Thursday, October 15, 2015

Interview of Sheikh Imran on Republika Srpska television (MUST WATCH!!)

In the meantime, in Nazi-occupied Ukraine

The dramatic developments in Syria have somewhat overshadowed the events in Nazi-occupied Ukraine.  True, nothing truly ‘major’ has happened there, but that in itself is a major development and a case of “no news is good news”.
Remember how close we were to a Ukronazi attack just a few months or weeks ago?
That attack never materialized.
This is, I submit, major news and something which most of us did not dare hope for.  After all, the Ukronazis had assembled a very large (some would say “bloated”) force all along the line of contact, the rhetoric out of Kiev was even worse than usual and all the signs were that the junta was poised to attack any day.  Then two things happened.

Poland’s stance towards Russia: pathetic, contemptible and plain stupid

Alexander Rutskoi (Major-General of Aviation, former President and Vice-President of Russia, Hero of Russia): You know, there is that saying that if a rape is inevitable, then you should relax and enjoy it.  Well, this is the kind of “enjoyment” which all of Europe is getting nowadays.  I have quoted Nietzsche in the past who said “only the strong can be respected, the weak can only be pitied, and even that not always”.  Now they are finally respecting Russia again and now all of these folks are shaking in fear because Russia has stood up from her knees.  We have a peace-loving President, he wants to form a coalition with everybody, he always says let’s settle this issue together – but there is zero reaction on the other side.  But now those who have that “zero reaction” (to Putin’s offers) now know that Russia today can also smash their faces (“дать по морде”).
Zigmund Dzencholovski (Polish journalist): I am very worried about the words I heard today from Mr. Rutskoi who said that now the world has to understand that we have reached the point were the world has to understand that “Russian can smash their faces”.  This is precisely this type of Russia which we fear and this is why we are uniting.


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