Thursday, October 1, 2015

US Launches Information War Against Russia’s Anti-ISIL Airstrikes

As Russia launches airstrikes against the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist group in Syria, the United States has already begun its disinformation campaign. Frustrated with its own failures in combating IS, Washington is misrepresenting Moscow’s efforts.

On Wednesday, Russian combat jets launched pinpointed strikes against IS targets in Syria. Almost immediately, Western media outlets carried reports of civilian casualties.

Russia Moves to Stabilize the Mideast Region not ‘Destroy It Like US

Russia has conducted its first airstrike against ISIL militants in Syria. The Russian Ministry of Defense says the operation took place in the Arab republic’s third largest city of Homs, which is a central link between the interior cities and the Mediterranean coast.

The operation came hours after the Russian Parliament approved the use of the country’s armed forces abroad.

According to Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office Sergei Ivanov, the decision was made after Syrian President Bashar Assad requested military assistance from Moscow in the fight against terrorism.
While speaking to journalists on Wednesday morning, Ivanov also added that the move does not foresee any ground troop operations.

As China Rises, US Deploys Most Advanced Aircraft Carrier to Boost Japan

The US Navy deployed one of its most advanced aircraft carriers to Japan to strengthen ties between Washington and Tokyo.

The USS Ronald Reagan, carrying a crew of 5,000 sailors and around 80 aircraft, docked at Yokosuka naval base on Thursday.

The nuclear-powered Reagan, which is equipped with the latest targeting and defense radars, integrated weapons systems and command and communications technology, marks an upgrade from the ship it is replacing, the USS George Washington.


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