Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nigeria has lost $400bn to graft –Ministry official

Deputy Director of Reforms at the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, Dr. John Magbadelo, on Thursday in Abuja introduced a new twist to the recruitment scandals rocking the nation’s federal civil service with a call on anti-graft agencies to probe the process of employment, promotions, postings and deployments in the public service.
Magbadelo said processes in the federal service “are riddled with corruption,” and that the country lost over $400bn to corruption over a period of 33 years  between 1966 and 1999.

“The cancerous rot which has continued to impair the growth of potential of this country seems to have defied every therapy. It was estimated that Nigeria had lost to corruption as much as $400 bn between 1966 and 1969. Yet corruption in Nigeria preceded 1966 and has continued ever since even beyond 2007 with greater ferocity and intensity,” he said.

House of Representatives Rejects Bill to Give Unemployed Graduates Allowance ( Pls Share Your Point Of View)

The House of Representatives on Wednesday threw out a bill seeking to provide monetary incentives to all unemployed graduates in Nigeria.
The bill, which was sponsored by Arua Arunsi (PDP, Abia), sought to amend the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) Act 2004 to cater for unemployed graduates of tertiary institutions who could not secured employment.
Mr Arunsi had argued that the bill was to design and implement programmes to combat mass unemployment for graduates that are between the ages of 18 to 35 years and also between third to fifth year of post-graduation experience.

Most of the lawmakers present at the chamber stoutly opposed the second reading of the bill on the ground that it failed to meet critical criterion of filling gaps inherent in the existing laws it was seeking to amend.

Nigeria, Dubai, Iceland: All Better Bets Than US

Investors who have done well buying U.S. stocks this year could be doing even better with Nigeria.

The Nigerian market, in fact, has outperformed American equities by a large margin, up more than 20 percent this year versus the U.S. gain of a still-respectable 6 percent.

Ditto for Dubai, Iceland, Vietnam and Abu Dhabi. Taken together, the countries form an unlikely quintet that leads the global equity markets and poses opportunities for investors wary of all the stomach-churning turmoil closer to home.

Bombs explode in northeastern Nigeria city during meeting of political opposition parties

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria –  Witnesses say several bombs have exploded in a northeastern Nigeria city which is hosting a meeting of opposition political parties. The blasts happened Thursday afternoon in the city of Maiduguri, long under assault by a radical Islamic sect known as Boko Haram. A security official said he believed some soldiers were killed in the blasts, but did not have any other information. The official spoke on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to speak to journalists.  The All Progressives Congress, a recently announced amalgam of opposition parties in Nigeria, was holding a meeting Thursday in the city that had drawn powerful politicians. Meanwhile, police in the eastern state of Taraba said foreigners working for a construction company escaped a kidnapping attempt Wednesday night that killed two police officers.

Nigeria, Cameroun plan joint action against fake drugs, others

IN furtherance of regional efforts to check fake and substandard drugs, Nigeria and Cameroun have signed a cooperation agreement. Both countries signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) Wednesday that involves Nigeria providing some technical capacity to Cameroun’s anti-counterfeiting war, including training of the neighbouring country’s team and sharing Nigeria’s experiences and technological capacity with them.
The pact, officials of both countries say, is to enhance cooperation between both countries and to reinforce the application of standard and the respect of specification for all products, which come to Nigeria from Cameroun and those that go to Cameroun from Nigeria.

R.I.P: Hip hop act Damino Damoche shot dead at LASU this afternoon

Rising hip hop act, Olaniyan Damilola, popular known as Damino Damoche, was shot dead this afternoon at Lagos State University Ojo gate by people suspected to be cultist.  Damoshe was shot twice in the head and hand after he finished writing a test at faculty of management science. He was a Banking and Finance student at LASU. He was popular for his song - obo to she

Samklef involved in auto crash

 The top music producer and singer was involved in a car crash in the early hours of today 28th February, around the Anthony area of Lagos. His car was badly damaged but thankfully neither he nor the other occupant of the car, his driver, was injured.

'Those betraying GEJ and PDP Gov Akpabio Got A Message For You ( Pls reply)

Those betraying GEJ and PDP are like Judas who betrayed Jesus'- Gov Akpabio
"PDP is the only party with national spread and Nigerians have come to accept it. But when there is an implosion, when you have more Judases than disciples. The Judases are more than disciples now. We have to cleanse the system of Judases to support Mr. President. Where there is treachery, where there are more Judases than you have disciples, we want to have good disciples, we know that even in Christendom when Jesus Christ have 12 disciples, there was one Judas, but if the Judas were up to nine, then, Jesus could have been in trouble, the gospel would have been in trouble today."- Godswill Akpabio Akwa Ibom State Governor and Chairman, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Governors Forum


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