Saturday, March 16, 2013

Viewer's discretion Advised: How Charly Boy's Cousin, Emeka Aseme was murdered

Charly Boy's cousin, Emeka Aseme, a business tycoon and a hotelier was forcefully taken away by gun wielding men during one of his visits to his 5-Star hotel in Oguta, Imo state on 24th February. Aseme's family managed to contact the abductors who demanded N8m ransom, which the family paid but Emeka was not released to them. On the 9th of March, the men who took the hotelier contacted his younger brother and directed him to go to a community between Owerri and Oguta called Okwonji, to find him brother. Emeka's decomposed body was found in a bush path, with his sexual organ , eyes and the heart plucked out.

I have a picture of his decomposed body with vital organs missing and it's unbelievable. You will find the photo after the cut...but please I beg you if you don't have the stomach for gory photos, do not look. It doesn't get worse than this. I have a few pics but I will show just you one and yes I have permission to share the photo. Will probably take it down later...See it after the Break


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