Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chris Brown Is Preparing To SNITCH On His BODYGUARD!!! (Someone Who Took A BOTTLE for Him)

We hear from an EXTREEEEE-EMELY reliable insider who explained to us EXACTLY what happened between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean, and why Chris Brown is preparing to SELL OUT his top bodyguard.
According to our insider, the ENTIRE incident was caused when Chris Brown parked his lambo in the front parking spot which was CLEARLY marked "Frank Ocean"
When Chris then saw Frank in the lobby - he extended his hand out for a pound. But Frank refused the gesture, instead confronted Chris (who was there with his entourage, while frank was alone, though there were two employees of the studio there) why Chris had parked in his spot.

Chris, his 350 pound bodyguard and another bouncer entourage dude proceeded to beat frank's ass (3 on 1). Frank surprised them by fighting back, even though he eventually got KO'd.
Our insider DENIES the claim (given to us by a member of Chris entourage) that Frank called Rihanna any name.
But here's the BIGGEST HITCH to the story. Our insider claims that if Chris DOES COME FORWARD and talk to police (as his lawyer claims that he WILL) . . . then Chris will have to EXPLAIN Frank's injuries. And we're told that Chris is expected to tell authorities that it was HIS SECURITY that administered the beating to Frank Ocean.

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