Saturday, March 21, 2015

How many armies does Europe need?

by Rostislav Ishchenko, president of the Center of System Analysis and Forecasting

Translated by Aleksey

Against the backdrop of a decision by the IMF to loan Ukraine 17.5 billion over a span of four years’ time (it is still a trick to receive these funds – the previous bailout, agreed in 2014, has not been fully received) the talk of a creation of a European armed forces has been lost from conversation.

This is in vain, the overriding theme being that perhaps we are on the threshold of a new military configuration capable of, in the future, changing the geopolitical map of the Old World.

GMO Mosquitoes May Have Unintended Consequences, Scientists Warn

Researchers have developed a new technique to genetically alter insects that promises to eradicate many mosquito-born diseases within a few years. But scientists warn the move could unleash disastrous unintended consequences for the environment.

The method — known as mutagenic chain reaction, or MCR — works by bypassing a key barrier to the rapid spread of genes within an insect population, ensuring that almost all offspring born of a genetically modified parent will have the ability to pass along a mutated gene — in this case, one that makes a mosquito resistant to malaria and incapable of passing the disease to humans.

Western Connection in the Assassination of Serbia’s Prime Minister Djindjic

by Nikola Vrzic
Several days ago, on March 12th, Serbia marked another – twelfth – anniversary of the assassination of Serbia’s prime minister Zoran Djindjic. The official narrative of Djindjic, as a reformer who was killed by criminals and Serbian nationalists, this year was confronted with evidence revealing the story as much more complex, with a strong presence of Western, primarily British and US secret services…


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