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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Peacemaking US-Style: Obama Sending New Weapons to Ukraine - Poroshenko

Barack Obama ordered to supply Ukraine with new defensive weapons. A step toward reconciliation, you say?
The United States has decided to deliver new models of defensive weapons to Kiev, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Sunday.

"He [US President Barack Obama] told me that he signed an executive order on the delivery of new weapons to Ukraine, that we desperately need, since this is defensive armament, long range counter-battery radar complexes which will allow us to increase the defense capabilities of the Ukrainian army," Poroshenko said in an interview to Ukrainian TV channels.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Is an Ukronazi attack imminent? Yes! So what else is new?

Novorussian officials have called a press conference today to warn about the high risks of an Ukronazi assault on Novorussia in the very near future.  I have asked our translation team and friends to subtitle the video of this press conference and I hope to get it in the next 24 hours or less.
The press conference was unique in that Edward Basurin, the Deputy Defense Minister and spokesman for the Novorussian armed forces showed a map with what he described as the Ukrainian attack plans:

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Is Ukraine On The Cusp Of A Real Uprising?

by Andrew Korybko

It’s been discussed since the civil war first began last spring, but Ukraine might finally be on the verge of a legitimate people’s uprising against the government. The Color Revolutions in 2004 and 2014 were organized from abroad (despite the misleading mass media representation that they were popular movements) and aimed to achieve concrete geopolitical objectives on behalf of the West, thereby discrediting them as real grassroots actions and exposing their ulterior nature. Although Ukraine has thus far not experienced a single genuine (as in organized by Ukrainians and for Ukrainians) revolution to date, it doesn’t mean that one couldn’t be forthcoming, as all the proper ‘ingredients’ are currently in effect. Three recent developments indicate that the country is a lot closer to a real revolution than most observers might believe, and if the people take the initiative in seizing the opportunity in front of them, they might have a chance at reversing some of the regime’s most disastrous policies before it’s ultimately too late.

Book Banning

Kiev has taken the decision to ban a handful of books by certain Russian authors, notably the works of famous anti-Color Revolution crusader and historian Nikolai Starikov and presidential advisor Sergei Glaziev. These two individuals in particular have been extremely critical of the regime, and it appears as though Kiev views them as ideological threats to its rule. The book banning comes amid already existing political oppression against all dissident voices, be they politicians , the media , or even average citizen s. The authorities are plainly expressing that no counter-views will be tolerated under their rule, and that they seek to control the flow of information that the population receives. This can be read as nothing more than a fear of its own citizenry, since if Kiev and its representatives were secure in their rule, there wouldn’t be any need to be so authoritarian. The fact that they’re now taking the publicized and extreme step of banning a small number of books speaks to their heightened paranoia, which in turn can be read (pun intended) as the serious threat that they believe they face from the people. The thing is, it might not just be paranoia, but an objective reality that some elements of society and not just the Neo-Nazi battalions (albeit for their own separate reasons ) are getting ready to turn on Kiev.

Russian Food Embargo Threat

The latest news coming out of Moscow is that Medvedev announced that the counter-sanctions campaign “has been extended to Albania, Montenegro, Iceland and Liechtenstein and, subject to special conditions, Ukraine”. Specifying matters, he warned that if Ukraine goes forward with the economic component of the EU Association Agreement expected to enter into force at the beginning of next year, its agricultural products would also come under the same restrictions. A ban on fruit and vegetable imports from last October already threatened to wipe out up to $51 million of market loss for Ukrainian producers, and expanding it to include all agricultural goods could be cataclysmic for the already crippled economy. According to Business New Europe , agriculture is the country’s largest industry right now (due mostly in part because of the manufacturing losses incurred from the War on Donbass) and the only one to show any growth last year, so if exports to Ukraine’s largest trading partner are cut off, then the consequences could very well be fatal for the country.

As an additional point on this topic, it must also be noted that it’s highly unlikely that Russian-destined exports could be reoriented to the EU, because domestic producers there are already howling in pain at the economic misery inflicted by Russia’s counter-sanctions against them and are heatedly competing amongst themselves in an oversaturated market. It would thus be a poor political move on the part of any EU government to prioritize Ukrainian agricultural products over their own producers’, even more so since the EU is suffering its worst dairy crisis in three decades and can’t possibly absorb any Ukrainian imports of this kind, for but one example.

If Ukraine can’t sell its products in the EU, then the excess that should have originally gone to Russia will stay in the domestic market and precipitate a rapid price collapse that could serve as a prelude to the sudden collapse of the entire agricultural industry. This would in turn affect the country’s capability to feed itself, meaning that more expensive foreign foodstuffs (probably GMO-laced products from the US) would have to be imported to meet the demand. With farming no longer a profitable venture for many by this point, farmland can be sold for bare-bottom prices to foreign companies (again, likely American, specifically Monsanto ), thus ushering in the complete foreign takeover of one of the most rich agricultural regions in the world. This calamitous scenario can be avoided, however, provided that Ukrainians take urgent action in changing their government before the end of the year, which leads to the final examined development.

The Committee For Salvation Of Ukraine

Last but not least, one of the most important, if underreported, aspects that could push Ukrainians towards a real revolution is the establishment of the Committee For Salvation Of Ukraine (CSU), essentially a government-in-exile based in Moscow. As the saying goes, “better late than never”, and it seems quite suited to this case. From what can be discerned, the CSU is the brainchild of former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, and although he’s not the leader (Vladimir Oleynik is), he seems to be running the show. Azarov promised that if it comes to power, the CSU will immediately hold new, free, and fair elections, but in order for this to happen , he “ask[s] all citizens, political parties, labor unions and social movements to unite and restore order in our home by joint efforts”. The point, it seems, is to unite civil society organizations and average citizens into a coordinated anti-government campaign, believing that it could prove to be the pivotal tipping point for the regime. Just about every observer would agree that Kiev would never relinquish power without a fight, but Azarov makes no mention of resorting to violence in the upcoming struggle, although it can be understood that this would be a logical response to harsh state suppression, should some of the participants so choose to react in this way.

Right now the CSU doesn’t seem to inspire much enthusiasm from anyone, but all of this could change with time. After all, the organization isn’t perfect (and much of its makeup and activity is still mysterious and undeclared), but it symbolically stands as the first realistic form of opposition to the Maidan government, and it’s helped by the fact that it’s based abroad and is thus safe from Kiev’s clutches. Most importantly at this point of time, however, is that the organization is likely building a network of supportive cells inside of Ukraine in order to construct a unified anti-government platform from which to challenge the state. This means that the CSU could essentially function as a coordinating committee in managing outreach campaigns across the country, public demonstrations (when the time is right), and perhaps after that, if they’re violently suppressed, even Hybrid War military operations as well. To speak on the protest part of the CSU’s assumed responsibilities and interests, if there ever was a perfect social environment to test Gene Sharp’s “ From Dictatorship To Democracy ” and “ There Are Realistic Alternatives ” protest theories, then it’s contemporary Ukraine, which is undoubtedly a dictatorship with a capital D. If a legitimate people’s revolution ever does occur in Ukraine, then it’s a sure bet that the CSU will have a leading role in it and will likely use the event to help catapult itself and its leadership from Moscow back to Kiev.

Concluding Thoughts
Never before has Ukraine been closer to a legitimate grassroots revolution than now. Many citizens were fearful of the new regime after the February 2014 coup, but not many of them outside of Crimea and Donbass publicly demonstrated against it. When they did, such as in Odessa in May of that year, they were horrifically killed and the perpetrators never brought to justice (purposely so). Some people, unsure of what they could individually do to resist the regime, decided to passively “give it a try” and see what it could ultimately do for their well-being. Nearly 18 months later, the Maidan authorities have done nothing except split the country with civil war, kill thousands of civilians, and crash the economy, and enough time has passed for their ridiculous ‘blame Russia’ tirade to grow stale and unbelievable among most of the population. The problems Ukraine has gotten itself into since the overthrow of Yanukovich are entirely of its new authorities’ making, and it seems as though some Ukrainians might finally be wising up to this, ergo why Kiev is making yet another paranoid push to suppress independent thought and go as far as outrageously banning a handful of books.

Average Ukrainians might be politically misled, but most of them are smart enough to realize that the country is falling apart in front of their eyes, and that it’s becoming ever more difficult to make simple ends meet. With Russia’s counter-sanction ultimatum to Ukraine, some of them might finally feel desperate enough to consider going against the government, despite being aware of the likely beat-down (or worse) that they’ll receive for doing so. Still, these individuals presumably lack a sense of organized direction, which is where the CSU comes in. It’s assumed that it wouldn’t have gone public had it not established some kind of shadow presence in Ukraine first, no matter how small, and one can draw the conclusion (using Azarov’s own words) that it’s in favor of mass anti-government activity and will do its best to support them. Building upon this logic and putting two and two together, the CSU could very well be organizing such a movement itself, gathering the disaffected segments of Ukrainian society to help engineer a regime change push before the year is over. If the Maidan authorities remain in power and don’t walk back the economic component of the EU Association Agreement by that time, then Ukraine will be plunged into an even deeper domestic crisis that might unwittingly turn Kiev’s regime change paranoia into a solid reality.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ukraine SITREP June 11th, 2015 by Scott

Vox of Populi: If Putin ran for President of the USA in 2016, on a platform of banishing all incumbent members of the house and senate to re-education camps in Outer Mongolia, he’d win by a landslide..

I would add that if Putin ran for President of Russia today on a platform of banishing all incumbent members of the Russian parliament and government and the Russia’s Central bank to re-education camps in Outer Mongolia, he’d would also win by a landslide..

Friday, June 5, 2015

Ukraine SITREP June 3rd, 2015 by Scott

Graham Philips rebukes US Today slanderous article that portrayed Donetsk as a lawless city in Eastern Ukraine [Source]
Calling out the Western Media #1 – USA Today Attempts to Do Over Donetsk
Here is article that enraged many people, not just Graham Philips, “Donetsk has become eastern Ukraine’s lawless city” [Source]
Here is yet another rebuttal of the same article, A Resident of Donetsk responds to bias USA Today Article about her city [Source]
USA TODAY article claims that people in Donetsk are just like ISIS, killing each other, burning people on the streets, stealing, and looting the last kilos of baloney from stores.

4.06.2015 Military Report of Novorossia (NewRussia)


Exposed!! Leak shows George Soros Plan to Make EU Underwrite Ukraine Crisis.

Leak shows George Soros Plan to Make EU Underwrite Ukraine Crisis. A leak by the programmer gathering CyberBerkut uncovered an interior paper professedly composed by George Soros, which plans to make the European Union endorse political dangers for financial investors in Ukraine. soros
A draft internal discussion paper purportedly composed by financial specialist George Soros in March was spilled by the programmer gathering Cyber Berkut on Monday. The paper plots George Soros' affirmed arrangement to utilize the European Union's credit rating to fund hazard protection for his interests in Ukraine through its own particular spending plan and obligation.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ukraine SITREP: April 21th - Raskolnikova

1)Ukraine’s parliament has defined the start date of the “Russian aggression
Парламент Украины определил дату начала «российской агрессии»
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a resolution which demanded Russia immediately withdraw its troops from the Ukraine and to stop supporting the “people’s republic”. The document defi

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Britain Ramps Up Pressure on Russia Over Ukraine

© Flickr/ UK Ministry of Defence

Britain will supply Ukraine's army with new military equipment to help Kiev's forces in its conflict with separatist groups in the country's east.
The equipment, which consists of $1.3 million (£850,000) in non-lethal military aid, comes as on the back of a request from Kiev officials. The package includes first aid kits, night vision goggles, laptops, helmets and GPS units.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The history of the Ukraine, part 5

For parts 1, 2 and 3 see here: A short course in Ukrainian history
For part 4 see here: History of Ukraine, part 4

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Question from 15yr olds in an African rural school students.

A group of 15yr olds in an African rural school students ask me these questions :
1. If Russia has invaded, invaded, invaded and is full of so much aggression and 'Imperial' take over  like the AngloAmerican corporate media tell us :
- how come the Russian speakers are still just defending an airport and railway junction?
- how come the Russian Army has not managed to take Kiev, Lvov, Paris and be on their way to Rome and Istanbul by now?

2. Who is supplying the Ukrainian army with their weapons? We see youtubes of white phosphorus, cluster munitions, grad missiles, tanks and heinous weapons being used on citizens in their towns ... women, children, the elderly killed daily. The E.Ukraine citizens who have become soldiers defending their towns are seen tortured, shot by AZOV fascist forces; bodies found missing body parts.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A defeat for U.S./NATO-backed facists in Ukraine

The independent people’s republics of Novorossiya celebrated an historic victory of the anti-fascist people’s militias over U.S.-backed Ukrainian military forces near the railroad hub town of Debaltsevo on the shared border of Donetsk and Lugansk in the Donbass region.
Thousands poured into Donetsk city’s central square on Feb. 23 under the statue of Soviet leader V.I. Lenin to mark their second decisive military victory over Ukraine’s vastly larger, better equipped forces in less than a year.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

War in Ukraine: Was Maidan supposed to pull Ukraine away from ... China?

Translated on February 10, 2015 by Kristina Rus
Originally published December 15, 2013

The Great Silk Road

Ukrainian press is bewildered about the indecisiveness of President Yanukovych in foreign politics. Many months were spent on the preparations for the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU, and suddenly two weeks before he hit the brakes.

Protesters roam the streets looking to provoke clashes with authorities, and Yanukovych left for a visit with China. In Kiev there are clashes with protesters. Yanukovych, on the way back from China, met in Sochi with Russian President, and then flies to Malta... What does it all mean?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ukraine SITREP: *Extremely* dangerous situation in Debaltsevo

The Novorussian and the junta have agreed to a cease-fire to allow the civilian population to leave Debaltsevo.  In theory, each civilian will get to chose whether he/she wants to be evacuated to Novorussia or to the Nazi-occupied Ukraine.  The convoy of refugees will be escorted by senior OSCE officials.  Both sides to the conflict have pledged not to open fire during the time needed for this operation.  Now consider this:

Monday, January 12, 2015

12.01.2015 Ukrainian crisis news. Latest news of Ukraine, France, Russia, Europe

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 "End of Year" report and a look into what 2015 (WW3?) might bring - by Saker

By any measure 2014 has been a truly historic year which saw huge, I would say, even tectonic developments. This year ends in very high instability, and the future looks hard to guess. I don't think that anybody can confidently predict what might happen next year. So what I propose to do today is something far more modest. I want to look into some of the key events of 2014 and think of them as vectors with a specific direction and magnitude. I want to look in which direction a number of key actors (countries) "moved" this year and with what degree of intensity. Then I want to see whether it is likely that they will change course or determination. Then adding up all the "vectors" of these key actors (countries) I want to make a calculation and see what resulting vector we will obtain for the next year. Considering the large number of "unknown unknowns" (to quote Rumsfeld) this exercise will not result in any kind of real prediction, but my hope is that it will prove a useful analytical reference.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

26.12.2014 Ukrainian crisis news. Latest news of Ukraine, Minsk, Russia, China

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

23.12.2014 Ukrainian crisis news. Latest news of Ukraine, Mariupol, Russia, Abkhazia, Germany

Saturday, December 20, 2014

19.12.2014 Ukrainian crisis news. Latest news of Ukraine, Russia, Serbia ,Bulgaria

Monday, October 13, 2014

Russian-Ukrainian Probe of Donetsk Mass Graves Needed: Russian Human Rights Council Head

Mikhail Fedotov, Head of Russia's Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights
Photo Credit: © RIA Novosti. Artyom Zhiteneev

Russia's Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights has suggested a public investigation into the mass graves near eastern Ukraine's Donetsk could be carried out by a joint Russian-Ukrainian human rights mission, the council's head Mikhail Fedotov told RIA Novosti in an interview.


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