Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gay NFL Player Is Arrested . . . For BEATING UP . . . And Trying To Rape His Ex-Boyfriend

We learned that a former 49ers and Raiders offensive lineman named Kwame Harris is accused of beating his ex-boyfriend in the parking lot of a Menlo Park restaurant after an argument over soy sauce.
Kwame, 30, faces nine years in jail for felony domestic violence and assault causing great bodily injury.
So how did it all POP OFF. Well on August 21 Kwame and ex-boyfriend Dimitri Geier were having dinner at Su Hong restaurant in Menlo Park. The former lovers began to argue after Dimitri poured soy sauce on Kwame's rice. The two started arguing in the restaurant - and continued into the parking lot.

Then, for some inexplicable reason, Kwame tried to pull down Geier’s pants and remove his underwear. Kwame claimed that Dimitri was wearing his (Kwame's) underwear. According to a lawsuit filed by Dimitri, "[the punches] broke bones around Geier’s eye socket and led a metal plate being installed in his face to repair the physical damage from the beating,

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