Saturday, March 29, 2014

Muslim cleric nabbed slitting girl’s throat in Oyo

A 37-year-old muslim cleric, Isah Salaudeen was caught on Thursday night trying to slaughter a young girl, Chiwendu Nkwocha who had gone to him for spiritual help in Ibadan.
According to report, the victim, Nkwocha was brought to Salaudeen by her boyfriend, Bola, in January this year so that he would help in using prayers and other means to exorcise some spirits troubling her and she had been undergoing this ‘spiritual cleansing’ by being given herbs, concoctions and ‘holy water’ to cure her.

70 year old man dies after having S*x with a married woman

  IT was a shameful death for a 70 years of age man identified as David, yesterday, when he slumped and died after having marathon s*x with a married woman in a resort in Benin City. He died at one of the hotels in the Government Reservation Area, Benin City. The incident, based on reports happened at about 1pm.  A son to the deceased who didn't give his name said his father left home 45 minutes earlier. The son said they were called by the police to come to the Benin Central Hospital only  to see the dad's corpse. Doctors on duty said David was brought stone dead to the hospital. The girl was also present at a healthcare facility but policemen ferried her away to stop her from being mobed. The corpse was deposited at the Central Hospital mortuary.

Video: ''No Man Can Resist My Body...''

See Atiku Abubakar's world biggest oil and gas free zone (Onne)

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar posted a photo of his industrial empire, the worlds biggest Oil & Gas Free Zone in Onne which he describes as a success. Onne Oil and Gas Free Zone before & afterHe took to his twitter account to gush about the zone which now creates thousands of job opportunities.

I can’t waste my time on El-Rufai, he’s too small - Pastor Oritsejafor

 In an interview with Punch today, President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor responded for the first time on Mallam Nasir Elrufai's claims that the private jet he got some months back was from the presidency and not from his church members.
Your children in the ministry bought aircraft for you recently, but Mallam Nasir el-Rufai claimed it was a gift from the President. How do you feel about this?
I am glad that there are people who challenged him. I would only be dignifying him if a person at my level starts exchanging words with a small person like el-Rufai. He is too small. I will not dignify him with a response. People responded. They told him that since he knew who gave the gift, he should provide the proof, which he hasn’t done till today. Obviously, he didn’t have any proof. That is the problem with Nigeria. We continue to celebrate people like el-Rufai. He is too small for me.

JTF, nabs 2 Britons, Others For Crude Oil Theft, ₦20M Bribery Offered (Photos)`

Nigerian Security Agency, JTF, Arrests Two Britons, Others For Crude Oil Theft, Bribery……
The syndicate offered ₦20 million bribe to JTF officials.

Two british nationals arrested for bribing JTF officials....


March 28, 2014

The Joint Task Force, JTF, in the Niger Delta, on Friday announced that its officials declined a  ₦20 million gratification offered by a syndicate to facilitate oil theft. The members of the syndicate, including two Britons, were also arrested.

Presidency on Private Jet Fraud: We Won’t Probe Alison Madueke

In Nigeria today, you can spend as much money as you like if you are close to the President. How sad!

The Presidency said that it will not probe the allegations of misappropriation of public funds levelled against the Minister of Petroleum, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, who is an in-law President Goodluck Jonathan.

US mulls sending anti-aircraft weapons to Syrian opposition

According to an AP report, President Barack Obama may authorize the shipment of new air defense systems to rebel forces in Syria. Citing an unnamed US official, the AP says Obama is considering the idea of sending man-portable air-defense systems, also known as MANPADs, to Syrian opposition groups by way of employing new ways to put pressure on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and boost the opposing rebels, who have lost ground in the conflict over the last few months. The move would mark a notable shift compared to the White House's past statements.

Officials then said the US would send anti-tank rockets and humanitarian aid to the opposition, but noted MANPADs – portable missile-launchers – would not be part of the package, due to fears they could land in extremist hands and potentially be used to take down commercial airliners.

West 'twisted arms' of 50 countries to get support for UN resolution on Ukraine - Lavrov

Western powers had to "twist the arms" of some 50 countries to get their support for the UN General Assembly resolution on Ukraine, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Sergei Brilev's Vesti v Subbotu (News on Saturday) television programme on March 29.

"This is done using different ways. For starters, our Ukrainian neighbours were advised to make the text as non-confrontational and balanced as it could only be and to state 'positively' that the territorial integrity of Ukraine should be respected. Who would have objected? But that's not even a half of the truth, it's just a tiny bit of it… after that, counting on one's naivete, they say: 'What a good resolution! Just sign it and become a co-author," Lavrov said.

US sanctions against Russia to blow up America's world domination

Washington, angered by Russia, has decided to punish it and has made Brussels act likewise. Barack Obama has created a precedent by personally reading out the names of those on the anti-Russian sanctions list. Washington has been angered by Russia's reunification with Crimea. It is actually reunification, rather than annexation, as Washington and Brussels claim, for Russia can't annex what had been part of it for centuries.

Man beheads Ex-Judge in Ogun State.

A 25 year old house help identified simply as David has been arrested for attacking and beheading a 65 year old retired Chief magistrate, Vanguard reports.

Olufunmilayo Timeyin was  slaughtered at her residence in Laderin  estate in Obafemi-Owode LGA of Ogun State. David allegedly scaled the fence of the late Timeyin’s  bungalow, deactivated the security system inside the building and laid siege within the premises before hacking the retired magistrates to death.
David, an Igede, Benue state-born was reportedly employed two months ago and sent packing two weeks ago for allegedly stealing his boss valuables including phones and jewelries which led to his arrest and subsequently release on the boss order.

The people of Ibadan are in a state of shock.

Just as the residents of the Oyo State capital were recovering from the
discovery of a building where hundreds of innocent citizens had lost their lives to kidnappers, comes another gruesome shock.

A middle aged man, suspected to be ritualist, was arrested by the Oyo State Command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in Ibadan. It seemed to be a routine arrest at the time.

SaharaReporters learned that the suspected ritualist had been pretending to be a lunatic at the ring road, in Ibadan, Oyo State over the past three years.

'Ibinabo should resign as AGN president because of political appointment'- Clarion Chukwurah

Actress Clarion Chukwurah has called on the current President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria(AGN) Ibinabo Fiberisima, to resign from office as she has been appointed into a political office by President Jonathan. Ibinabo apointed by President Jonathan on the board of the National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) on February 26th.

In a two-page statement she released titled, Ibinabo and the AGN visit to President GEJ: Setting The Record Straight, Clarion Chukwurah said since Ibinabo has received the Federal Government's appointment, it is expected of her to vacate office as AGN President and face her new appointment, as Onyeka Onwenu and Kanayo O Kanayo her predecessors did. Continue...

Minister for Interior Abba Moro finally accepts responsibility for NIS mess.

The Minister of Interior, Abba Moro yesterday accepted blame for the poorly conducted immigration recruitment exercise that led to the death of 16 youths on March 15th. Mr Moro appeared before the Senate Committee on Interior Matters Panel instituted by the senate to investigate circumstances that led to the ill-fated exercise. While expressing his sympathy to those that died, Moro said as with most administrative exercises, the end result cannot be determined...
"Mr chairman and distinguished senators, we are deeply grieved and saddened by the way events turned out. We express our sincere regrets once again. However, permit me to state that our patriotic desire was the pursuit of a more honest, a more transparent, a more cost effective, a more efficient and equitable platform.

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Putin calls Obama to discuss possible intl community's actions on Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called American President Barack Obama on Friday to discuss a US diplomatic proposal for Ukraine, the White House said. It was believed to have been the first direct conversation between Obama and Putin since the United States and its European allies began imposing sanctions on Putin's inner circle and threatened to penalize key sectors of Russia's economy. 

Putin called to discuss a US proposal for a diplomatic resolution to the Ukraine crisis, which Secretary of State John Kerry again presented to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the Hague meeting earlier this week.

‘Against democratic principles’: EU’s Ashton denounces nationalists’ pressure on Ukraine parliament

Oh - now that they are protesting against the new pro-EU Putsch regime they helped install, the Right Sector's pressure on the Rada is according to Baroness Ashton "against democratic principles". Hello - hypocrisy, much? Where was this condemnation of their "democratic" pressure two months ago when they were throwing Molotov cocktails, seizing government buildings, and killing young men in uniform in the street?!?

The EU's Orwellian double standards and immorality makes me physically sick.

On Progressives and Pro-aggressives - Written by Reno Omokri

Article written by Reno Omokri, Special Assistant to the President on New Media.
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