Friday, March 6, 2015

Advertisers Shocked to Find Their Ads Run Before ISIL Videos on YouTube

Smooth skin, cold beer, a clean kitchen floor - all perfectly normal things to advertise to average consumers. But potential terrorists? Some major brands are less than pleased that their pre-roll commercials are running before Islamic State recruitment videos on Youtube.
Big advertisers — like Budweiser, Aveeno, Proctor & Gamble, and Swiffer — have been shocked to find that their ads are being paired with propaganda videos for Islamist militants currently overrunning vast swathes of the Middle East and beheading innocent prisoners on camera.

Iraqi Parliamentarian Claims to Have Proof US Help to ISIL

Iraqi lawmaker Qasim Al-Araji told the Iraqi parliament that his group, the Badr Organization, is in possession of documented proof that the United States government offers the self-proclaimed Islamic State with weapons and military aid.
 According to Almasalah news, the top of the Badr Parliamentary bloc shared these details with parliament on Thursday, claiming that the group is in possession of evidence pointing to US military provisions to Islamic State and further stating which they will have the ability to share the documented evidence at a later time.

How MH17 was shot down – analysis by Colonel Cassad

Colonel Cassad has just published an interesting analysis about how MH17 was shot down (please see here for the original Russian text:  Uncle Martin has already made a full translation and posted it on the English version of Colonel Cassad’s blog (please see here for the English translation:  Since this is very long text, I will not re-post it fully here, but I have decided to make it available for download in ODT, RTF and PDF format (please click here to download the zipped file with all three formats:

In conclusion I would like to indulge in a rather infantile exercise in self-congratulatory “autobackslapping” and point out that the hypothesis I put forth as early as August 4th is holding up to time pretty well.  See for yourself:

The cognitive dissonance of the European Union’s position

Translated from Russian by Robin
The problems with the European Union’s basic ideology of course involve Germany’s position more specifically. To see it with the utmost clarity, we must recall the standard mantra of the proponents of Western liberalism, whether they are from the European Union, from the United States or homegrown: the West’s main goal in relation to Russia is to explain that adopting basic liberal values ​inevitably leads to a flourishing economy and happiness all round. If we make any attempt to poke our noses into the real results, they explain that we ourselves are doing everything wrong; specifically, we have created corruption on a massive scale.


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