Friday, May 15, 2015

Four years after creating poverty & misery by bombing Africa, NATO sings for Africa

NATO: 'We Are The World'

How appropriate to their outsized egos and ambitions that the foreign ministers of NATO countries joined arms and hands to sing an impromptu rendition of the 1980s aid to Africa fundraiser song "We Are The World" yesterday at a military alliance meeting in Turkey. nato_sings_for_africa
 The song was originally recorded to raise funds to provide some relief to those suffering famine in Africa. But what a cruel and revealing irony that those impoverished in Africa these days come from places like Libya, which was bombed by the very same NATO in the name of "liberation" in 2011. NATO's "We Are The World" in that case becomes a rather menacing song, suggesting its expansionist ambitions and perhaps that there are no hiding places from NATO bombs. War is peace. Freedom slavery.


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