Monday, March 30, 2015

When Russia Ruled Alaska: Marking 148 Years of Historic Property Deal

While many Russians once lamented Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev's decision to give the Crimean peninsula to his native Ukraine in 1954, it wasn't the first time Russia parted with prime real estate: exactly 148 years ago Alaska became a territory of the US; some myths regarding the sale still remain.

“Don’t fear for your hide, care for your honor” — “Ghost” brigade motto

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Chechen parliament speaker's riposte to US Congress' weapons-to-Kiev resolution: weapons to Mexico!

Speaker Abdurakhmanov, March 24,2015

March 25, 2015
Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

Dukuvakha Abdurakhmanov urges US Congress to abandon ideas of imperial grandeur.
Speaker Dukuvakha Abdurakhmanov addresses resolution of US Congress that urges Obama to supply weapons to Ukraine. The US House of Representative passed a resolution the text of which calls for US President Barack Obama to supply weapons to Ukraine. The vote: 348 aye, nay 48.

The Speaker of the Chechen Republic Parliament, Dukuvakha Abdurakhmanov, commented on the resolution and turned to his American colleagues.

Car Explodes in Fatal Fireball After Border Patrol Agents Use Taser (VIDEO)

Shocking footage has emerged depicting California Border Patrol officers shooting a taser into a pulled-over car, instantly blowing it up and killing the driver -- with the agents backing away and not offering any help.

DoD Concerned Over Crimea, but Declines to Comment on Black Sea Operations!

The US Department of Defense is concerned by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s remarks on nuclear forces readiness regarding Crimea, but will not make public the future US operations in the Black Sea, US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Brian McKeon told Sputnik.

WASHINGTON — In recent months, the United States and its NATO allies have participated in numerous military exercises in the Black Sea. Earlier in March 2015, NATO Allied Marine Command concluded training exercises in the Black Sea with the Romanian Navy.
Moscow has warned that the increased military presence in the Black Sea, which is close to a regional conflict zone in Ukraine, is dangerous, and runs contrary to Washington’s stance on peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian crisis.

22 Killed, 30 Wounded Amid Anti-Houthi Airstrikes in Sanaa - Sources

How Will The Yemeni Civil War End?

The Civil War in Yemen is rapidly expanding. We have been forced to close our embassy and military base located there. It is now clear that Obama’s optimism for fighting terrorism in Yemen was misplaced. It hardly sets a standard for dealing with constant conflict and chaos throughout the Middle East. It now looks like the two major participants in this war are Iran and Saudi Arabia. In this region there has been competition between these two nations for hundreds if not thousands of years. The conflict ongoing in Yemen relates to the age-old conflict between Shia and Sunni Muslims. It also reflects the contest over who will control the oil in this region. Not only is there a conflict between the Shia of Iran versus the Sunnis of Saudi Arabia, there has been long-term animosity between Arabs and Persians.

24.03.2015 Ukrainian crsisis news. War in Ukraine, EU, USA, Russia


We live in a state of military alert

Rostislav Ishchenko
Translated from the Russian by Robin
For the second year in a row, almost uninterrupted military exercises are taking place in Russia. The number of troops involved is comparable to or even greater than the number of participants in the largest exercise held by the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact military alliance – even though the Soviet armed forces totaled 3.5 million in 1991 and today the Russian Federation’s armed forces barely number 1.5 million.

Crimea, President Putin's Video: The Way Back Home - EN Subtitles - Full Documentary (VIDEO)

A Rossiya One production, EN subtitles by Vox Populi Evo (VPE). Uploaded to LiveLeak by VPE, in 14 parts, on 22 March 2015 For anyone who can't view it in Vimeo, here is the full-length documentary on LiveLeak:

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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The War on Yugoslavia: The Real Face of American ‘Diplomacy’ (Uncle Sam’s Sins)

The 16th anniversary of NATO’s War on Yugoslavia gives cause to reflect on what American ‘diplomacy’ is really all about.

The US has long trumpeted itself as the only paragon of virtue and ‘defender of freedom’ in the world, going into overdrive with this message in the years following the Cold War. Millions of people were duped during this time, but their illusions were quickly dispelled after the 1999 War on Yugoslavia.

This tragedy exposed the true face of American ‘diplomacy’ as a duplicitous front for pursuing predetermined geopolitical ends. The war wasn’t so much about a ‘humanitarian intervention’ (the reality surrounding which was grossly exaggerated by the Western media) as it was the establishment of a pro-Western proxy state in the heart of the Southern Balkans.

Monday, March 23, 2015

George Zimmerman: Killing Trayvon Martin Fulfilled ‘God’s Plan

After being acquitted of civil rights charges in the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman - who has turned down most requests for interviews - told his divorce attorney that Martin died because of “God’s will,” and wishing he hadn’t is “almost blasphemous.”
The former neighborhood watchman shot and killed unarmed African-American teen Trayvon Martin in February 2012, setting off a nationwide wave of protests demanding Zimmerman be arrested. He was acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter in 2013, and in 2014 the Department of Justice declined to prosecute him for a federal hate crime charge.

CIA Director Mad That Iranian General Fights Against ISIL in Iraq

As many in the West call on regional actors to take a leading role in combating the influence of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, none have responded quite as efficiently as Iran. But CIA Director John Brennan worries that one Iranian general, lauded by Iraqis, poses a significant threat to US counterterrorism efforts.
The terrorist attacks in Yemen and Syria last week, which the Islamic State took credit for, served as a reminder of just how necessary it is for the world to eradicate the terrorist group. Weary of becoming embroiled in another expensive war in the Middle East, the United States has instead called on regional leaders to take action.

Ron Paul: We Need to March Our Troops Home

As the US continues to suffer the consequences of military forays into the Middle East – campaigns based largely on faulty intelligence – former presidential candidate Ron Paul has a sobering suggestion: maybe it’s time for America to be content, and let its troops march home.
"Twelve years ago last week, the US launched its invasion of Iraq," Paul begins, writing his latest article for the Ron Paul Institute. And it has, indeed, been twelve excruciating years since coalition forces launched their “shock and awe” attack against Saddam Hussein’s government.

"Before the attack I was accused of exaggerating the potential costs of the war when I warned that it could end up costing as much as $100 billion," Paul writes. Despite that criticism, Paul may have even been lowballing the total cost. Last March, Reuters estimated that the war continues to cost in excess of $1.7 trillion. And that’s not including the War in Afghanistan.

African History in America Does not start with Slavery !

Saturday, March 21, 2015

How many armies does Europe need?

by Rostislav Ishchenko, president of the Center of System Analysis and Forecasting

Translated by Aleksey

Against the backdrop of a decision by the IMF to loan Ukraine 17.5 billion over a span of four years’ time (it is still a trick to receive these funds – the previous bailout, agreed in 2014, has not been fully received) the talk of a creation of a European armed forces has been lost from conversation.

This is in vain, the overriding theme being that perhaps we are on the threshold of a new military configuration capable of, in the future, changing the geopolitical map of the Old World.

GMO Mosquitoes May Have Unintended Consequences, Scientists Warn

Researchers have developed a new technique to genetically alter insects that promises to eradicate many mosquito-born diseases within a few years. But scientists warn the move could unleash disastrous unintended consequences for the environment.

The method — known as mutagenic chain reaction, or MCR — works by bypassing a key barrier to the rapid spread of genes within an insect population, ensuring that almost all offspring born of a genetically modified parent will have the ability to pass along a mutated gene — in this case, one that makes a mosquito resistant to malaria and incapable of passing the disease to humans.

Western Connection in the Assassination of Serbia’s Prime Minister Djindjic

by Nikola Vrzic
Several days ago, on March 12th, Serbia marked another – twelfth – anniversary of the assassination of Serbia’s prime minister Zoran Djindjic. The official narrative of Djindjic, as a reformer who was killed by criminals and Serbian nationalists, this year was confronted with evidence revealing the story as much more complex, with a strong presence of Western, primarily British and US secret services…

Friday, March 20, 2015

African American Student brutalized By The Police During Arrest

The issue of police ruthlessness stays a hot behind issue in the United States, particularly as it relates to cases including racial minorities. us_police_brutality In later times, cases of mercilessness that brought about the passings of Eric Garner, and Michael Brown are still on the personalities of numerous. Also, now, another case including police brutality in the arrest of an African American male understudy of the University of Virginia is spacking an outrage all over the nation. As per Ooduarere, the understudy, 20-year-old Martese Johnson, was on Wednesday captured by officers with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) in Charlottesville., Virgina, for being in ownership of a fake ID card, trying to gain entry into a bar. Johnson was allegedly remaining on the walkway close to the bar when the cops approached him and moved ahead to forcefully capture him. Here is the video of the capture. He is seen lying face down on the asphalt, with blood spilling out of his forehead. (Viewers' caution is exhorted, as it contains realistic pictures and express dialect).

Thursday, March 19, 2015

African Mississippi Man Found Hanged From Tree, FBI Investigating

The body was found Thursday morning hanging from a tree in Claiborne, Mississippi, law enforcement officials confirm. Authorities have not released the name of the victim, but the FBI has launched a probe into the incident.
The coroner was unable to identify the body due to its decomposition, Fox 40 News reported, though the local branch of the NAACP indicated the man's name was Otis Byrd.

Monday, March 16, 2015

APC campaign group chides Jonathan over Immigration tragedy compensation.

The ‘I AM READY’ campaign organisation of the All Progressive Congress (APC), has chided the Federal Government for remebering to compensate relations of the Nigerian Immigration job tragedy, a year after the incident happened.

Speaking at a protest in Lekki, Lagos on Sunday to commemorate the incident, a medical doctor and member of the group, Dr. Wale Oyebanjo said the presidents action is a scam because it is belated and close to election period.

Oyebanjo explained that about 19 people died in the incident and the government belatedly decided to give them N5m each, amounting to N95m while it pockets the balance of the N6b it generated during the recruitment exercise.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Declassified Documents: CIA Helped Fund al-Qaeda via Afghan Government.

Documents declassified at a trial of a suspected terrorist show that millions of dollars in CIA funds fell into the hands of al Qaeda in 2010. The money was used by Afghan officials in a ransom payment.
It's deja vu all over again, Yogi Berra might say. Once again, US money funneled through the CIA into the Middle East has ended up being used against… well, the US. Correspondence made public at the trial of Abid Naseer, a Pakistani al-Qaeda operative convicted in Brooklyn of supporting terrorism and conspiring to bomb a British shopping center. They were originally obtained by federal authorities in the famous raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, by Seal Team Six in which the US’s most wanted was killed.

Militia Commander Givi about Minsk Agreements, ceasefire and work of OSCE (Eng. Subs)

CrossTalk: GOP’s Act of Treason?

Too see the letter they are taling about Click here.

When The Kiev Army Has No More Tanks

by Denis Selesnev
Translated by Eugenia
The military operation in Donbass resulted for the Ukrainian army in huge losses of weapons – first of all, tanks. It has been estimated that during hostilities of 2014 the Military Forces of Ukraine (MFU) lost up to 200 tanks destroyed or taken by the adversary. The resumption of the active hostilities naturally leads to new losses. From the beginning of 2015 through the mid-February 50 tanks were destroyed, at least 40 taken, and a number damaged and had to be removed for repairs. Therefore, in a month or so of fighting Kiev lost more than 100 tanks, or at least 300 from the beginning of the military campaign. The age factor is also worth noting – most tanks in the army of Ukraine were produced about 30 years ago. This further increases the rate of breakups and malfunctions.

PDF Report: War crimes of the armed forces and security forces of Ukraine: torture of the Donbass region residents (English)

March 13, 2015
Published November 24, 2014

This report was written by a non-state organization ‘The Foundation for the Study of Democracy’ (headed by M. Grigoriev) and the Russian Public Council for International Cooperation and Public Diplomacy (presided by S. Ordzhonikidze) with the assistance of V. Dzhabarov, S. Mamedov, I. Morozov, S. Markov and other members of the Committee for Public Support of the Residents of South-Eastern Ukraine.

Nemtsov's killer was hired by the commander of Dzhokhar Dudaev Battalion in Ukraine, Adam Osmaev

March 12, 2015
Anna Veligzhanina for Komsomolskaya Pravda
Translated by Kristina Rus

FSB source to "Komsomolskaya Pravda": "the customer of Nemtsov's murder was preparing an assassination of Vladimir Putin"

The main suspect in the organization of the high-profile crime - is a commander of the Ukrainian battalion in the name of Dzhokhar Dudayev, Adam Osmayev.

The correspondent of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" met with the FSB agent, who is part of the team investigating the murder of Boris Nemtsov. In an exclusive interview he spoke about the new details of the crime and named the most likely customer of the murder.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Bengal Famine: How the British engineered the worst genocide in human history for profit

“I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion. The famine was their own fault for breeding like rabbits.” -Winston Churchill
The British had a ruthless economic agenda when it came to operating in India and that did not include empathy for native citizens. Under the British Raj, India suffered countless famines. But the worst hit was Bengal. The first of these was in 1770, followed by severe ones in 1783, 1866, 1873, 1892, 1897 and lastly 1943-44. Previously, when famines had hit the country, indigenous rulers were quick with useful responses to avert major disasters. After the advent of the British, most of the famines were a consequence of monsoonal delays along with the exploitation of the country’s natural resources by the British for their own financial gain. Yet they did little to acknowledge the havoc these actions wrought. If anything, they were irritated at the inconveniences in taxing the famines brought about.
Image source

The first of these famines was in 1770 and was ghastly brutal. The first signs indicating the coming of such a huge famine manifested in 1769 and the famine itself went on till 1773. It killed approximately 10 million people, millions more than the Jews incarcerated during the Second World War. It wiped out one third the population of Bengal. John Fiske, in his book “The Unseen World”, wrote that the famine of 1770 in Bengal was far deadlier than the Black Plague that terrorized Europe in the fourteenth century. Under the Mughal rule, peasants were required to pay a tribute of 10-15 per cent of their cash harvest. This ensured a comfortable treasury for the rulers and a wide net of safety for the peasants in case the weather did not hold for future harvests. In 1765 the Treaty of Allahabad was signed and East India Company took over the task of collecting the tributes from the then Mughal emperor Shah Alam II. Overnight the tributes, the British insisted on calling them tributes and not taxes for reasons of suppressing rebellion, increased to 50 percent. The peasants were not even aware that the money had changed hands. They paid, still believing that it went to the Emperor.

Partial failure of crop was quite a regular occurrence in the Indian peasant’s life. That is why the surplus stock, which remained after paying the tributes, was so important to their livelihood. But with the increased taxation, this surplus deteriorated rapidly. When partial failure of crops came in 1768, this safety net was no longer in place. The rains of 1769 were dismal and herein the first signs of the terrible draught began to appear. The famine occurred mainly in the modern states of West Bengal and Bihar but also hit Orissa, Jharkhand and Bangladesh. Bengal was, of course, the worst hit. Among the worst affected areas were Birbum and Murshidabad in Bengal. Thousands depopulated the area in hopes of finding sustenance elsewhere, only to die of starvation later on. Those who stayed on perished nonetheless. Huge acres of farmland were abandoned. Wilderness started to thrive here, resulting in deep and inhabitable jungle areas. Tirhut, Champaran and Bettiah in Bihar were similarly affected in Bihar.
Prior to this, whenever the possibility of a famine had emerged, the Indian rulers would waive their taxes and see compensatory measures, such as irrigation, instituted to provide as much relief as possible to the stricken farmers. The colonial rulers continued to ignore any warnings that came their way regarding the famine, although starvation had set in from early 1770. Then the deaths started in 1771. That year, the company raised the land tax to 60 per cent in order to recompense themselves for the lost lives of so many peasants. Fewer peasants resulted in less crops that in turn meant less revenue. Hence the ones who did not yet succumb to the famine had to pay double the tax so as to ensure that the British treasury did not suffer any losses during this travesty.
After taking over from the Mughal rulers, the British had issued widespread orders for cash crops to be cultivated. These were intended to be exported. Thus farmers who were used to growing paddy and vegetables were now being forced to cultivate indigo, poppy and other such items that yielded a high market value for them but could be of no relief to a population starved of food. There was no backup of edible crops in case of a famine. The natural causes that had contributed to the draught were commonplace. It was the single minded motive for profit that wrought about the devastating consequences. No relief measure was provided for those affected. Rather, as mentioned above, taxation was increased to make up for any shortfall in revenue. What is more ironic is that the East India Company generated a profited higher in 1771 than they did in 1768.
Image source

 Although the starved populace of Bengal did not know it yet, this was just the first of the umpteen famines, caused solely by the motive for profit, that was to slash across the country side. Although all these massacres were deadly in their own right, the deadliest one to occur after 1771 was in 1943 when three million people died and others resorted to eating grass and human flesh in order to survive.
Image source

Winston Churchill, the hallowed British War prime minister who saved Europe from a monster like Hitler was disturbingly callous about the roaring famine that was swallowing Bengal’s population. He casually diverted the supplies of medical aid and food that was being dispatched to the starving victims to the already well supplied soldiers of Europe. When entreated upon he said, “Famine or no famine, Indians will breed like rabbits.” The Delhi Government sent a telegram painting to him a picture of the horrible devastation and the number of people who had died. His only response was, “Then why hasn’t Gandhi died yet?”
Image Source

Image source
 This Independence Day it is worthwhile to remember that the riches of the west were built on the graves of the East. While we honour the brave freedom fighters (as we should), it is victims like these, the ones sacrificed without a moment’s thought, who paid the ultimate price. Shed a tear in their memory and strive to make the most of this hard won independence that we take for granted today. Pledge to stand up those whose voice the world refuses to hear because they are too lowly to matter. To be free is a great privilege. But as a great superhero once said, “With great freedom comes great responsibility.”

China Furious at US 'Childish, Hysterical Paranoia' on Beijing World Bank

An editorial in the Chinese state-run Xinhua news agency blasts the US government for its attempts to steer Britain away from China's new infrastructure investment bank.

The United States has launched into paranoid hysteria by criticizing the United Kingdom for joining the Beijing-headquartered Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), China's state-run Xinhua news agency announced on Friday.

"The US has again launched into paranoid hysteria by manifesting its skepticism toward China's creation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank."

Latin American Countries Unite Behind Venezuela in Clash With US

Clearly infuriated by the Obama administration’s decision to declare Venezuela an "extraordinary threat to national security," President Nicolás Maduro demanded that Washington "show evidence" of how Venezuela threatens the US.
"We demand, via all global diplomatic channels, that President Obama rectify and repeal the immoral decree declaring Venezuela a threat to the United States," Maduro said during a speech at an “anti-imperialist march” in the capital city of Caracas, where he nearly shouted out of anger.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

CrossTalk: Russia Watching !

Mars Rover Makes Intriguing Discovery As It Nears 'Marathon' Finish Line

© AP Photo/ NASA

NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover found some rather peculiar rocks and minerals as it neared the end of its marathon study of the surface of the planet.
The rocks were found on a hill overlooking a site called “Marathon Valley,” named as such because Opportunity will have traveled 26.2 miles on Mars by the time it gets there.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

US Bullies Vietnam to Stop Military Cooperation With Russia

While expanding NATO bases closer to Russian borders, the US government is trying to bully Vietnam into stopping its military cooperation with Russia in the Pacific.

Sputnik's sources in the US Department of State confirm that America is pushing Vietnam to stop letting Russia use Cam Ranh Bay military base. Russian air force recently used the facility to refuel nuclear-capable bombers. US officials say Russian bomber planes have increased the number of flights in the region and even conducted what the Pentagon calls “provocative flights” around Guam, a US territory in the Pacific that is home to a large military base.

Shocking Video !!! 'Start Killing Russians': Outrageous Outburst by Fox News Military Analyst

A retired US major general thinks an American intervention in Ukraine should involve the spilling of Russian blood.
Robert Scales, a retired US major general and a Fox News military analyst, provided his view on the US involvement in Ukraine, describing it as a “game, set and match” situation; “the only way the US can have any effect in the region is to start killing Russians,” he stated.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

African Refugees Say Arab Muslims More Racist than Europeans

Under liberal dogma, the world is divided between the evil European colonialist exploiters of doom and the Oppressed masses of the Third World. In the real world, things are very different.
This is Morocco, one of the few moderate Arab countries, though not for long with the victory of an Islamist party. It’s fairly tolerant by Muslim standards, which is still wildly intolerant by European standards.

Wikipedia Drags NSA to court Over Mass Surveillance

© Flickr/ Giulia Forsythe

As Wikipedia formulates it lawsuit against the National Security Agency, prepare to witness a clash between one of the world’s most democratic information collectors and one of the world’s most tyrannical.
On Tuesday, the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation will file a lawsuit against the NSA and the US Department of Justice. The suit argues that the agency’s Upstream collection program violates not one, but two constitutional amendments.

China's International Payments System Ready to Go

China's long-awaited international payment system to process cross-border yuan transactions is ready and could launch by year-end, Reuters reports, citing sources with direct knowledge of the matter.
The launch of the China International Payment System (CIPS) will open the way for the yuan to go international and increase its global usage by cutting transaction costs and processing times.

Iranian Foreign Minister Schools US Senators in American, Int'l Law

Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, rejected a recent letter sent by US Republican senators, saying that it seems like the authors of the letter do not understand international law.

The debate over a possible nuclear deal with Iran took an unexpected turn when in a rare direct congressional intervention into diplomatic negotiations, US Republicans warned Iran against making any deal with President Obama in an open letter. The senators went as far as declaring that any agreement without legislative approval could be reversed by the next president “with the stroke of a pen,” media reported.

Nemtsov murder – more questions than answers

According to RT, Zaur Dadaev, who had reportedly confessed involvement in Nemtsov’s murder, said he organized the crime in revenge for the opposition leader’s “negative comments on Muslims and Islam,” according to Rosbalt’s source in law enforcement.  Sounds plausible?
Not really.  Possible?  I suppose so.  But plausible?

Back from Moscow

by Alexander Mercouris
As everyone by now knows I have been a week in Moscow.
It was an extraordinary, wonderful visit packed with productive work and meetings with good friends.  There is so much to say and I will try to say it when I can.  But first a quick general impression about the economic and security situation unrelated to specific political news or to the Nemtsov murder (of which more soon).
Briefly, there is no doubt the inflation is hurting.  I saw more beggars – overwhelmingly old and poor people – precisely the sort of people on low fixed incomes who get hurt most when inflation takes off.  Their numbers are still far below those in London and compared to Athens there is simply no comparison.

US Acts as Terrorist State Waging Finance War Against Russia – Austrian Magazine

The United States is waging a financing war against Moscow in a bid to weaken Russia to a spot of economic and social destruction, the Austrian Contra magazine said, adding this campaign goes against international law, WTO rules and bilateral agreements. white+house The United States has a wide selection of instruments at its disposal. The Austrian magazine named assigning false credit ratings as a primary example.
 "Russia's fundamentals are the best in the world. Not a single (big) state has better fundamentals than Russia. However, Fitch downgraded it to a 3B rating – just above junk level. The US has the worst fundamentals in the world. But the same rating agency has given it AAA, the best rating possible. It remains a mystery how the rating agency counts that," the publication said.
The media outlet compared the US to an enemy declare that disregards general code of conduct and acts upon its whims and wishes, forcing other countries to participate. Moreover, Washington threatens any country that's chosen to act independently with war and sanctions. US actions ought to be brought to the eye of the United Nations, the Austrian Contra magazine said.

So did Syriza win a victory?

by Alexander Mercouris
Since Greek was granted a 4 month extension there has been a sustained attempt both within Greece and in the English speaking world to claim that it is Syriza rather than the EU hardliners that came out ahead on points.  This is the view of Tsipras but also the view of such Anglophone commentators ranging from Jack Rasmus on the far left to Paul Krugman on the liberal left and to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on the right.

School kids die on their way back from journey to the mount Afadjato (Graphic Images)

Some school youngsters going on a journey to the mount Afadjato in Ghana lost their lives in an extremely horrible accident today March tenth. As per an observer, the vehicle the youngsters were in was just about completing the hilly drive when the driver lost control and fell into the trench executing understudies between the ages of 7-15 years.
They were from Kasoa going towards Afadjato on an outing. Here are various photographs from the accident. Our hearts go out to all the folks who lost their children. See the pics bellow.

The European Union’s military: yet another sign of impotence

You probably have heard of the European attempt to reacquire some relevance: the proposal to create a “European Union Army”.  In part, this is, as an attempt by the Europeans to show that they matter, that they can do something by themselves, that they are not completely US lackeys.  This might also be a reaction to the crazy statements of General Philip Breedlove, the Commander of the U.S. European Command and the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) whose inflammatory comments even got him a full-length rebuttal in Der Spiegel (There are even rumors that the Europeans want Breedlove sacked).  

10.03.2015 Ukrainian crisis news. War in Ukraine, Kiev, Donbass, NATO, Latvia

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