Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Fallacy Of Erdogan-Style Democracy (updated version)

by Ghassan Kadi
Erdogan’s AKP party has scored a monumental victory; not so much in terms of the lead in parliament though. As a matter of fact, it is a fairly narrow victory, but one that was least expected. What is monumental about it is the course that Turkey has set itself upon.
A victory for Erdogan perhaps, but for Turkey itself, the outcome of this election will probably take years and even decades until it becomes clear what the results truly meant for Turkey’s future and wellbeing.

The Moscow-Beijing Express on The Saker: Russian Black Hat-Chinese White Hat

Their styles are 180 degrees apart, but together, as towering giants on the world’s geopolitical stage, Putin and Xi are slowly winning all the chips from Western Empire, for a new, fairer and more peaceful world. (Image by David Parkins)
Russian Black Hat-Chinese White Hat
The Moscow-Beijing Express on The Saker
By: Jeff J. Brown, author and analyst at 44 Days Radio Sinoland
Video reading at:
If you have not read Russian President Vladimir Putin’s October, 2015 Valdai speech and subsequent question and answer session, you are missing out on a real treat. He has essentially been saying the same thing for years, going back at least as far as his hard hitting Munich speech, in February, 2007. In the interim, at the annual United Nations General Assembly speeches and previous Valdai talks, President Putin has come out four square against Western colonialism and global empire.

Ukraine SITREP, November 3rd 2015 by the Saker

It has been a very long while since I have posted a Ukrainian SITREP and there are good reasons for that: nothing much has happened there, at least nothing nearly as dramatic as the developments in the past.  In fact, ever since the crisis in Syria has taken center stage in US foreign policy preoccupations, the Ukraine appears to have been almost forgotten.  Did anybody even notice that local elections have taken place there recently?  Or that they were the most marred by every conceivable form of cheating and irregularities imaginable?
I don’t think so.


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