Thursday, October 22, 2015

Putin blasts the US at the Valdai Club Conference

As always, the Kremlin translation service is pathetically slow in translating Putin’s speeches.  In the first half already published, there are some amazingly blunt statements by Putin.  See for yourself:
Today, unfortunately, we have again come across similar situations. Attempts to promote a model of unilateral domination, as I have said on numerous occasions, have led to an imbalance in the system of international law and global regulation, which means there is a threat, and political, economic or military competition may get out of control.
What, for instance, could such uncontrolled competition mean for international security? A growing number of regional conflicts, especially in ‘border’ areas, where the interests of major nations or blocs meet. This can also lead to the probable downfall of the system of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (which I also consider to be very dangerous), which, in turn, would result in a new spiral of the arms race.
We have already seen the appearance of the concept of the so-called disarming first strike, including one with the use of high-precision long-range non-nuclear weapons comparable in their effect to nuclear weapons.

Big meeting in Moscow !

Big meeting in Moscow:
By now everybody has seen the photo of Putin and Assad shaking hands.  What has received less attention is whom Assad actually met.
Putin, of course.  And Lavrov and Shoigu.  They spoke for a total of three hours.  Then  Medvedevjoined them for a private dinner.   Guess who else joined them?  Mikhail Fradkov, Head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, and Nikolai Patrushev, Head of the Russian Security Council.
Guys, this is most definitely a power-meeting my any standard, something which only happens very very rarely in the presence of a foreign head of state (only Xi had that kind of access, if I remember correctly).  And that tells me that majo


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