Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nigerian Actor Sentenced To 3 Months In Jail For Gay Sex

Nigerian Actor Sentenced To 3 Months

 28-yr age actor, Chukwuemeka was sentenced on Monday to 3-month in jail by a Magistrates’ Court,  Abuja FCT, for having sex with another guy  via the anus.

 The actor, that lives at  Mangoro, pleaded guilty or responsible to have been engaged in the act of homosexual.

 “I'am guilty of the charge brought against me the . I  was drunk  & I wish the court could temper justice in favor or me with  mercy’’, he said. The prosecutor, M. Umar, obtained & instructed the court about the convict that he committed the act in August at the time complainant was asleep in his mattress.

Homosexual, the prosecutor mentioned, was not in conjunction to Area 284 of your Penal Code. He claimed since Chukwuemeka already pleaded guilty towards the crime he at first denied, the Judge should look at him with a fair justice. The Magistrate , sentenced the convict to 3-month in jail without fine option

“We are sending a strong message to other youths who hide less under the impact of  vodka or alcohol to commit such a crime,’’ she claimed.

When Me Chukwuemeka was arraigned firs time in September, he pleaded he is not guilty, declaring, “I returned home very drunk from night party/club & thought I was in bed to the exact  mattress with my female-pal & I started off romancing her.”

At the hearing to, Mrs Buba, the course senior magistrate ruled that vodka or any form of liquid should never be an excuse for committing such offence, but she granted the accused a bail the sum of 200,000 Naira together  with 2 sureties in like sum, 1 from the sureties getting a civil personnel on  the Level 09. Even so, when the issue was heard on the first business day of the week-Monday, Mr Chukwuemeka  abruptly pleaded responsible, & Mrs Buba, The Senior Magistrate gave him a fair trial, sentencing the convict to 3-month imprisonment.  Having sexual intercourse with same sex are really frowned at in the country.

In  the month of November, the Senate house of assembly passed a strict legislation banning similar-sexual marriage & public show of affection mostly by same sex in Nigeria. The Bill– Same Sex  Union or Marriage (prohibition)  in 2011 – gives 14-calendar year imprisonment for gay convicts in Nigeria.

“Men & women who does  similar Sex marriage or any civil union has commit an offence & therefore are liable on conviction with a jail terms of 14 years,” the brand new legislation explained.

In additional, “Any human being, who registers, participates or operates or in a gay club/clubs, societies & corporation, indirectly or directly tends to make public display of affection to the same sex in Nigeria has commits an offence & shall be liable on conviction with a term of ten-year imprisonment.”


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