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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Uchenna Nnanna Won’t Dump Acting After Marriage - Associate

Shortly after tying the knots with her Spain-based husband, Richard Uchechukwu Maduka, Nollywood actress, Uchenna Nnanna, left the shores of Nigeria to stay with her man. The couple walked down the aisle on April 21, 2014 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
The wedding was attended by friends and associates of the couple and the beautiful pictures of the wedding showed that the actress was happy that she has now finally hooked Richard.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

"Is the stress on singles to get married worthwhile?"

I have always joked that my folks would one day marry me off to some stranger who is willing to have me without so much as collecting a dowry. Of course, I know my family members would never do such.
They’ll defend my honour till they draw their last breath. I am very sure  of that. 

Unlike me though, some women aren’t so lucky. Their folks would practically marry them off to anyone who would have them. And sometimes, these unlucky women don’t have a say in this matter. I have seen cases of women who were forced to say “yes” to a loveless marriage, just because they’re getting “too old.”
And in some ways, I understand what they must have been going through.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jeta Amata trades 5 years marriage For an Australian Lady, Viva Bianca - See how.

For all the fans of Jeta and Mbong Amata, this may break your hearts. The prolific movie director and his beautiful actress wife of five years Mbong Amata have separated. They've actually been separated for about a year now but y'all are just hearing about it. And from what I gathered from source Jeta and  Mbong didn't fight, they just decided to let go of each other.

Jeta met Mbong when she was only 16 years of age in Calabar in 2001 during a film audition. He waited for her to mature and they started dating when she turned 18 two years later. In 2008, they welcomed a girl, that same year, Jeta married Mbong. They later moved from their base in Abuja to Los Angeles so Jeta could work with his movie projects.

Continue to see why they broke heartbreaking for this type of young couple and maybe there's a lesson/training  to be learnt here.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Photos: Moment police raided a fake marriage(Conti) between Portuguese bride and Nigerian groom

 Caught on camera: Moment police raided a sham marriage between Portuguese bride and Nigerian groom who knew nothing about one another . These pictures show police officers interrupting a sham wedding between a Nigerian man living illegally in the UK and a Portuguese woman.
Home Office immigration officers swooped on the ceremony, which was held at a registry office in Harrow, North London.
Continue after the break.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I'am 18 But Keep Thinking About Marriage Am I Normal? Please help

I like your page; Pls I need ur help because am just 18 and in ma 1st year in d uni. and  I keep thinkin of marriage and havin I normal? Each tym a mature guy askes me out,I just tink of marriage.nd if a student askes me out,I refuse cos I feel he is not ready 4 marriage.I even imagine hw ma kids nd family wud b.pls no insults I just need help

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"As a father, I've never given out my daughters in marriage before university graduation " Atiku Abubakar #ChildNotBride‬

Former vice president Atiku Abubakar has added his voice to the #ChildNotBride campaign:
"As a father, I've never given out my daughters in marriage before university graduation. It's a personal decision. I had earlier stated my personal choices on the child marriage issue; I have always supported our women and children. 
"For the avoidance of doubt, I do not support any constitutional provision which creates ambiguities about the age of consent for marriage. It's therefore very inspiring to see young Nigerians active and organized on ‪#ChildNotBride‬. 
"I'm proud to see an engaged generation at work."

Ondo senator weeps for endorsing under age girl marriage

Culled from Punch
The member representing Ondo Central Senatorial District at the National Assembly, Senator Ayo Akinyelure, wept before members of his constituency in Akure on Monday as he apologised to them that he voted in error to support the senate resolution backing marriage of underage girls.
Akinyelure was summoned by his constituents to explain his role in the controversial passage of a resolution to retain the provision of Section 29 (4) (b) of the 1999 Constitution, which states that a married underage girl is deemed to be an adult.
Politicians, women groups and students had besieged the Adegbemile Hall, venue of the meeting, with placards to protest against what they described as the legalisation of sexual abuse of young girls, which their representative had supported.

You Can Still Have A Successful Marriage And Relationship If.....

There are few things to remember if you desire to have a successful marriage/relationship:  TO THE WOMEN: Men are expected to show love but, remember that they don’t always read your mind to know your desires. They watch news and read newspapers; they don’t always know your expectations.

If you think that something is very important to you, let your man know. Don’t assume that “he should know” what matters to you, if it truly matters to you, tell him. Confronting a man with the pain of your undeclared and unrealized expectations usually leads most men into a state of confusion, isolation, and frustration.


Monday, July 22, 2013

BACKWARDNESS: See Senator Ahmed Yerima's Defense For Girl Child Marriage

The former governor of Zamfara State has come under fire from several quarters for being the leading voice that's supporting early girlchild marriage, using religion as excuse. See his defense below:
Nigeria has many uncountable problems and do not require is early marriage. As a matter of fact early marriage is the solution to about half our problems.
"For folks who wonder if I will give my daughter(s) out in marriage at age 9 or 13, I tell you most honestly, I will give her out at age 6 if I want to and its not your business.
"This is because I'm a Muslim and I follow the example of the best of mankind, Muhammad ﺻَﻠَّﻰ ﺍﻟﻠَّﻪُ ﻋَﻠَﻴْﻪِ ﻭَﺳَﻠَّﻢَ .
"In Islam, marriage is not only about sex, it is about family and helping each other in achieving their goals, which will be the attainment of Paradise."Do you think it is right for a man to offer a girl below 18years his joystick rather a PEN?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

See The list of the Senators who voted marriage for underage girls

Below is the list of the Nigeria Senators who voted for underage marriage in Nigeria...             
1. Sen. Abdulmumin M. Hassan (Jigawa South West, PDP)
2. Sen. Abdullahi Danladi (Jigawa North West, PDP)
3. Sen. Adamu Abdullahi (Nasarawa West, PDP)
4. Sen. Ahmed Barata (Adamawa South, PDP)
5. Sen. Akinyelure Ayo (Ondo Central, Labour Party)
6. Sen. Alkali Saidu A. (Gombe North, PDP)
7. Sen. Bagudu Abubakar A. (Kebbi Central, PDP)
8. Sen. Dahiru Umaru (Sokoto South, PDP)
9. Sen. Galaudu Isa (Kebbi North, PDP)
10. Sen. Garba Gamawa (Bauchi North, PDP)


Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Have A Man I'm Enjoying But Marriage May Not Be For Me ––Actress Funke Adesiyan

Singer Waje is known for her daring outfits but it seems she revé-aled too much in a recently photo that was used on the cover of a magazine. See the photo below and decide if she é-xposed too much or not:

Friday, June 28, 2013

Nigeria not apologetic on same s-ex marriage stance, to defend execution of Edo four before UN

WorldStage Newsonline--  The Federal Government of Nigeria on Friday defended the recent execution of four convicts in Edo State, the first since 2006, and indicated that it would not be apologetic on its stance on same s-ex marriage. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Olugbenga Ashiru said at a Consultative Forum on the forthcoming review of human rights in Nigeria under the UN Universal Period Review (UPR) in Abuja, that executions in Edo would likely come up when the country appears before the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva in October for a periodic review of its human rights.

Condemnations had trailed the June 24 execution of four convicts in Edo State as the UK Government, UN and the EU High Representative, Catherine Ashton among others said it negated recent commitment repeatedly made by Nigerian officials  to maintain the de facto moratorium on executions. However, Ashiru told journalists that the execution would not act as an impediment to “’tremendous improvements” by government on human rights issues in the country, saying those accusing Nigeria of human rights violations should remember that the criminal code was inherited from the ‘colonial powers. He noted that in Nigeria, State Governments are autonomous and for the execution in Edo, Gov. Adams Oshiomole acted within the confines of the law.
Continue After The Break.

Friday, June 14, 2013

We are Not Going Back On Same S-èx Marriage..Don't Disturb Us - Mark Speaks

Senate President David Mark has said the decision of the National Assembly to ban same-s-èx marriage in the country was irreversible. Mark, according to a statement, said this at a dinner hosted in his honour by the Nigerian Community in Prague, Czech Republic, yesterday.
The Senate president explained that the bill, which has been approved by both chambers of the National Assembly, would not in any way infringe on the rights of Nigerians. He said: “The law against same-s-èx marriage is an approval of the wishes of the generality of Nigerians who are desirous of living within our cultural bounds. “The law is not designed to infringe on the human rights of Nigerians in any way.
Also, wherever you go in our country today, our people are completely in support of the National Assembly because the practice of same-s-ex, as you all know, is alien to us.”

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reps approve 14 years imprisonment for same s-ex marriage

The House of Representatives yesterday Thursday May 29th approved 14 years imprisonment for persons who contracted same s-ex marriage in the country.  This was sequel to a clause-by-clause consideration of a Bill for an Act to prohibit marriage or union entered between persons of same s-ex, at the Committee of the Whole.

“Marriage or civil union entered between persons of same gender shall not be solemnised in any place of worship, either church or mosque or any place in Nigeria,” it said.

Introducing the bill, Rep. Albert Sam-Tsokwa ( PDP-Taraba) said that it sought to achieve a far reaching objective by outlawing same s-ex marriage and provide punishment for offenders.
It also set out a 10-year sentence for “any person who directly or indirectly makes public show of same-s-ex amorous relationships’’.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bauchi Assembly to make law on compulsory HIV test before marriage (What Do You Think ?)

The Bauchi State House of Assembly is working on a Bill that will make it mandatory for intending couples to undergo HIV screening.

The sponsor of the Bill, Ilyasu Zwall, representing Lere/Bula Constituency, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Bauchi, that the bill had already gone through First and Second reading.

He said that the bill, when passed, would require intending couples to be tested for HIV in any government recognised hospital “at a time not earlier than one week to the day of the wedding”.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Catholic kicks against gay marriage, amnesty

Director of Catholic Communications Commission, Catholic Diocese of Ilorin, Rev Fr. Pius Ogunyebi, has said the Catholic Church is opposed corruption, gay marriage and granting of amnesty to the Boko Haram sect.
He stated that gay marriage was unscriptural and negated African lifestyle, adding that corruption was detrimental to national development.
Ogunyebi spoke in Ilorin on Saturday at a media conference on the church’s Communication Week, titled, ‘Social networks: portals of truth and faith: new spaces for evangelism.’

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Couples Must Undergo HIV/Aids Test Before Marriage-Yobe Assembly

The Speaker of the Yobe State House of Assembly Rt. Hon. Adamu Dala Dogo says Laws for couple to undergo HIV/Aids test before marriage will come into effect before the end of this year.
Addressing people living with HIV and Aids who called on him today in his office in Damaturu, the speaker decried the alarming spread of the scourge which he says can be curtailed through test before marriage.
The speaker says members of the House will soon visit their respective constituencies to conduct advocacy against the spread of the scourge in the state.
Hon Dala Dogo enjoined people of the state to carry out test and to commence retroviral treatment as soon as they are tested positive.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan and Wife Renew Marriage Vows( See Pics)

25 years after saying I do, the governor of Delta State, Emmanuel Uduaghan and wife Roli, renewed their vows on Wednesday February 20th at the first Baptist Church in Warri. See more photos after the Break.

Obama Asks Supreme Court To Allow Gay Marriage

The Barack Obama administration took another step toward institutionalizing gay marriage, formally asking the US Supreme Court to strike down a 1996 law defining marriage exclusively as a union between a man and a woman.
The request was contained in a legal brief filed Friday with the US court, whose nine justices will next month review whether or not to repeal the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which bans marriage between homosexuals.
The document marks the first time a president has endorsed same-sex marriage rights before the Supreme Court.

I’m scared of marriage –Ebube Nwagbo

Nollywood actress, Ebube Nwagbo, tells Ademola Oloniluaabout her career, business and love life
My greatest asset
Some people say it is my smile, some say it is my hips. I think it is my personality; nothing in particular for me. People out there have different opinions about me. I think it is just me, Ebube as a whole. The smile, the body, and the personality, everything put together. That should be my selling point.
Ebube on set and Ebube off set


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