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Monday, March 23, 2015

CIA Director Mad That Iranian General Fights Against ISIL in Iraq

As many in the West call on regional actors to take a leading role in combating the influence of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, none have responded quite as efficiently as Iran. But CIA Director John Brennan worries that one Iranian general, lauded by Iraqis, poses a significant threat to US counterterrorism efforts.
The terrorist attacks in Yemen and Syria last week, which the Islamic State took credit for, served as a reminder of just how necessary it is for the world to eradicate the terrorist group. Weary of becoming embroiled in another expensive war in the Middle East, the United States has instead called on regional leaders to take action.

Friday, June 20, 2014

UN places blame on Ukraine's gov't for war crimes

The United Nations Human Rights monitoring commission has published a report on the Ukrainian issue. The report might stir Kiev, the US and the EU up, if only the West still respects the UN. The report says that the Ukrainian government violates human rights and the international conventions in the Federal State of Novorossiya, which is southeastern Ukraine.

The violations include detentions, kidnapping, tortures and killing of people, including women and children.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

CIA trying to restore reputation through social networks

The CIA is trying at all cost to clear its name which was damaged after a series of sensational revelations, RT reports. CIA Director John Brennan says that he is disturbed by the manner in which the media describe his department because, in his opinion, they severely falsify information.

Earlier this month, the CIA started official pages on Facebook and Twitter. CIA representatives in the microblog service cracked a lame joke saying that they cannot either confirm or contradict the fact that this is their first twit.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

CIA's head has come to Ukraine to instruct power agencies - unofficial source

A source in the Ukrainian parliament has told the Russian Interfax news agency that CIA's Director John Brennan has recently visited Ukraine's capital Kiev and had several meetings with representatives of Ukraine's power-wielding agencies.

The person who said this to Interfax in a phone talk added that John Brennan came to Ukraine not under his real name.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

CIA has begun delivering weapons to rebels in Syria

The CIA has begun delivering weapons to rebels in Syria, ending months of delay in lethal aid that had been promised by the Obama administration, according to US officials and Syrian figures. The shipments began streaming into the country over the past two weeks, along with separate deliveries by the State Department of vehicles and other gear — a flow of material that marks a major escalation of the US role in Syria’s civil war.
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Monday, August 19, 2013

CIA admits it was behind Iranian coup of 1953. When will it admit its role in the coups of the 2000s?

Iranian students holding a poster of Mohammad Mossadegh after a rally on December 7, 2002

Marking the sixtieth anniversary of the August 19, 1953 coup d'état in Iran, the US National Security Archive has posted recently declassified CIA documents concerning the United States' role in the coup. It took the agency 60 years to admit what had been an open secret for any observer. Now one may only wonder how long will it take the CIA to admit its role in other turbulent events of recent years, when governments were toppled, installed and once again toppled due to what appeared to be spontaneous mass protests, but in fact were orchestrated from the same place as the 1953 coup in Iran.
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Saturday, July 6, 2013

9-11: advanced knowledge, MOSSAD, CIA and the PNAC

The world’s mass media have recently publicized the case of Susan Lindauer, a former CIA operative who was arrested under the Patriot Act after she attempted to testify about 9-11 and U.S. Government foreknowledge and involvement in the attacks of 9-11-2001. The U.S. Government sent 5 FBI agents to her home and arrested her and then attempted to administer psychotropic drugs to her and hold her without trial or hearing.

Since 9-11 the mass media, in particular in the U.S. has almost never publicized the plights of the thousands of voices who have had evidence which runs contrary to the official version of 9-11. The voices which have come out against the official narrative of 9-11 have included structural engineers, respected scientists, military personnel, professors, eyewitnesses, reporters, bloggers and countless in what can be loosely termed the 9-11 truth movement.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

CIA starts arming Syria rebels from Jordan stashes

Informed US diplomats and officials have confirmed that the Central Intelligence Agency has begun shipping weapons to Jordan in a move to gear up vetted Syrian rebels within a month, the Wall Street Journal reports.

 Earlier this month, US President Barack Obama authorized a covert plan that will see more arms shipments being moved to Jordan from a network of secret warehouses. These new deliveries, together with rebel training and a simultaneous push to mobilize shipments from EU and Arab allies, are timed to allow a concerted push by the Syrian militants starting by early August.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

CIA and US special forces secretly training Syrian rebels - report

The CIA and US special forces have been secretly training Syrian rebels since last year at bases in Jordan and Turkey, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

The Free Syrian Army was involved in two-week training programmes that included work with anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons, a US official and a Syrian rebel commander told the Times.
White House spokesman Jay Carney would not comment on the report and also declined to outline what weapons the US could provide to the rebels, except to say "I cannot inventory for you all the elements of that assistance."
"The important point here is that, because of the actions we have seen the Assad regime take, we have decided to increase both the scope and scale of our assistance to the opposition, and we've been very clear about that over the last weeks and months," he said.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Afghan President Karzai receiving CIA black money for over a decade

Tens of millions of U.S. dollars in cash were delivered by the CIA in suitcases, backpacks and plastic shopping bags to the office of Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai for more than a decade, according to the New York Times, citing current and former advisers to the Afghan leader.

The so-called "ghost money" was meant to buy influence for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) but instead fuelled corruption and empowered warlords, undermining Washington's exit strategy from Afghanistan, the newspaper quoted U.S. officials as saying.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Woman Involved in Affair With CIA Director Revealed (David Petraeus)

Paula Broadwell, a Harvard researcher who co-wrote a biography of David Petraeus, is the woman with whom the retired four-star general had an affair, prompting his abrupt resignation on Friday as director of the CIA, according to Slate’s Fred Kaplan.


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