Monday, April 1, 2013

Chime's Cancer Did Not Go Away: Swelling On The Cheek Of Enugu Governor

President Goodluck Jonathan arrived to commission a church in Enugu state today.
The church reportedly built by the deputy senate president, Ike Ekweremadu had ailing governor, Sullivan Chime welcoming Mr. Jonathan at the airport.
An important photo taken of Mr. Chime's face swollen on the right cheek tells that the governor's cancer might be making an aggressive comeback.

HEARTLESS !!! Pregnant Woman Deliberately Runs Over Her Ex-Boyfriend's New Pregnant Girlfriend With Her Car

A pregnant woman was nearly killed when a woman also pregnant with her boyfriend's child deliberately slammed into her with a car.
The injured woman, who is five-months pregnant, was pinned between the wall of a house and a car driven by Shareyll Hunter. The attack was the culmination of a love triangle among Hunter, 26, her ex-boyfriend Christopher Chaney and the victim: Chaney's new girlfriend Alise Kelley, 21.
Kelley is in the hospital with two broken legs, CW39 NewsFix reported. Her unborn child is reportedly OK, but doctors might have to amputate one or both of her legs.  Chaney, who has two children already with Hunter, said that the two women have been arguing continuously for days on end. "They just don't like each other. I don't know if it's because of me or what. I mean, I am handsome," Chaney said, according to KTRK.
After allegedly ramming into Kelley outside Chaney's house, police contend that Hunter drove off with her ex's Lincoln Continental LS, KHOU reported.
She's reportedly still on the loose.

Jonathan has officially green-lit a plan to introduce N5,000 currency note in Nigeria.

Exclusive reports reaching us say President Goodluck Jonathan has officially green-lit a plan to introduce N5,000 currency note in Nigeria.
A trustworthy source from Mr. Jonathan’s administration disclosed the policy reversal in a telephone conversation.

It would be recalled that President's earlier approval of the plan to introduce the N5,000, suggested by Governor Lamido Sanusi of the Central Bank of Nigeria, had triggered criticism, condemnation and even some street protests. However, the policy was merely being suspended, not abandoned.

Horrifying Auto Crash Kills Bride, 6 Family Members On The Way To Her Wedding Reception

Tragedy struck on the highway between Hafr Al Baten and Dammam, the largest city in eastern Saudi Arabia when a bride on her way to her wedding reception with six members of her family were killed in a collision between their car and a trailer.
The victims were four women, two men and one girl, said Fahad Al Ghamdi, a spokesman for the Red Crescent in the Eastern Province, Saudi media reported on Thursday.
The tragedy happened at around 10:30am and reports said a third car was involved in the accident.

Check out Signs That Your Girlfriend Used To Be The head Of Ashawos

The discussion of past intimate partners can be a topic that is often avoided when starting a new relationship.  Women who are open and free-spirited about their sexuality are among us, and while most men say they want a woman with someexperience, they don’t want to feel like she’s got more miles on her then his SUV. So, if you' re getting the feeling that your new girlfriend has been around, here are 5 signs to look for to determine if the "sweet and innocent" woman you are with used to be the kind of girl guys thought of as a "sure thing."

Things Women Don't Want To Hear In Bed

1. “Who’s your daddy?”
When a woman is getting it on with you,  it's a total turnoff to hear a creepy cliché that instantly makes her think of her dear old dad.

2. Another woman’s name 
Yes, she knows you have had intimate moments with other women, but every woman wants to think she is the only one. If you make this huge mistake, be extremely apologetic and be prepared to do whatever it takes to prove to her that she's the most beautiful, intelligent and sexiest woman you have ever met. 

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Is Bobo Omotayo set to announce a new political party in Nigeria?

On the heels of the merger of Nigeria's opposition groups, Author, Bobo Omotayo, is rumoured to have submitted a letter of intent to register a political party, the Alliance Longevity Democratic Party (ALDP) to INEC. Though as yet unconfirmed, our man in Abuja nevertheless sighted this quirky young author leaving the INEC office with his lawyers and party gbeborons last evening.

INEC, who are not currently registering new parties, declined to comment on the chances of ALDP, and neither Omotayo nor his gbeborons would explain their secret feint. Continue...

We have however just been told to await the unveiling of the party's constitution, manifesto and list of dashing young candidates, details of which is apparently to be released and available at all leading bookstores nationwide this morning.


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