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Monday, March 10, 2014

Unacceptable: 22-Year-Old`Virgin’ Undergraduate Raped To Death (PHOTO)

A 300 level female student of the Benson Idahosa University said to be a 'Virgin' in Benin-City, Edo state has lost her life after being raped to death by unidentified persons.
The incident was said to have occurred between 12 midnight and 1 a.m after she left hospital and decided to see one of her friends at Upper Adesuwa. 
That's when 22-year-old Deborah was raped and was said to have had her throat slit by her attackers after the terrible act.
Vanguard reports

Sunday, October 27, 2013

TERRIBLE: 2 Toddlers abducted, Raped & Murdered By 5 Men In Broad Daylight

South Africans come in a state of rage and sadness within the rape and murder of two toddlers, who also are actually cousins.The girls, aged two and three, were kidnapped from their house in South Africa in broad daylight. The incident reportedly took put on the 15th of October.
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Was Raped And Tortured By Hon. Moses Idahosa For Ritual Purpose In Benin- JOAN

The picture above is the victim and Honourable Moses Idahosa or would I relatively address him as Honourable Rapist who I heard is currently at large.
    Read the mysterious experience of Ethel Joan Nwadike after the break

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rape Victim shares Her Tragic History - How She Was Gang -Raped Twice By 9 Guy Friends But Lasted!

Check out Bunmi's touching, sad, horrible but true life story. It takes a lot of courage to undergo what she experienced and still have the ability to share her story so a lot of people can gain something from it.Sooner or later as she posted the tweets, Bunmi broke down and pleaded that she couldn't continue tweeting. The hearts of some men are devilishly wicked!!!Tweets continue after the break.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Teenage Girl Gang-Raped To Death by 8 Coffin Makers in Anambra

It’s a busy day for Police detectives in Obosi, Idemili Local Government Area of Anambra State as they try to unravel the circumstances which led to the death of 18 year old Chekwube Mbaka.
She had left her father’s house to buy N100 garri to serve as dinner for her family only to never return.

Monday, July 22, 2013

"I was raped in Dubai, now I face prison sentence" - Norwegian woman

Norwegian interior designer Marte Deborah Dalelv has spoken out after being handed a 16-month prison sentence in Dubai -- after she went to police to report she had been raped by a colleague. 
The 24-year-old was convicted and sentenced on charges of having unlawful se-x, making a false statement and illegal consumption of alcohol.

Her story is dominating the headlines in Norway, and has raised serious questions over the way women who allege se-xual assault are treated in the United Arab Emirates.

Dalelv, who had been working at an interior design firm in Qatar since September 2011, told CNN on Saturday how a work trip to Dubai in March with three colleagues turned into a nightmare.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Man Raped 9 Year Old Girl To Death In Calabar; Says It Was 'Consensual'

The State Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Calabar has arrested one Chijioke Nwakor for allegedly raping a nine-year-old girl to death.

20-year-old Nwakor confessed to have engaged Miss Alice Enej (9) in ‘marathon love-making.’ He also told the officer heading the CID’s homicide unit, Mr. Joseph Inuyashe, that there was a mutual agreement between him and the girl and that there was no form of force. He said,
“I used to see the girl everyday in Okuku-Yala, where I stay with my parents. I don’t know what pushed me last Monday to approach her. As I saw her playing with the three boys at Saint Patrick’s Primary School, Okuku football field, I called her and asked what she was doing there. I told her to go home and meet her mother.”
The advice took an amorous dimension when it started drizzling and Nwakor and Alice had to take shelter under one of the school buildings.
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kaduna man allegedly sedated & raped man who called him 'uncle'

You read some stories and all you can do is shake your head. According to this story from Nigerian Tribune, a Kaduna based successful business man named Alhaji Habu (pictured right in hospital after being stabbed) invited Kabiru (pictured left) to his home, where he proceeded to drug his tea and have sex with him. Kabiru claimed he was initially too weak to fight him off when Alhaji Habu penetrated him but eventually managed to gain enough strength to get the man he called 'uncle' off him, using a knife.
Meanwhile, Alhaji Habu is telling a different story. He claimed Kabiru came to his house and asked to spend the night, and in the middle of the night Kabiru tried to rob him and attacked with him a knife. The first explanation sounds more plausible. Read the full story after the break.

From Nigerian Tribune

Friday, May 17, 2013

4 in 1 Ugly Scenario: A Woman Jailed In Dubai After she was r-aped by three heavy men of her colleagues.

In June 2008 Alicia Gali took a job in the UAE at a luxury hotel operated in Dubai by one of the world’s biggest hotel chains, Starwood.

Alicia Gali  was using her laptop in the hotel’s staff bar when her drink was spiked. According to this report, she:

Awoke to a nightmare beyond belief: she had been savagely defiled by three of her colleagues.

Alone and frightened, she took herself to hospital.

What she did not know is that under the UAE’s strict sharia laws, if the perpetrator does not confess, a r*pe cannot be proved without the testimony of four adult Muslim male witnesses.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Army parade 2 men who kidnapped, raped & demanded N10m from Victim

The Nigerian army paraded two men they said allegedly kidnapped a staff of Petroleum Training Institute Warri, took her to an undisclosed hotel, raped her, took photographs of the act and threatened to release the photos if she does not pay N10m. Watch the Channel TV report above...

Guardian tortures 12-year-old girl for getting raped

According to Punch, the Ogun State Police Command arrested a man named Edwin Alagbaso, for allegedly torturing his 12-year-old ward who was a rape victim. The man basically blamed her for 'causing' the rape and tortured her with razor blade, knife and iron rod. The young girl sustained injuries to the scalp, had swollen fingers, bruised abdomen, swollen eyes and mouth.

The 12 year old victim was raped on April 15th by a 22 year old man named Uche  Chibueze, near her guardian's home in Akute. Uche told police it wasn't rape, that it was consensual sex. 

You have to be sick in the head to have sex with a 12 year old girl.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Man who raped girlfriend’s baby death claims he was too drunk to realize he was killing her

Condemned killer Steven Smith's argument for mercy isn't an easy one. Smith acknowledges he intended to sexually assault his girlfriend's 6-month-old daughter but says he never intended to kill the baby.

The girl, Autumn Carter, of Mansfield, died because Smith was too drunk to realize his sexual assault was killing the child, Smith's attorneys were telling the Ohio Parole Board on Tuesday. And Ohio law is clear, they say: a death sentence requires an intent to kill the victim.
"The evidence suggests that Autumn's death was a horrible accident," his attorneys, Joseph Wilhelm and Tyson Fleming, said in a written argument prepared for the board.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Girl rape-d & tortured to Death With A Huge Wood In Private Part [VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED]:

I found this heart breaking picture of this young girl murdered like she was nothing on net this morning.Seriously,i’ve not been myself since then. The details of where or how the victim was murdered havn’t been made known yet but I’ll try get every detailed information about the murder. With the mind of a psychologist,I would say she was kidnapped,raped and intentionally tortured to death by maybe an enemy.It pains me most to know that the wicked barbarians who did this to are out there walking the streets freely.

Scroll down To See it.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Again: Swiss tourist gang-raped in India

A Swiss woman who was on a cycling trip in central India with her husband has been gang-raped by eight men, police said today. The attack comes three months after the fatal gang-rape of a woman aboard a New Delhi bus outraged Indians.
Authorities detained and questioned 13 men in connection with the latest attack, which occurred Friday night as the couple camped out in a forest in Madhya Pradesh state after bicycling from the temple town of Orchha, local police officer R.K. Gurjar said.

The men beat the couple and gang-raped the woman, he said. They also stole the couple's mobile phone, a laptop computer and 10,000 rupees ($185).

Saturday, March 9, 2013

17-year-old raped to death in U.S. prison

As more U.S. prisons become privatized and for profit, the U.S. prison population keeps increasing and now stands among the highest in the world. Each week "Just Detention International" or JDI receives some 30 letters from prisoners who say they have been sexually assaulted in prisons across the United States. Over a quarter of those letters come from one state: Texas.

JDI has three core objectives for its work: To ensure government accountability for prisoner rape, to transform ill-informed public attitudes about sexual violence in detention and to promote access to resources for those who have survived this form of abuse.

Five of the 10 prisons with the highest rates of sexual abuse in the country are in Texas. That includes the first two, Estelle Unit and Clements Unit where Rodney Hulin, 17, was raped until he hanged himself.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

39-Year-Old Mother Of Four Raped And Brutally Tortured By Family Members

The 39-year-old vulnerable and illiterate mother-of-four was used as a sexual toy and was brutally tortured by an extended family and their friend who forced her to become their slave for a total of six years.
An Indian domestic worker was repeatedly raped and beaten by her employers who threatened to murder her if she complained, a court heard.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Violated at 10, gang-raped at 19: I tried to kill myself twice –Victim

At 37, Blessing Anuoluwapo (not real name) has had enough tragic encounters to last more than a lifetime. At a point, she hated men and vowed never to get married. No one would blame her, having been raped four times! On two occasions, she was gang- raped by people she called friends.
At the age of ten, when children were only concerned with playing and eating, Anuoluwapo was being molested by their houseboy who was twice her age. He first began by touching her, before it later resulted in him having sèx with her on a number of occasion.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

17-Year-Old Girl Gang-Raped, Butchered And Left To Die (Photos)

The brutal murder of a 17-year-old girl, who was gang-raped, horrifically mutilated and left to die on a building site, has sparked a national outcry in South Africa.
Anene Booysen was discovered by security guards on the site in the sleepy town of Bredasdorp, 80 miles east of Cape Town. According to a Health Department spokesman, her injuries were so severe that her family asked authorities not to release the details.
However it was later revealed that her stomach had been slit open down to her genitals and that she had died from her injuries in hospital. She managed to identify one of her attackers before her death and two men have appeared in court charged with rape and murder.

Parents Report Son To Police After He Raped Housemaid

A teenage boy allegedly raped a maid after his parents had gone to church for an all-night prayer.

It is alleged that the 17-year-old boy raped the 20-year-old maid. It is the State's case that the maid was washing plates while the teenager was watching television. He later retired to his room and slept for a while. The maid finished washing the plates and started watching television in the lounge.

Prosecutor told the court that the boy came to the lounge and sat beside the maid before asking her what she usually does with her boyfriend.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

How Robbers Raped 35-Year-Old Wife In Husband’s Presence

Residents of Ogida quarters in Benin City were shocked last Saturday when they woke to see a house wife (names withheld) shouting and pleading for help.
They rushed to the house only to discover that the woman was raped by three young men who stormed the house at about 3am.  They further discovered the victim’s husband who was tied by the robbers and pushed  under the bed. Saturday Vanguard learnt that the suspects Peter Anigboro (25 years old), Lucky Williams (22) and Olise Friday, forced the door of the residence of the victim open with an impoverished gun and a dagger.
The suspects immediately went for the husband, whom they tied his legs and hands after which he was pushed under the bed.


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