Saturday, November 21, 2015

What is Daesh’s endgoal?

by Non-Zionist Anglo Observer

The Saker’s excellent analysis on the position in Syria ‘after Paris’ poses several possibilities as to why Daesh appears to have a death wish, but frankly confesses to finding none of them satisfactory.

Under such circumstances, it is usually the best policy to eschew inherently unprovable conspiracy theories  (particularly since unrealistic ones do us all a grave disservice by potentially leading people to reject our points about the actually barely concealed and very real ‘conspiracy’ of the Anglo-Zionists and their allies to use Wahhabi terrorists as a weapon of foreign policy).

Better, I would suggest, to reach for the simple razor this predictive text stubbornly refuses me to allow to name!

USA SitRep November 21 by Auslander

SitRep, Auslander goes behind enemy lines

I have just returned from a trip to USA. It matters not why I had to go, it simply suffices to say it was not my choice and it will in all probability be my last journey west baring an emergency that requires my presence. I am getting old and such long journeys are pretty hard in regards to the time and strain of so many hours in flight.


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