: #11 Steam punk (Photos)

#11 Steam punk

A nod to steam punk trends, this 3D tattoo shows that underneath his skin, this guy is made of random metal parts. Is that a cowboy spur in there?

Insane 3D tattoos: #4 Skin like paper . . . Head (Photos)

#4 Skin like paper

It's common for 3D tattoos to create an effect where the human skin is ripped open to reveal what's really underneath. This guy has a tattoo that shows that he's got some strange document hidden under his skin. Could be his grandmother's snickerdoodle recipe?

Insane 3D tattoos: #3 He's A Brick . . . Head (Photos)

#3 He's A Brick . . . Head

This guy is denser than a pile of bricks. The cracks around the opening are a nice added detail. I wonder how it must look when his hair grows in?

Insane 3D tattoos : Check out this 3d tattoos (Photos)

UN slammed Israel’s demolition of 30 Palestinian properties in the West Bank

Jerusalem (RT) – The United Nations Wednesday slammed Israel’s demolition of 30 Palestinian properties in the West Bank, saying it displaced some families for the second time in less than two weeks.

“I am concerned about the destruction of Palestinian structures in the Jordan Valley yesterday (Tuesday),” UN Humanitarian Coordinator James Rawley said in a statement.
“The demolitions resulted in the displacement of 41 people, including 24 children, and affected another 20. Both refugee and non-refugee families were affected.” the statement said.
“Some of the families were displaced for the second time this month and a number of donor-funded structures were among those demolished.”

Crime: “I Paid Tithe In Church After Successful Robbery” – Armed Robber Nabbed In Ibadan Reveals

Mr. Tajudeen Onifara, a 24-year-old robber has revealed the secret behind his success in the robbery biz for 9years during which he robbed many people of their money and other possessions.  He confessed to the police that he was dutifully paying his tithe to his church, Christ Living Ministry, Lagos Island, as commanded in the Bible after every successful robbery operation in Lagos, western Nigeria.

North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, kills his own uncle.

Months after executing his ex-girlfriend, North Korean 30 year old leader Kim Jong-un, has once again killed someone close to him, his own uncle.   According to Korean Central News Agency, Kim Jong-un executed, Jang Song Thaek, (pictured above being led away yesterday) for allegedly 'trying to overthrow the government'."

Jang Song Thaek had been the leader's adviser and had until recently been regarded as North Korea's second most powerful person after Kim Jong-un.   The 'traitor' was found guilty of treason by a military tribunal and was sentenced to death. He was executed immediately after the hearing.

Video Post: "We steal because you never stoned us for it" - Gov Rotimi Amaechi

Members of Rwandan Hutu militia; surrending in vast numbers to U.N. peacekeepers

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Members of a Rwandan Hutu militia in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo have been surrending in large numbers to U.N. peacekeepers trying to neutralize armed groups in the region, a senior U.N. official said on Wednesday.

Iran's chief nuclear negotiator slamms US move to increase its sanctions blacklist.

Tehran (RT) – Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Abbas Araqchi on Friday slammed a US move to expand its sanctions blacklist, saying it went against the spirit of a landmark deal agreed last month.
“America’s move is against the spirit of the Geneva deal,” under which world powers agreed not to impose any new sanctions, Araqchi told the Fars news agency.
“We are evaluating the situation and will make the appropriate response,” he said, as his negotiating team headed home for consultations after halting talks with the powers in Vienna on implementing the November agreement.

“Iheanacho Okay for Brazil” – Amuneke

As seen on SuperSport.

The best player at the 2013 Fifa Under-17 World Cup, Kelechi Iheanacho could be the shock inclusion in the Super Eagles squad for the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals in Brazil.

Iheanacho is currently in Abuja training with the Eagles preparing for the 2014 African Nations Championship (CHAN) in South Africa.

“Russia is a force for peace and morality that had no desire to be global superpower” - Putin

MOSCOW (Reuters) – President Vladimir Putin, in a thinly veiled criticism of the United States, portrayed Russia on Thursday as a force for peace and morality that had no desire to be a global superpower.
“We do not aspire to be called some kind of superpower, understanding that as a claim to world or regional hegemony,” Putin said in an annual address to parliamentarians and senior national officials.
“We do not infringe on anyone’s interests, we do not force our patronage on anyone, or try to teach anyone how to live,” he said, using phrases that echo his previous criticisms of the United States.

Viewer discretion highly advised: Terrible Trailer acident in Bariga, murders in broad day light

According a witness reader the incident which occurred on Tuesday Dec.10th around the Yaba area of Lagos, a car that had been parked on the road for quite a while, cornered a trailer as it approached around 4pm on Tuesday. Two hefty men then jumped out of the car and dragged down the driver of the trailer who was wearing a blue suit and began stabbing him in broad day light.

VIDE0 POST: Le*sbian Women ra*ped & tortured to correct them from les*bianism (video)

Photo News: Nigerians Led By Wole Soyinka Honor Mandela In Lagos

 See more after the break.

"GEJ is Finished mark my Word... Abati should shut up and let the boss speak for himself" FFK On #OBJletter to GEJ

 Obasanjo recently wrote a controversial 18-page letter to President Jonathan and former minister of Aviation Femi Fani Kayode thinks the former president will sink the current president. See what he wrote on his Facebook page and tell us what you think after the break.

What is Wrong with This Photo?

 What is wrong with this Photo 

Lagos runs Girl Beheaded After Doing it With A Stranger (Photo) -Viewers Di*scretion Advised!

The headless lady pictured below(after the break) was said to have left home to club and party with some friends a couple of days ago, It was gathered that the lady who is a Lagos runs babe was approached by a rich man at Elegushi beach where she and her friends had stopped by to party and have some fun.

According to report, she was said to have been taken to an unknown hotel by the man after both parties had reached a conclusive agreement on pricing. Exactly 7am the next day, her dismembered body was found somewhere around Mushin axis, Lagos in what looked like a case of rituals.

  Checkout the Picture after the break......

Julius Agwu releases family Christmas card.

lovely Family

Obj Visits Jonathan in Nairobi

President Goodluck Jonathan and former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, had breakfast together in Nairobi, Kenya, on December 12, 2013, Thursday.  Both politicians were among other African leaders that graced the 50th Independence Anniversary celebration of Kenya at the Safaricom Stadium in Kasarani, Nairobi, on Thursday, December 12.

Obasanjo's visit was said to have taken everybody by surprise as it contradicts the expected nature of the relationship between both men, owing to recent public criticisms of the President by Obasanjo.

Governors to confront Jonathan over $49.8bn oil revenue

Nigerian governors are poised to confront President Goodluck Jonathan on the alleged refusal of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation to remit $49.8bn to the Federation Account.
The governors based their decision on the revelation  made by the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria,  Mallam  Lamido Sanusi, in a letter issued by him, that the NNPC had failed to remit the money, which was said to be the proceeds from crude oil sales between January 2012 and July 2013.

Ama Brewery 10th Anniversary: NB Restates Commitment to Nigerian Economy

The Nigerian Breweries Plc state of the art Ama brewery located in the Coal City of Enugu state has continued to wax stronger as it celebrated the tenth anniversary recently, the 30MHL capacity Brewery which cost a whopping 220 million Euros (N30 billion) to build in 2003 has created employment for over 1,000 workers, both full time employees, contractors and outsourced.


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