Thursday, April 23, 2015

European Department for Security and Information : Houthis have long-range weapons

by Nahed Al Hussaini
Special report
The Press Office of the Secretary-General of the European Department for Security and InformationAmbassador Dr. Haissam Bou-Said underscored that the Houthist have the ability to invade Saudi cities without a significant resistance by using long range weapons, according to a military data revealed by the DESI.

Things that the #capitalists don't tell about South #Korea:

Things that the #capitalists don't tell about South #Korea:

- 2.41 million #workers (13.9%) in south Korea work in a 52 hours week.
- south Korea has the highest average working time in the world
- in south Korea are many leaders of the trade unions in jails
the "National Security Act" in south Korea forbids under penalty any criticism of the government and forbids communist and leftists work and any open sympathy to North Korea
- more than 100 persons annually are sentenced to jail by this law
- North Korean and government critical websites are being censored
in the OECD raking of the most happy countries south Korea is on place 32 of 34
- 30.000 #American #troops are in south Korea
- south Korea has built a wall around North Korea

#Yankees go home!

North #Korea clearly gets upset when the United States constantly smears unbearable #insults and mockery against North Korea and insinuates laughable and brazen charges that cannot be overlooked by North Korea. North Korea knows #America has a bad habit of rashly engaging in scheming chatter, distorting the truth and instigating war by taking issue with them, stop insulting North Korea with laughable accusations and these comments and actions will stop too.

No body wants the US #terrorists in their country, take heed of warning. We have to say North Korea is quite tough and impressive to stand up to the #imperialists. America is so #hypocritical to preach to countries about human rights. In fact it is #laughable. Especially since U.S. tortures and hold people without trial in Guantanamo Bay. After the #millions of Koreans killed by indiscriminate US #bombing, including biological #warfare experiments, this Yankee should have been topped. What are they doing in Korea anyway? #Yankees go home!

Clean streets, sidewalks and parks, 100% free of the abhorrent vomitive visual-consumerist bullshit pollution of the so-called "West", wide streets and avenues, educated people. By the side of Pyongyang, Western cities are raw sewage pits. North Korea is doing pretty well. I hope that one day North and South Korea merge to unite under #communism, without America shoving its giant nose there. North Korea won't bow down to the US like the South Korean servitude, that's why they are on America's hit list! It's funny how everybody gets angry about North Korea in countries like the United States and United Kingdom. They both have concentration camps and CIA black sites all over the world and despite making up less than 5% of the global population, they have over 25% of the world's prison population. This population being used for private profit. The United Kingdom's population are the most spied on people in the world, which I think 1 surveillance camera for every 13 people. We also have inhumane treatment of women and children in detention centers. How dare RT put a human face on North Korea! How are we supposed to convince everybody that they are a threat to the American Empire if you're showing genuinely happy kids acting normal, but then you could say they are being deprived of their Ritalin unlike normal "healthy" Western children. Well done, North Korea.

The United States keeps repeating #Russian is the #aggressor, but let's really see who is aggressive. The United States occupies 130 countries, bombed #Iraq, #Libya, #Afghanistan, #Yemen, #Pakistan, attempted murder plot foiled in #Venezuela after poisoning Chavez, overthrew democratically elected leader in Ukraine, bombed North Korea, and the list goes on and on. Only a complete fool would believe any shit coming out of their mouth, ever.

North Korea and #Cuba share the same struggle against US aggression, #Pyongyang's foreign minister said as Washington and Havana held new talks on restoring diplomatic ties. The ability to compromise is not a diplomatic politeness toward a partner but rather taking into account and respecting your partner's legitimate interests. North Korea has shown, by offering to suspend nuclear testing in exchange for the United States to suspend their military exercises near the border, that North Korea has been and is trying to live in peace. Yet the United States has refused this offer and continues its drumbeat for war.

If you keep pulling the tigers tail expect it to turn on you one day. The US is the aggressor, they started the war that has never been finished, it has been just a ceasefire. Why do they need to keep their war exercises on the board? It's a threat to the North. If the North sat back and did nothing, the US would go in and the North knows it. "Stop making #threats" That's rich coming from the mouth of the United States. "A militant Korean nationalist has slashed the face of the #US #ambassador to South Korea at a breakfast meeting in #Seoul" Even US #allies don't like the US. Korea has every right to defend itself in whichever way it deems fit. It is a right for all sovereign countries to defend themselves - well at least that's what I'm told when Israel starts its summer hunting season and kills innocent women and children in Palestine. The US staging war games thousands of miles away off the coast of a sovereign nation has nothing to do with defense and everything to do with aggression. You are aware that the US is the only country to have used atomic weapons, without reproach the US slaughtered hundreds of thousand of civilians. They considered it to be #justified then and still do - when you understand that, then you can appreciate the reason for North Korea's concern. Just look at all the violent actions the US has instigated all over the world.

- All the #wars they have started.
- The #false flag #attacks.
- The color #revolutions.
- The assassinations on foreign soil.
- The torture of prisoners.
- Sponsoring terrorists.


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