Sunday, May 26, 2013

2 policemen dead as cultists wreak havoc in Lagos

Two policemen have been reported killed and many others injured in Ikorodu, Lagos state after unknown members of a cult group were said to have attacked people in the Imowo-nla community area.
According to reports, many of the over 15,000 residents of the community have now deserted their homes. Shops have been closed and businesses abandoned following the attack by the cult group which has been on-going since on Tuesday May 21, 2013.
There are also reports of rape and kidnapping of female residents but the police or even the community chief are yet to address the matter.
A resident named Taiwo Esuforuwa, told Channels Television that two policemen were killed by the cultists and many of the residents had also been attacked by the cultists who usually start terrorising people at night.

Aduro: Victor Moses Parents Are Not Dead, They Are Alive In Edo State!

Victor Moses, who is having one of the best seasons of his life in football right now. Having moved from a relatively small football club in England, to one of the top 3 best in the UK & one of the best in Europe presently, in the shape of Chelsea FC of England. The young man contributed so well to his club achievements in only his first season there. 

Not forgetting he was also fantastic in Nigeria's Nations Cup win in South Africa earlier this year. The gist currently going on about is that contrary to his claim to have lost his parents a few years ago to sectarian riots in the Northern parts of Nigeria (Kaduna State to be more precise). That claim might well be very farfetched and totally away from the truth. According to some reports, his parents are said to be hale & hearty, very alive in Edo State of Nigeria presently. 

French Soldier Stabbed in Throat outside Paris; Unclear if any Link to UK Attack

French Soldier Stabbed in the Throat outside Paris; Unclear yet if any Link to UK Attack

Police officers stand near the cordoned off spot where a French soldier was stabbed
in the throat in the busy commercial district of La Defense, outside Paris.

The Associated Press

May 25, 2013
A French soldier was stabbed in the throat in a busy commercial district outside Paris on Saturday, and the government said it was trying to determine if there were any links to the brutal killing of a British soldier by suspected Islamic extremists.

Video: Woolwich Attack: MI5 'Offered Job to Suspect’ Six Months ago

Woolwich Attack: MI5 'Offered Job to Suspect’ Six Months ago says a Friend

Abu Nusaybah
Abu Nusaybah, a friend of Michael Adebolajo for more than 10 years, claims MI5 tried to recruit Adebolajo as a spy.
•   Michael Adebolajo was 'followed by MI5' after a trip to Kenya, claims friend
•   Murder suspect claimed MI5 wanted information about 'certain individuals'
•   Abu Nusaybah said security service was also bugging Adebolajo
•   'They won't leave me alone' Adebolajo reportedly told friend
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Nasir El-Rufai and his two daughters, By Femi Fani-Kayode

Piece written by former Aviation minister, Femi Fani Kayode
The graduate unemployment rate in Nigeria is 80 per cent yet these young people that are abusing and mocking my friend and brother, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, the former Minister of FCT, for saying that he has two daughters that have masters degrees but who cannot find jobs do not seem to appreciate the gravity of their own situation or understand the point that he was trying to make.
Nasir El-Rufai was simply speaking up for the very youths and jobless graduates that are now mocking and insulting him because of his comment. I assure you that his daughters will never starve and they can get jobs anywhere in the world or even end up working in any of his own numerous companies and business concerns if they so choose. He was only trying to use their plight as an example of the sad condition that Nigeria has found herself in where only two out of every ten graduates can find jobs.
If we put that in proper perspective it means that out of every one thousand graduates only 200 will find jobs and it means that out of every 10,000 graduates only 2000 will find jobs. This is as a consequence of the economic mess that the Jonathan administration has created in the last three years. The unemployment rate today has NEVER been as bad as it is today in our entire history. That is what Nasir El-Rufai was trying to point out only because he is humane and he empathises with the youth. He feels their pain. Those young people that do not get the point he was trying to make and that are mocking him and subjecting him and his daughters to ridicule and insults for saying what he said deserve to go through the suffering and frustration that they are experiencing in life.

My Name Has Brought Good Luck To Nigeria- President Goodluck Jonathan says

President Goodluck Jonathan said yesterday Saturday May 25th that his first name has brought some good luck to Nigeria. While granting an interview yesterday, the president said:
"Traditional societies attach some values to names. That is why people select good names for their children. In the scriptures sometimes, when God sends you on some special assignment, He could even direct, ‘change the name of this child from this to that. But the name in itself does not make much difference because even from my village, there is one of my peers that also answers Goodluck.  Another one that is a little older than me answers Lucky from my small village and I didn’t see the good luck and lucky in them.
“In terms of bringing my name to bear in Nigerian affairs, within this period, we have our challenges. Of course, you are aware that we have our security challenges. But in spite of the security challenges, the country is moving on. I will say yes, it (his name) brought some good luck to the country.”
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Rotimi Amaechi is a traitor - Asari Dokubo

The leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, Asari Dokubo, has described Rivers State Governor and reelected chairman of Nigeria Governors Forum, Rotimi Amaechi as a “traitor.”. In a phone-in radio programme in Port Harcourt on Saturday, Asari said Amaechi’s political ambition did not tally with the ambition of the people of the state. Asari said:
“Amaechi and his commissioners can go back to slavery and continue to serve the northerners, who claim to be born to rule. We will never go back to slavery. We know the quality of those who are commissioners in Rivers State.
“Amaechi is a traitor and he will be treated like a traitor. Amaechi is not more Ikwerre than me. It is about liberty to rule. Amaechi wants to take us back to slavery. It will not be possible. The era of northern godfathers is gone.


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