Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Faces and voices of the Novorussian resistance: Siberia and Kedr

Interviewing a militiaman nicknamed "Siberia" whose parents are originally from Galicia (Western Ukraine). He gives his thoughts on the civil war, the relationship between Russians and Ukrainians, and the situation as a whole.

Jehovah’s Witness Wife Dies After Refusing Blood Transfusion

A husband has told of his grief for his Jehovah’s Witness wife who reportedly died after refusing a blood transfusion.  Adeline Keh, 40, suffered a fatal infection after giving birth by Caesarean section to her son at Homerton Hospital in east London, her distraught husband Kwaku said.
She was transferred to the Papworth heart and lung hospital in Cambridge, where she is said to have refused a blood transfusion and died a month after the birth.


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