Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You Can Still Have A Successful Marriage And Relationship If.....

There are few things to remember if you desire to have a successful marriage/relationship:  TO THE WOMEN: Men are expected to show love but, remember that they don’t always read your mind to know your desires. They watch news and read newspapers; they don’t always know your expectations.

If you think that something is very important to you, let your man know. Don’t assume that “he should know” what matters to you, if it truly matters to you, tell him. Confronting a man with the pain of your undeclared and unrealized expectations usually leads most men into a state of confusion, isolation, and frustration.

Most men don’t have a clue about what is important to you until you tell them about it. And, sometimes you might need to remind them about it over and over again before they get it. 

You are in relationship with a woman to show her love. What you do for her is wonderful but, what you do together with her is much more critical to the success of your relationship. You cannot use what you give to your woman to replace who you are to her. 

There is no material present (gift) that can compare with the gift of your presence in the life of your woman. She wants YOU and not just what you GIVE. She WANTS your gifts and NEEDS your presence. She will appreciate your gift and celebrate your presence. If you can’t get her a Gift, be there for her. Your presence, attention, and affection are gifts of inestimable value. She needs You! -

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