Friday, September 27, 2013

Irritated Okada Man Flings himself In Entrance Of Oncoming Truck over Seizure Of His Bike

Pandemonium broke out yesterday at Iyana Adeoyo, Ring Road part of Ibadan when an unidentified man in his thirties, attempted suicide by jumping facing oncoming vehicle, after officers of the Oyo State commercial vehicle registration unit impounded his bike because his papers were fake.
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Abdul Haji, Kenyan-Somali Muslim Saves Hundreds Throughout Westgate Enemy Assault, Hailed As International Hero!

Mr Haji has been having nightmares since Saturday. His wife tells him he weeps in his sleep and Wednesday was the first time he went to work.
“I'm angry at what I saw, what those individuals did, and the claim they did it in the name of Islam,” he explained yesterday, insisting on being interviewed in a public place what he explained was an indicator of defiance to terror. “I'm a Kenyan-Somali and I'm Muslim; Islam does not advocate violence. They are doing the opposite of what Islam teaches,” he said.
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Police Arrested Chinese Man for ₦105m fraud

The Special Fraud Unit of the Nigeria Police Force, Ikoyi, Lagos State has arrested a Chinese fugitive, Fang Yang, for his involvement in a 105m fraud.

The SFU said Yang had  been declared wanted in China about 17 years ago for fraud perpetrated against the 2nd Sub Branch of China Agricultural Bank of Qingdao in 1996.

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