Tuesday, October 21, 2014

AfriShopOnline, African Shop Ukraine: Making Food shopping simple and Easy

Online African Food Store Makes Shopping Convenient.
Fed up with being forced to go out to the store anytime a food item become necessary? Perhaps  someone  has been searching for many items which have proved  difficult to get, and they're just starting to wonder where the most effective spots to see them. If here is the case it is a perfect time for you to try shopping online as AfrishopOline.com - African shop Ukraine, Poland and Russia web African food store.

WHO Declaration: Jonathan Orders Continued Vigilance at Borders

In his determined bid to leave nothing to chance and avoid complacency, President Goodluck Jonathan has ordered all relevant agencies of government to retain all anti- Ebola measures in place since the Ebola virus entered the country, until the disease is completely wiped out from the world. President Jonathan celebrated today's declaration by the World Health Organization(WHO) that Nigeria is completely free from Ebola after 42 days without any incidence.

Total's chairman/CEO Christophe de Margerie dies in plane crash

Christophe de Margerie, the Chairman and CEO of giant oil company, Total, died in plane crash last night October 20th in Russia. He was 63.

According to a statement released by airport authorities early this morning, de Margerie's private plane collided with a snowplow on the runway of Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow as it was accelerating for takeoff just a few minutes before midnight. They also said in the statement that the driver of the snowplow was intoxicated. The business jet's three crew members also died.


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