Monday, May 20, 2013

At Least 2,000 flee Borno to Niger Republic

Culled from More than 2,000 Nigerians living in border villages in Borno State have reportedly fled as a result of the ongoing military operations targeted at routing insurgents from the area under the emergency rule.
The fleeing villagers were said to have headed to the neighbouring Niger Republic.
“Most of the residents of border villages of Borno have fled to Niger. About 2,000 people from Abadan, Malam Fatori and other villages are now refugees in Difa, Niger Republic,” a top security officer told one of our correspondents on Sunday.
The source said that the Joint Military Task Force was on the trail of members of the Boko Haram sect, who were dislodged from the Sambisa Game Reserve and other camps on Thursday in Borno State.
It was learnt that residents of Maiduguri and other communities far from the border, who did not want to be caught in the cross-fire had also fled to some neighbouring states, including Kano and Bauchi

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Man Loses Manhood After Giving Beggar ₦50 In Akure

Wonders,” they say, “will never cease”. This was the scenario at the weekend at the Old Garage, Akure when a middle-aged woman was alleged to have used charm to take a boy’s joystick.

It was gathered that the victim, Adewale Akande, a graduate of College of Education, Oro, Kwara State gave the woman who begged him for alms, N50 but five minutes later, he discovered that he was having a feeling that his manhood had disappeared.

Apparently uncomfortable with the situation, the victim, in his mid-twenties, called a traffic officer around to help him arrest the woman whom he said begged him for alms.

Professor Ango Abdullahi...We Are Ready For War

Mr. President, We Received The Message You Sent Asari Dokubo!
The North Is Prepared, Ready & Waiting! - Northern Elders Forum.

**I am putting it to Jonathan on notice that he Must leave office come 2015. - Ango Abdullahi.

A member of the Northern Elders Forum. Professor Ango Abdullahi has sent out a message to Asari informing him that the North are prepared and ready for war.
Professor Ango Abdullahi blame President Goodluck Jonathan for the remark made by Alhaji Dokubo, and stressed that reaction is that, if not for the fact that I am aware that Dokubo is a spokesperson of President Jonathan, I will have ignored him.

Heartless: 10 most cruel wives

These are 10 most cruel wives who killed / abuse their husbands for rage, jealousy and money.
1. Katherine Knight – Kills Husband and Eats Him.

This lady, Katherine Knight stabbed his poor husband 37 times with a butcher’s knife then skinning him and hanged his body with a meat hook in their lounge room. Katherine, the first Australian woman to be sentenced to a natural life term without parole. She had a history of violence in relationships. She mashed the dentures of one of her ex-husbands and slashed the throat of another husband’s eight-week-old puppy before his eyes.

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Holy death: 4 die in T.B. Joshua’s church during stampede for holy water

Four Ghanaian churchgoers were killed today during Pastor TB Joshua's church service on Sphintex Road in Accra during a stampede as worshippers scrambled for "Holy Water ".

Police sources in Accra stated that the four dead persons comprised of three females and young boy. Thirteen others were injured in the stampede. The Nigerian born controversial priest is the founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), church with a large following in Lagos suburb and also a televangelismarm that parades miracles and prophesies ranging from claims of AIDS /HIV cure, plane crashes and outcomes of soccer matches.

China To Build Truck Plant In Calabar

A Chinese trade delegation on a visit to Cross River state has made known its intention to open a truck manufacturing plant within Calabar Free Trade Zone.
Leader of the group and Deputy Mayor of Chang Chun City, China; Mr. Gui Guangli, disclosed this to Governor of Cross River; Liyel Imoke, during a visit to his office in Calabar, the state capital.
Guangli said the team had spent two days in the state exploring possible areas of investments and having found that there are great opportunities, it decided to start with the establishment of a truck plant.
The Deputy Mayor maintained that manufacturing company has eleven outlets across the world including Japan, Germany and United States, adding that from their study, the state is conducive for investments coupled with the airport, seaport and free trade zone.
He remarked that the trucks which will be produced in Calabar will be of high technology and high class and that volume of production will be determined by the economic indices of demand.
Guangli added that the trade mission was also intending to invest in agriculture and pharmaceutical sectors as a result of their further findings, saying that China and Nigeria have an age long commerce relationship.

Battle Against Boko Haram: Military Says Clampdown To Go On As 3 Soldiers Were Killed

The military operation has left 17 people dead on the fifth day of a push in crushing the Boko Haram insurgency in the northeast region of Nigeria with a death toll of 14 insurgents and three soldiers, while seven others sustained injuries.

The spokesperson for Defence Headquarters; Brigadier General Chris Olukolade, in a statement said the operation is continuing on; with patrols sent out to secure towns and villages.

He also revealed that the Special Forces have killed 14 insurgents in battles that left three soldiers dead and seven wounded.

Meanwhile, the Special Adviser to the President on media and publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati, has convened President Goodluck Jonathan’s directive which urged members of Boko Haram  to surrender their arms and embrace the amnesty option.

Boko Haram: Surrender And Embrace Amnesty Now, Jonathan Warns

The military, yesterday, extended the curfew in some parts of Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State, to 24 hours, in continuation of the emergency rule imposed on the state alongside Yobe and Adamawa States, on Tuesday, to curb Boko Haram insurgent activities.

The curfew extension came on a day President Goodluck Jonathan told the insurgents to surrender and embrace the amnesty proposed for them by the Federal Government.

Northern governors also warned against civilian casualty in the implementation of the emergency rule in the three north-eastern states.

Reports, yesterday, said residents of a community in Borno State, Marte, were fleeing air strikes by the Nigerian Airforce jets and helicopter gunships on suspected Boko Haram camps.

The spokesman for the Joint Task Force (JTF) in Borno State, Lt. Col. Sagir Musa, listed 12 neighbourhoods in Maiduguri where a 24-hour curfew was being imposed.

The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) also said troops arrested 65 suspected Boko Haram members trying to enter the Borno State capital after fleeing aerial bombardment elsewhere.

The DHQ insinuated that the insurgents were trying to infiltrate Maiduguri.

The imposition of the curfew in the Borno State capital was said to pave the way for the troops deployed to the state to embark on a house- to- house search, as well as face insurgents still residing within the metropolis and Jere council area.

North Korea Fires Short-Range Missiles Second Day In A Row

North Korea fired a short-range missile from its east coast on Sunday, a day after launching three of these missiles, a South Korean news agency said, ignoring calls for restraint from Western powers.
Although launches of short-range missiles are not uncommon by the communist state, but its recent warnings of impending nuclear war, and other related actions have raised concerns about the region’s security.
“North Korea fired a short-range missile as it did yesterday into its east sea in the afternoon, ” South Korea’s news agency Yonhap reported, citing a military official.
A South Korean defense ministry official confirmed the Yonhap report, but did not provide any details.
U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said he was concerned about North Korea’s launch of short-range missiles, urging Pyonyang to refrain from further launches and return to stalled nuclear talks with world powers.

Being white farmer in South Africa twice as dangerous as being a police officer – mass media report ( Do You Agree ?)

Apartheid was officially abolished in South Africa in the 1990s. The system of racial segregation, when the rights of the majority black inhabitants were curtailed and white supremacy rule was maintained, ended to exist in 1994 with the victory of the African National Congress under Nelson Mandela in the general elections. Today, almost 20 years afterwards, the position of white people in South Africa is not easily determined, says John Simpson, a BBC journalist. Some of them have a disproportionate amount of influence; others say they feel vulnerable and the feeling is growing.

Many would agree white people are still doing well in the country. They are playing a larger part in the country’s economy, they have a disproportionate amount of influence in politics and the media, they have most of the best jobs, the journalist notes.

Analyst: Democratic Senate stands in the way of GOP calls for impeachment ( Do You Think Obama Should Be impeached)

WASHINGTON – Sen. Jim Inhofe is going for the president’s jugular. The Oklahoma Republican has brought up this week the specter of impeaching President Obama for his handling of the terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, last fall.
Congressman Jason Chaffetz followed suit on Tuesday, telling CNN that an impeachment was a possibility. Though he added, “That’s certainly not what we're striving for."

Things have only gotten worse for the president this week as the list of lawmakers and pundits calling for Obama’s impeachment continues to grow.

The website recently compiled a list of 14 public cries impeaching the president.

Host Rob Sachs spoke with Rosalyn Cooperman, a political science professor at Mary Washington University, to discuss what actually merits a real impeachment.

Crude Oil Thefts In Nigeria

Welcome to Niger Delta, 'Where the sun never sets' 'The Pride of the Nation 'The Treasure Base of the Nation' 'The Big Heart', regal in aquatic splendor, once consume by the Niger Delta militants and now being eaten by the termites called the joint Task Force [JTF] 'Operation Pulo Shield'. The outgoing Commander of the Joint Task Force [JTF] operating in the Niger Delta, Major General Johnson Ochoga, admitted that some of its personnel were corrupt, “There’s no organization that will say it is 100 per cent clean [from corruption]; so also is with the Joint Task Force 'Operation Pulo Shield'. ’ll not say we don’t have bad eggs; but to those soldiers [involved in corruption]; every day is for the thief and one day is for the owner".

Unemployment, poverty, and glaring crude oil thefts 'Sophisticated Ring', an amphitheater of neglect! These is what pervades the Niger Delta. Following cessation of hostilities and the amnesty programme granted  the militants, and with the relative peace pervading the Niger Delta. The Joint Task Force [JTF] has technically hone their skills towards engaging in the lucrative crude oil plundering, after all it is part of the national cake [free for all and for those who can].

World’s Largest Dam To Provide Electricity For 500 Million African Homes

Work will start in October 2015, on the world’s biggest hydroelectric dam in the Democratic Republic of Congo after talks between DR Congo and international officials.
Sunday’s meeting on the proposed Inga dam on the Congo river also involved multilateral lending institutions.
According to a statement, the “foundation stone will be laid in October 2015.”
“With a production of 40,000 megawatts, the Grand Inga project will eventually provide electricity to half the African continent,” it said.
This is less than half of the DR Congo’s total hydropower resources, which the World Bank estimates at 100,000 megawatts.
World Bank estimates suggest that if completed and running at full capacity, the complex could provide energy to up to 500 million African households.

Gay Man cuts off lover’s Balls To wear it as Bracelet [Photo]

Male model Renato Seabra 21, had a relationship with Carlos Castro 65, who was a well-known journalist and gay activist.  Sadly their fling ended with murder. After his 65 year old lover wanted to end the relationship Seabra beat him to death.  The 65-year-old Castro was found dead Friday night in room 3416 of the InterContinental New York Times Square hotel that the two men had shared. His unclothed body was covered in blood on the floor and he had been castrated, police said. The medical examiner's office ruled that Castro died from a combination of blunt impact head injuries and strangulation, according to spokeswoman Grace Burgess.

“Seabra, a Portuguese male model, was so tortured by his 7 month relationship with Castro that he beat him to death, castrated him with a corkscrew, then wore the dead man's manhood on his arms as he believed it had healing powers,” his defense lawyer said at Friday's opening of the murder trial.

SAD: Boy dies rather than give iPad to thieves

For many, a digital gadget offers a lifeline to explore a wider world. For some, it's a curse. A 15-year-old boy who refused to let go of his Apple iPad was dragged along a Las Vegas street and died after the potential thieves, driving an SUV, ran him over, police said. 
On Sunday, Metro Police in Las Vegas announced two arrests in the crime. The suspects, identified as Jacob Dismont, 18, and Michael Samuel Solid, 21, both of Las Vegas, face charges of open murder, robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.
The teen was identified as Marcos Vincente Arenas, 15, of Las Vegas. He was a freshman at Bonanza High School, officials with the Clark County School Distriannouncedct told the Las Vegas Sun.


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