Saturday, October 3, 2015

Very bad news for the Anglo-Zionist Empire: Russia tightly closed the sky over Syria for any aircraft, other than its own , 3 October 2015 at 10:12:

“… An American military expert, a former Colonel of the U.S. army Jack Jacobs said that the United States can’t stop Russians in Syria, because Russia has de facto established a closed zone over it, blocking the access to any aircraft with the help of its air defense systems, deployed both on land and on ships of the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean.

On Friday, 2 October, Saudi news published an interview with former U.S. Colonel Jack Jacobs, who announced that the United States can’t stop the Russians in Syria, as Russia has established a “closed zone” over it. This means that any military aircraft entering the zone of hostilities, can be immediately shot down as a threat to the Russian Air and space forces.

Dreams of a sleeping alligator – dream one

Dear friends,
Yesterday, I went hiking across the famous Paynes Prairie in Central Florida which was a rather unique experience because due to the heavy rains most of the trail was actually flooded by a foot of water.  I ended up wading across much of it using my walking stick to test the ground ahead of me.  I saw plenty of beautiful alligators during this hike (I love them), including one which was peacefully resting in what looked to me like a dreams-filled sleep.  I took a photo (see above) and I decided to call my short letters to you, my friends and readers, the “dreams of a sleeping alligator”, because I write them from a ‘land’ (both real and imaginary) were there are plenty of alligators and plenty of rest.


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