Friday, April 25, 2014

Photo Post: Fuel Tanker Explosion That Caused Panic In Asokoro Place Of Abuja

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Dozens killed as Boko Haram attacks military base

Again, Boko Haram insurgents have attacked a military unit at Blabili, Danboa, Borno State, in the early hours of Friday.
The latest attack came on the heels of the recent abduction of more than 100 female students in Chibok locality of the state.
Not less than 40 insurgents and four soldiers were killed in the gunfight.
 Investigations revealed that the Special Forces recovered several arms and ammunition from the insurgents in the battle.

Alleged Witch found in Gutter at juelegba this morning

Mehn!..this my job as a news blogger could really exposed someone to some weird, bizzarre and extremely bizarre stories...this falls into the "extremely bizarre" category.

Today, This morning to be precise, around 9am, a woman who confessed to be a witch was found inside a sealed gutter around Abalti Barracks, just before Ojuelegba in Surulere, Lagos.

You may have STD And not know it..

Could you have an STD and not know it? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Some sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea, have symptoms that are often confused with signs of a bladder infection, while others, such as chlamydia, may not have any symptoms at all. Here is a look at the most common STDs in women, including a brief summary of specific symptoms and how the diseases are treated.

Revealed: Keshi, NFF lied to Nigerians

Via Vanguardngr 
Stephen Keshi was the first to step out of the meeting with the Technical Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation Tuesday.

He told the press that he had submitted a provisional list for the 2014 Brazil World Cup to the committee.

Tito Vilanova dies at Age 45, Loses Battle With Cancer.

Former Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova has died at the age of 45, the club have confirmed, after unsuccessful emergency surgery.

The ex-central midfielder was admitted to hospital following a downturn in his health which required an operation on his stomach on Thursday, with club president Josep Maria Bartomeu confirming the trainer was "fighting" for his life.

Photo: Naval officer allegedly kills bus conductor in Oshodi over bribe

 Found the picture and report with this guy's Facebook page. Why is this happening ? One policeman was beaten up yesterday for shooting a driver and today this... ?

Police retrieve 2-yr-old boy's severed head in IB

The Ogun state Police command has recovered the head of the 2 year old boy that has been killed on April 16 by suspected ritualist, Mamodu Bashir Ibrahim. Mamodu had r*ped the small boy's mother at uncompleted building at Ofada town in Obafemi/Owode local government part of Ogun State before killing and beheading the boy. The person was later arrested by men of the Criminal Investigation Department on April 22, he took law enforcement team to where he hid the small boy's severed head.
Based on the state Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Muyiwa Adejobi, who spoke with Vanguard, the top was found in the bag in Mokola part of Ibadan of Oyo state.

Kettle calling pot black(MediaWar): RT demands apology for US Kerry's 'propaganda bullhorn' comment

U.S is first in everything and then followed by Russia. These two superpowers are the biggest competitor of the World's exportation of arms and military hardwares. Kerry refuses to acknowledge the West's mind controlling media but rather rushes to calling pot black.

No 1 one the list is U.S and west media want everyone else under their mind controlling media to believe that Russia Invaded Ukraine, Raided and Annex Crimea.

The western propaganda and brainwashing of the population is so widespread and the populace so completely under control that even when presented with concrete undeniable facts that run counter to the official narrative the majority of people still refuse to believe.

This has made it a literal information war when it comes to the situation in Ukraine and even the simple fact that there was never an “invasion” of Ukraine by Russia, something egregiously and erroneously reported by the western media, is almost impossible to counter. Russia has not now or ever “invaded” Ukraine or the Crimea, there has been a contingent of Russian troops supporting the Black Sea Fleet there for decades. That is the simple fact."

"Only the set of people influenced and under the mind control of US/EU think that Russia raided, annexed, invaded crimea. This set of people should be able to know very well from the precedence of US/EU that when they raid, attack, air strike, invade, annex, occupy the results are hundreds of thousands of defenseless civilians and children are killed, the nation devastated and destroyed by massive bombing, millions wounded and displaced with massive refugees fleeing to the neighbor's borders, looting of the wealth and treasury of the nation and many war crimes and atrocities committed. "

This they have done to approximately 22 countries. If western region Ukrainians can do violent protests killing police and destroying govt properties, ask for help and decide to join EU/US is ok, but why the Crimean Ukrainians cannot ask for protection and decide to join the Russian Federation as their nation was invaded with violent protests leading to Coup d'état, provoked, funded and armed by US/EU finally installing an illegal facist interim government? If UN ignores many violation of international laws by US/EU, why they are quick to react to Russia with false charges that they invaded, annex, raided? Is it not clear that they are controlled by US/EU?

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