Wednesday, March 4, 2015

US Expands Russian-Aimed Propaganda Budget by More Than 100%

Despite its denial of any involvement in the Ukrainian crisis, and repeated criticism of Russian media, a senior official now admits that the US State Department has nearly doubled its funding for its Russian-language propaganda programs, since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis.

Speaking before the US House Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday, US Assistant Secretary of European Affairs Victoria Nuland said that the State Department is vastly increasing its budget for battling what she calls “the Kremlin’s pervasive propaganda campaign poisoning minds across Russia, on Russia’s periphery, and across Europe.”

US Commander in Europe Panics, Goes on weird Anti-Putin Rant

Generals always prepare for the last war, but in the case of Lt. Gen. Hodges, the war may have never really happened. However, that's no reason to stop fighting. 

It was all over. Endless columns of T-64 tanks were about to steamroll through the Fulda Gap all the way to the English Channel. Elite paratroopers, armed to the teeth, were marching into an unending row of Il-76 transport planes that took off every minute, from every airfield. Early warning radar stations were overwhelmed as a tsunami of ICBM launches consumed every point on their screens. Against all odds, we managed to wake our German allies and prepare them to make one last stand. As they marched forward to show… Wait. Oh no. Are those broomsticks?

The history of the Ukraine, part 5

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The History of the Ukraine part 6

For parts 1, 2 and 3 see here: A short course in Ukrainian history
For part 4 see here: History of Ukraine, part 4
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Beyond the ninth circle of hell: what changes are waiting for the Ukrainian society after the war

Translated from Russian by Alexander

The civil war in Ukraine is like a huge meat grinder. The hands that turn the screw conveyor kill dozens of people every day and destroy thousands of people’s lives. However, any war will sooner or later come to an end, and the wounds on the tissue of society will gradually scar – though leaving an ugly trail of dead, wounded and displaced. Therefore it would be no harm to understand how Ukrainian society will change after the war.

Revanchism and russophobia: the dark undercurrents of the war in the Ukraine

The situation in the Ukraine is more or less calm right now, and this might be the time to step back from the flow of daily reports and look at the deeper, underlying currents.  The question I want to raise today is one I will readily admit not having an answer to.  What I want to ask is this: could it be that one of the key factors motivating the West’s apparently illogical and self-defeating desire to constantly confront Russia is simply revanchism for WWII?


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